Nvidia CEO: good tablets are much better than cheap PCs. Do you agree?

by: Bogdan PetrovanNovember 9, 2012

nvidia ceo Jen-Hsun Huang

Nvidia recently announced their results for the third quarter and impressed the market watchers with better than expected earnings, buoyed by the Consumer Products Division, which produces the Tegra line of mobile systems on a chip.

In the earning calls following the release of the results, the company’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, discussed the effects of the shift towards mobile computing, considering that Nvidia’s bread and butter still remains its GPU business. Can the Santa Clara-based graphic computing expert successfully transition to being primarily a mobile computing player?

Some signs seem to suggest so. While Huang’s company is still not in the position to threaten Qualcomm’s hold of the market, Nvidia has scored a number of major wins over the past year – its Tegra 3 chip found its way in several prominent devices, most recently in Google’s Nexus 7 tablet (a hit with consumers, say analysts) and the still unproven, yet highly visible Microsoft Surface.

Does a good tablet trump a cheap PC?

Questioned about the two Tegra 3-powered devices, Huang showed confidence in the potential of tablets, saying that the Surface represents a “new breed of tablets meant for getting work done”. He went on to claim that “[tablets are] getting more and more powerful, and they’re much better than a cheap PC.”

Of course, Jen-Hsun Huang has all the reasons to talk up tablets over cheap PCs. Nvidia makes little money of the cheap PC market, because most affordable computers come with onboard graphic chipsets, instead of a more expensive discrete chip like those manufactured by Nvidia. Besides that, sales of PCs are stagnating, while the mobile sector is booming.

Leaving Huang’s agenda aside, his statements do hold some truth. For most casual users, a good tablet is better than a PC. Most people don’t need all the processing power that manufacturers cram inside modern laptops. For checking Facebook, emailing, and the occasional spreadsheet, a simpler device like a tablet is more than enough.

And, with mobile devices likely to continue their evolution at breakneck speeds, in a few years tablets might be better than most PCs, not only the cheap ones.

What do you think? Would you give up your PC for a tablet? Know anyone who’d like to?

  • MasterMuffin

    Yes, because you can’t do any serious work with cheap laggy pc

    • What do you mean by serious work. I invested about 1500$ in my PC (whole thing with monitor, and peripheral devices) 3-4 years ago. It runs Photoshop, Autocad and all of newest games without any problems (some on high, some on medium graphics). Now, you could buy the same thing for 500-700$.

      • MasterMuffin

        I mean those <500 pc's but yes, you're right. If you by an old good computer, it's bettee than new cheap computer :)

    • and you can do everything on latest tablet?

      • MasterMuffin

        Not everything, but better than <500 pc…

  • Terry Lee

    Trying my best to move that way.

  • Nacos

    Absolutely NO, simply due to the limitations of the OS. A cheap PC with a Windows OS only faces limitations related to speed, while the Android OS as we currently know it has very limited compatibility with widely used software and hardware. It’s not even worth going into details and the argument in itself is insane. Whatever it may be that you do on a regular basis on you PC, just take a breath and imagine doing the same things on an Android based tablet and you’ll soon finding yourself stumbling upon dozens of incompatibilities, limitations and issues, both hardware and software. This is all part of a deceptive trend, wisely used by many today’s manufactures towards shifting the consumers’ minds their way, the message being cheaper is better, when in actuality this only makes them higher profits while the end user’s experience is clearly deteriorating. Some of the common myths are: “cloud storage is better than local storage”, “a 32GB tablet can do the same as a 1TB PC”, “SD cards are obsolete”, “online navigation is better than offline navigation”, etc.
    Now, keep in mind that not only I absolutely love Android and I’m one who has embraced it in its early stages but I love and live through today’s technology, YET I’m not as stupid as they would want me to be.

    • Thumbs up! Just look at the PadFone. It’s a clear evidence that phone and tablet is the same thing with a difference of screen size. In this topic they could’ve just written down phones instead tablets, it still wouldn’t make sense in the same way it doesn’t now. Only when MS introduces tablet with true Windows 8, there could be talk about PC’s being endangered by tablets, but hardware still has few years to develop to that stage.

      • Nacos

        Extending your thoughts…unfortunately not even the introduction of the Windows 8 tablets will change that because, as you probably know it, the W8 tablets come with the RT version of W8, which means that only software from Windows market works and can be installed on W8 tablets – not all the rest of the software normally used by W8/W7 desktops. Obviously this is yet another arguments that today’s tablets, no matter what OS can not come even close to a “cheap” PC’s – at least not yet.

  • whole article is wrong. What is cheap pc? One that you paid $2000 and now it’s worth $500? Even if you buy cheapest laptop on the market for $150, it will run programs that are made today or 10 years ago. This article is only good for people who are using computer for internet browsing and email, Facebook etc.

  • Zebelious

    From digital content consumers’ view this is true but from developers or many business, including enterprise, consumers’ view still a cheap PC is more productive tool than a good tablet.

  • equator

    I think Nvidia better up their game first…I have one of their cards in my Dell Vostro and the driver keeps crashing…loosing the page i am on plus my time in having to regroup what i was doing or reading….fix it before your company becomes like a junk bond!