Naunce is bringing its popular Swype keyboard and Dragon Mobile Assistant to smartwatches for those who want another way to input text on their smartwatch.

At CES Nuance showed off the Swype keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy Gear, using gestures to type on the tiny screen. The video from PC Pro below shows the keyboard in action. As expected from Swype, the keyboard is pretty fast to use, at least it’s fast for someone who’s used it before. The small screen will probably take some getting used to.

Swype on the smartwatch seems a bit faster than Fleksy, if only because it uses fluid motions to type. It’s hard to imagine a keyboard on such a tiny screen being much fun to use for anyone, but there’s something to be said for not pecking at your watch to type. Though the question is still why would anyone type on their watch when they can type on the Galaxy Note 3 paired to the Galaxy Gear instead?

Of course, Nuance had more to offer smartwatch owners than a keyboard for their wrist. The company also announced a new smartwatch version of Dragon Mobile Assistant. The phone version of the app can perform tasks such as compose messages, look up movie times, check the weather, and place phone calls through voice commands.

The smartwatch version of Dragon Mobile Assistant will add some Shazam-like features to the app. You can launch the new feature by simply saying “Dragon, what song is this?” the app will then listen to what’s playing and check it against the Gracenote music database. After the app knows the song it will give you the option to launch playlists featuring the song from cloud music services.

Nuance Mobile Assistant isn’t quite Google Now on a smartwatch, but it could be a helpful app until Google’s rumored smartwatch comes along. Are you excited about using voice commands on your smartwatch?

  • Scott Anderson

    I can’t wait for the age of people looking silly talking to their watches and tapping (or swyping) away on their arm. That being said, I will be one of these people.

    • markoo

      Once upon a time, you can look silly talking to a cordless phone in the middle of the street. Or drive a car without a horse in front. Or cover your ear with 2 cans. This is called technology evolution. Soon, you will be eating from your a**

    • APai

      “That being said, I will be one of these people”
      honest confession. kudos

    • redd

      Soon people will also start kissing their watches. I’m sure of it. Kiss to unlock.

  • APai

    is it me or are the letters really tiny ? I’m sorry, thats not how its done, nuance, needs a more nuanced approach to the matter and we’d probably have to speak it out to the phone like ALL the time. so, google now ?

  • LOL

    LOL @ smart watches… what a flop.