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As Nova Launcher Prime user myself, I was very pleased to discover that my favorite home screen replacement has received a large, feature filled update. There’s a large list of changes for both prime and non-prime users, so let’s look at what’s new in the free version first.

There have been a few changes to the general desktop, noticeably the addition of custom wallpaper cropping, so you can easily use any sized image as your wallpaper. They’ve also increase maximum desktop grid size, so you can have more shortcuts on a single desktop page. There are new options which allow for infinite scrolling and an alphabetical list view of the drawer, the ability to make the dock items smaller and the option to force the launcher to be kept in your phone’s memory for faster access.

Nova Launcher now also displays a warning if you’ve accidentally left another launcher app running on your phone, and has improved memory usage, scrolling performance and general optimizations as well.

Now if you’ve paid up for the Prime version you will be able to customize the size of your icons and gain the ability to add swipe actions to any desktop icon, on top of all the other features above.

The free version is definitely worth checking out, and the Prime upgrade brings even more features to improve the functionality of your device. If you need to manually install the update, or want to take your first look at one of the most popular customer launchers, then head over to Google Play right now.

Robert Triggs
Lead Technical Writer at Android Authority, covering the latest trends in consumer electronics and hardware. In his spare moments, you'll probably find him tinkering with audio electronics and programming.
  • EKfine

    best launcher imo. ive tried apex, adw, go, and launcher pro.

    • Conner Rhoads

      I liked Nova until some update where it kept lagging the heck out of my Jelly Bean devices. I switched over to Apex but with a new version, I should give it another whirl.

      I got Apex doing mostly what I want it to, but its not Nova Launcher.

      • EKfine

        i like apex but it redraws quite often when i leave an app even with the latest version. i dont and didnt have any lag or performance issues with nova.

        • chilipalm

          Try fast swiping through the app drawer screens. I get pauses and lag when quickly swiping through screens. This does not happen with Go Launcher.

          • EKfine

            yep tried 3 different drawer style and and all of the drawer scroll effect. even on my homescreen with multipicture livewallpaper and full of widgets(11 total), i didnt find any lag at all. im using i9300 4.1.2

          • chilipalm

            Interesting. I’m using Galaxy S3 Tmobile variant with 4.1.1. Maybe they fixed it for 4.1.2. Really swiping quickly causes pause or lag for me with Nova Launcher. Like the screen will just stick and I have to swipe again to get to the next screen. Even with touch wiz I don’t have this problem.

          • EKfine

            i dont think i had that issues too when i was still in 4.1.1. coz if i did id probably stick with touchwiz. coz that would bug me a lot.