Nova Launcher 2.3 update launches with lots of KitKat goodies

by: Chris SmithDecember 10, 2013

Nova Launcher 2.3 Phandroid

The popular Nova Launcher app has been updated to version 2.3, which includes a variety of features ready to meet the needs of users that are already on the latest Android OS version.

We’re actually not surprised to see Nova Launcher 2.3 ready for an official release, as the first beta of the new launcher version was released a month ago, shortly after Nova Launcher’s Kevin Barry explained what KitKat features are going to make it to his app.

Here’s the full changelog of the Nova Launcher 2.3 update – as you can see, there are plenty of KitKat-based optimizations in place in order to improve your overall custom launcher experience:

  • Kitkat scroll indicator (Desktop – Scroll Indicator)
  • Kitkat folders (Folders – Light Background and Folder Background – Light Circle)
  • Kitkat font (Look and Feel – Icon Font – Condensed, requires Android 4.1+)
  • Kitkat app drawer icon (Get the old icon by long-pressing the drawer icon and selecting Edit then tapping the icon)
  • Google Kitkat icon theme (Look and Feel – Icon Theme – Google Kitkat)
  • Small autohiding tabs in app drawer (Drawer – Small Tabs)
  • Configurable drawer Menu action (Drawer – Menu Action)
  • Transparent system bars on Kitkat (Look and feel – Transparent Notification Bar. Requires Kitkat.)
  • Drawer tab indicator scrolls during tab change
  • Drawer scroll indicator is relative to current tab
  • Scroll indicators animate properly for infinite scroll
  • Backup/Restore from external sdcard (on devices with sdcards)
  • Improved Backup management (Send backups via Gmail, Pushbullet, more)
  • Fixes and optimizations

Even though it comes with KitKat-friendly features, the custom launcher will work on devices running Android 4.0 or later.

  • Bradley Uffner

    I love Nova Launcher, but I also love the Google Now integration in the default launcher… If Nova can somehow pull off the Google Now panel and the always listening voice search I’ll switch back in a heart beat. I’m not sue if Google has an API for any of that functionality though, so I won’t hold my breath.

    • Nathan Borup

      Amen… that is the only reason why I keep the GEL on my nexus 7

    • James Sarino

      Ditto. I switched back to stock largely because I wanted the Google Now always listening functionality to remain.

    • Wolfgang Marcos

      Google doesn’t provide such API, so Nova Launcher developers are stuck on that point =/

    • Matt Dowdy

      i use utter! voice app, it’s still in beta but there are some amazing things to come from it, i prefer nova launcher because of the huge amount of customization but using utter i can say ok google from anywhere (even with screen off) and it opens up google search just as gel launcher does, if i want to do something specific on my phone like toggle wifi or send an email, sms, take a screenshot etc instead of saying ok google i just say wake up, if you haven’t already seen it then i highly recommend utter! if you have then pardon my waffling!

      • Leonardo Rojas

        Hey! That sounds interesting. Can you, please, give us more examples of what utter! can do similar to Google Now and the Moto X? That “even with the screen off” sounds cool. I like Google Now, but don’t like the cards :/

        I tried utter! like a year ago, but my beautiful Xperia Pro suffered a bit with it, and I couldn’t find a use for it, so I uninstalled it. Maybe this time it’ll be more useful in my Xperia ZL.

        • Matt Dowdy

          Utter has Tasker integration so the sky is the limit there, offline voice recognition so it’s lightning quick, stream spotify and Google all access music by voice, send and receive sms and email, make Skype calls (these are all default features) and of course using the ok Google command takes you straight to Google search so you have all of that functionality too, it’s definitely worth checking out and not having a user interface means that whatever your command is won’t interfere with what you are doing at the time

          • Bradley Uffner

            How does it affect battery life with it listening all the time?

          • Matt Dowdy

            My phone is a note 2 so I get through the day with listening on as my battery is about the same size as most phones! I’ve always been in the habit of charging my phone every night anyway since my iPhone days, I did have a nexus 4 and the battery didn’t last the day for me without using utter so I doubt it would last too long with permanent recognition enabled, there are many tasks you can setup with tasker though to for example, turn off the recognition after a certain length of time after the screen is turned off and back on again once you wake the phone or you can create a shortcut to send an intent to utter to toggle recognition when you think that you might not need it, you probably already know this but you have to set your language to US English (of you’re not in America) in order for google search to allow the “ok google” hotword but I find that it is still as accurate as UK English

          • Leonardo Rojas

            Thank you for your examples! So, what apps do I need to get all this? Utter and Tasker only?
            Do you know if it’ll work in Spanish?

            Do you have some video or tutorial for this utter + tasker = Moto X clon?

            It’d be so useful. And, could you send me your settings for utter and Tasker, please? As a backup. I’d install it and had little to change, that way I could start easier, I think.

            I hope you can help me. My brother wants the Moto X, but I want to give to him the G2 which I think can have almost all practical features of the Moto X, and your examples confirm that. Please help me!

  • Jamel Banner

    Still can’t change my font color though 0_0

  • Juan
  • Lucas
  • Wezi427

    Would the launcher be worth it for older devices? I have a Motorola RAZR Maxx 4.1.2

    • thartist

      Just TRY IT?

      • Wezi427

        You’re right

  • Robert

    Apple and Samsung have taken lead in the Android technology.

    • APai

      stupid analysis in that article which says iphone 5c is taking over indian and chinese market gradually. the hell it does. iphone 5c has no sales worth its advertizing blitz (which incidentally is incredibly high)

  • Grman Rodriguez

    Just got it. It’s AWESOME, people should try it

  • Vorastra

    Might want to change:
    “Transparent system bars on Kitkat (Look and feel – Transparent Notification Bar. Requires Kitkat.)”

    You don’t need Kit Kat, just any ROM that supports trans bar.

  • Roman Vasilev

    Лаунчеры говно

  • Leonardo Rojas

    Let’s try it n.n

  • Data

    I love Nova but I’ve found this update rather underwhelming, there is hardly anything to get excited about :-P Also, I’ve been using Action Launcher for the past few days and although it lacks some standard features it’s replaced Nova as my favourite launcher!