nova launcher

Trusty old Nova Launcher Prime, where would I be without you. The latest update to one of Android’s favorite launchers brings a host of much sought after features, ranging from a unique wallpaper chooser to individually customizable app drawer icons.

The most noticeable change in version 2.1 is the addition of new icon and wallpaper menus, which allow you to swipe between categories and preview the available choices. Icons can also now be applied to individual apps in the app drawer, regardless of any icon themes that have been applied.

new Nova Launcher features

There’s also the “new app” option in the Nova Launcher settings menu, which grants control over how your phone will handle new app installations. You can designate a page to assign new shortcuts on, or whether to place shortcuts for new apps at all.  However, this can clash with the default Play Store settings, so it’s best to turn those off if using Nova’s options.

For Prime users, there are improvements to grouping, allowing for superior management of groups by dragging drawer apps onto the edit icon, as well as the ability to drag a drawer folder into the desktop, which keeps the two linked.

As well as the obvious new features, there are also some bug fixes and stability improvements. As always head on over to the Play Store if you haven’t already been manually updated, or you can use the update option in Nova Settings to check as well.

Robert Triggs
Lead Technical Writer at Android Authority, covering the latest trends in consumer electronics and hardware. In his spare moments, you'll probably find him tinkering with audio electronics and programming.
  • I wouldn’t like my phone as much as I do now, if not the Nova Launcher :) Thanks!

    • Willie Washington

      You speak the truth, Santeri!

  • AndroidBrian

    Wish I bought this for .25 when I had the chance. Bought Apex for $4.00 and Nova seems better.

    • Willie Washington

      Nova IS better!

  • Greg Cardall

    I’ve been waiting for the Folder dragging to the home screens since I started using Nova. Now I have absolutely no reason to use any other launcher. Keep up the good work!

  • Sharath

    Nova babyyy…!!!

  • Miguel Pais

    “if you haven’t already been *automatically updated” :)

  • Willie Washington

    Nova Launcher… you have given me yet another reason to feel very welcome in my transition from iOS to Android as you have drastically increased the unlikelihood of me ever looking back! Thank you!