August 13, 2010
Notion Ink's Adam

Notion Ink's Adam

We’ve been covering the development of the Adam by Notion Ink fairly closely. Only recently did we announce that this device will ship with Android 2.2 out-of-the box. Unfortunately, we are no longer expecting this device to land in Q2 of this year, primarily because it’s gone already. However, Notion Ink have now officially released the pricing scheme for their tablet device. For a cool $498 you can pick up this tablet with with Pixel Qi display, WiFi, 3G, GPS, and a Tegra 2 processing chip. If you throw away the 3G or Pixel Qi display you can cut the price down to $449, or further still if you drop both ($399).

The reason why his tablet is shipping for $498 is because the parent company pledged to offer the device for less than $499. At least they’re sticking to their promises. If you are in the USA and like the look of this device, don’t hold your breath because it hasn’t even cleared FCC approval yet (I don’t even think its been submitted).

[Source: Notion Ink Blog, Via: SlashGear]

James Tromans
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