No OIS in Note 3 due to supply problems. Galaxy S5 could get it first

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 26, 2013


With ten days left to the official debut of the Galaxy Note 3, expectations for Samsung’s next big thing are running high. But there is one area where the Note 3 might disappoint fans – camera technology.

A new report from ETNews, a generally reliable Korean technology website, claims that, contrary to earlier rumors, the Galaxy Note 3 will not feature optical image stabilization. Samsung had reportedly considered equipping the Note 3 with the technology, but scrapped its initial plans faced with components supply issues. Instead, the first flagship device from Samsung to feature OIS should be released in March 2014.

Optical image stabilization (OIS) is a technology that cancels sudden movements of the camera, allowing for clearer pictures and smooth video. Nokia opened the way for the utilization of OIS on smartphone cameras with its Lumia line, while Samsung used OIS in the Galaxy S4 Zoom camera-phone hybrid. Other manufacturers that use OIS are HTC on the One and LG on the G2.

The reason why Samsung postponed the implementation of optical image stabilization on the Galaxy Note 3 is the limited supply of OIS-enabled auto focus actuators, reports ETNews. Only three companies in the world can fabricate the needed components, and in limited supply. With the Note 3 expected to sell in tens of millions of units, Samsung could not afford to risk running into component shortages.

16MP cameras with OIS will be the standard in 2014

However, AF actuator suppliers are expected to increase their production capabilities to levels that would allow the deployment of OIS technology in bestselling phones early next year. While the report doesn’t specify the Galaxy S5 as the first device to have OIS, that’s highly likely, judging from the way Samsung has rolled out new technologies in the past. Moreover, the 16MP module with OIS is expected to become the standard for new devices in 2014, just like the 13MP sensor has been the standard for high-end Samsung devices in 2013.

Instead of a 16MP OIS camera, the Galaxy Note 3 will ship with a 13MP sensor, probably similar to that on the Galaxy S4.

While the release date of the Galaxy Note 3 isn’t officially known yet, all signs are pointing a global release to occur at the end of September. We expect to learn everything about the new Galaxy Note 3 at a Berlin event on September 4, when the device will be unveiled alongside the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. We’ll be there to bring you all the details.

  • Works for me. That will be about when I’m ready to upgrade anyway. S5 FTMFW!

  • Yasir

    Samsung Galaxy SV:
    5.2″ 2560X1440 Super Amoled Diaplay.
    Exynos 5XXX next generation Processor and Graphics.
    3GB RAM, 64GB and 128GB Internal Storage.
    Android Version 5.X Key Lime Pie.
    16MP OIS Camera with 4K Video Recording.
    3,000 mAh battery.
    Dimensions same as the S4 with narrower bezel.
    Finger Recognition Sensor.

    • rabyunghwa

      sounds like an iphone 10

      • EuroRules

        Hahahahahahahaha Thats right

      • poop

        That’s going to need a way bigger/better battery, but otherwise, awesome O_O

        • Christopher Vanwinkle

          In battery terms, bigger is better, but if we find a better battery technology, then we could possibly achieve the same rating in a smaller package.

      • Christopher Vanwinkle

        Because Apple…

    • Rhino”

      sounds like what lg already has out… its called the LG G2

      oh and that list of specs you listed will never happen in your life time :P since it doesn’t mean anything to the average consumer which is who they make the phones for not people like you who is an enthusiast

      • Skander

        Everyone would have said that a year ago about 1080p screens and 3GB of RAM.
        It will happen sooner than you think.

  • Rooney-

    Am i the only one who’s smelling the start of downfall of samsung?

    • Stan

      not only you ;)

      • Rooney-

        You too :) Cheers

        • Jackson I

          The Irony is if Sony becomes the top dog of Android it will also become the most hated OEM, underdog mentality will arise and vermin spat out at the brand. You fanboys are blind, Sony/Samsung/LG, it’s all Android at the end of the day and not Apple trying to patent rectangles and triangles. Competition is good.

          • Mike Palmer

            Great reply, thank god somebody has some sense!

          • Rooney-

            You better have good reason to call me a fanboy. What my point was, what ever goes up should come down.

          • Rhino”

            just like nokia did :P

          • f$#& sony

            Sorry but u sound like a worthless sony dickhead. Stupid sony tard

          • Ivan Budiutama

            I beg to be differ. The reason Samsung lost their fans (Customer) is due to many reasons, seems they got attack on many places:
            1. The cooling down of Apple lawsuit which is a free ad for Samsung
            2. The broken focus on Tizen, causing their Android seems to be rather “abandoned”
            3. The dude from Cyanogen left them this year, and I feel even since then the S4 lost their magic, let’s hope Note 3 will bring the magic back.
            4. They are more and more close to Dev, while Sony is more open to Dev
            5. Competitor getting more savage by day, Sony, Lenovo (the k900 really a great hit here, receive many positive reviews all over my local web), Oppo (dat gorgeous screen)

            I haven’t dwell much on Lenovo but Oppo and Sony are obviously very supportive and open toward Dev. Which sad to say, Samsung chose the different path and their attention really break with Tizen (IMHO)

          • Rhino”

            im not a brand person i just go for the phone i like and has all the needed tech funtionality i want like camera,build,features…this fanboy crap is worthless…oh and samsung might be going all tizan sooner than people think.

          • Mike Palmer

            They wont go all tizan, as they are a profit company first and they know they would lose allot of money!

          • jamesinkorea

            Lol …If you thought Touchwiz was bad, Tizan is much worse..

          • Mike Palmer

            I don’t doubt it

          • Skander

            They are pretty much the company that gave Android all the fame – and set the first records to compete with Apple.

            So, no. As long as fanboys exist, AND consumers that do NOT give a shit about anything but the brand like Apple users everyone will just buy the next Samsung phone, and surprise it’s tizen and they don’t give a crap.

          • Mike Palmer

            People buy Android device because of Google and without Gmail, Google maps, and the rest of their apps so Samsung has no choice but use Android. After all tizan is not the same thing or going after the same customer base. This is all common sense guy use your head.

          • Skander


            I am using the developer SDK of tizen and actively developing applications for it, therefor following all updates.
            It’s an all in one operating system to power smartphones, Tv’s and entertainment in your car, your netbook and tablets.

            Tizen is currently under development so yeah it’s not as impressive, so is stock Android.

            Android was used (use your head) in cheap iPhone clones and wannabe smartphones back in 2010, Samsung succeeded with the Galaxy S1, S2 and went big with the S3 onwards, making other OEM’s step up their game and giving Android al the reputation it has right now, and just FYI if you didn’t know, Android apps (including YT, GMail and Google Maps) all run on Tizen, it can run pretty much any Android app by emulating it – Including games.

            Sooo, yep. Just saying, before you say anything you clearly don’t know, use YOUR head.

          • Mike Palmer

            For a developer I thought you would know about this stuff as tizan for the average consumer will never have Google app because the device has to be Google certified……. Simple stuff man.

          • Skander

            You can do it yourself, it won’t be straight from Samsung.

            Anyways, they can after all make their own YT application (which is allowed), use Bing’s mapping service.
            Samsung has the power to create a huge user base (just like it did with Bada – although they were NEVER serious about it) and like they did with Android. (Galaxy wise).

            That will FORCE google to create official apps, just like it does for iOS – don’t compare Tizen with Windows Phone, windows and Nokia both lack the market share, Samsung doesn’t.

            Ask ANYONE of the general public why they bought any Galaxy, “It’s a Galaxy! I can tap two phones together, boo- it looks at my eyes wohoo”.

            Customers + Brand = idiots, point.

          • Mike Palmer

            Most consumers can’t do what we can and wont add gapps and Samsung without Google is Nokia!

          • Skander

            Am I speaking to a human or a dead horse? Read my comment and you will find your answer.
            I’m done with you – either read the comments and use your brain and engage in a conversation, or wait and see what happens yourself later this year when Tizen is unveiled.

          • Mike Palmer


    • rschauby

      Premium flagship phone which will sell at $300+ on contract and it’s compromising on parts…

      Let’s see how the HTC One Max turns out. It won’t be plagued with the “problem” of selling tens of millions so HTC can afford to put top notch components in.

      • Rooney-

        Thats just a scaled of one. Nothing much to expect frm htc

        • Mike Palmer

          Without a stylus I wouldn’t see a point of buying such a large phone…..

          • Rooney-

            Lol. Dont expext too much from htc.

    • EvenInTheDarkestHour

      Companies fall when they are surpassed by another….Who are you suggesting is overtaking them? LG, Sony, Nokia, HTC, or some other?

      • Rooney-

        U can count on sony

        • Mike Palmer

          I still haven’t really seen anyone with a new Sony phone here in the US and I don’t think many carriers are selling them, Sony still has a way to go.

          • Rooney-

            But in india, especially wer i live, m seeing lot of recent sony phones. Lot of sxz ‘s infact. So its step by step for them.

          • Mike Palmer

            Glad to hear that they are because they have good phones and nice designs but they need to work on bringing them here to the US to make it big, after all US is the largest market (for the moment) lol

          • Christopher Vanwinkle

            Actually, I think China has become the largest market.

          • Mike Palmer

            Yeah i knew it was close but i think you may be right and they just passed the US, even so the US still is where the money is being more high end phones are being sold there than China.

          • Christopher Vanwinkle

            I agree with you on that.

          • Christopher Vanwinkle

            Only T-Mobile sells Sony phones, you can check one out at your local T-Mobile store.

          • Mike Palmer

            I know, they just got it a few weeks ago but it isn’t selling well.

          • Christopher Vanwinkle

            That is true…

        • EvenInTheDarkestHour

          I have to echo Mike, I’ve not seen a Sony phone out in the wild, since the Sony-Ericsson days. I had a Sony Ericsson flip phone a few years ago…not a bad little phone. Sony needs to seriously step up their distribution game to be anything other than a novelty. I always read good things about them.

    • Ramaven

      Nokia time to Back Up?

      • Rooney-

        Nope. With windows they ll never be. Sony may be

    • abazigal

      How so? Even without any new features, their phones still outspec just about every other Android smartphone in the market, and Samsung has actually managed to cultivate a pretty strong brand name for itself.

      • Rooney-

        But their recent phones are not doing great as expected

        • Mike Palmer

          They are out selling every other Android OEM out there right now so I would say that they are doing well :-P

          • Rooney-

            Indeed. But not as what sammy expected.

          • Skander

            Not what overblown estimates expected*

            Samsung said everything was going according to plan, google it.

          • Mike Palmer

            The market is too saturated, that’s why.

    • blowntoaster

      this is no big thing. Samsung is far from a downfall, so what, who cares about OIS, it’s not the end of the world. the rest of the package should amaze and perform as always.

  • Ivan Myring

    On an unrelated note, does ARM big.LITTLE allow for two low power A7 cores and 4 A15s? Because that would improve battery and would cope with most basic tasks on the A7s

    • Theoretically, it’s possible, but current chips don’t work like that.

      • Rooney-

        I think thats how s4 works but with 4 cores.

        • S4 works with either the four A7 or the four A15, so no combinations and no all eight cores simultaneously.

          • Rooney-

            Oh okay. He meant that way.

          • Skander

            I believe the new Octa (5420) has the MP big.LITTLE configuration? Allowing the use of both A7 and A15 cores?
            Am I right?

          • Yes, that’s true.

  • Jaun Lombard

    The Note will disappoint everyone…it will be a S4 with a Snapdragon 800 and S-Pen. Nothing special. Even if it had OIS the next Sony will be better! Maybe after all these years I will buy a Sony next year, because the S5 will be similar speced to the Sony i1 which will launch 6 month before the S5!

    • hoggleboggle

      and what is wrong with that? That is pretty much exactly what I want and expect from it. Make it an S4activ with S-Pen and I would be over the moon and first in line to puy one :)

      • Mike Palmer

        Yup a note 3 with a bigger screen and snapdragon 800……sign me up

    • Lee

      True that :D

  • jjordan

    I think the note 3 is going to be a disappointment also…I mean first we get a tiny bump in display size. Rumors suggest a very tiny bump from 3100mah battery to 3200mah battery. And now no ois in the camera interface…I’m liking the g2 more and more

    • EvenInTheDarkestHour

      I like the G2 as well, but will wait to try them both out. You just never know…

    • carlosfrancoz

      You’re not alone dude! If these rumors are true, I will probably get the G2 cuz Xperia Ultra is damn too big!! or maybe wait til One Max

      • Christopher Vanwinkle

        I love the Z Ultra, for me and my huge hands, it is perfect. I love that fact that you can connect your PS3 controller, as well as the fact that you can use a pencil as a stylus.

  • Xavier_NYC

    I think the Galaxy Note 3 will be a great phone but nothing innovative. They’ll prob give it a slim form factor with a bigger screen like the GS4 with 3GB of Ram..

    • Mike Palmer

      What’s really left in smartphone tech left to innovate? Not sure there’s much left in anymore, I think that’s why all the oem’s are working on wearable technology now. But I may be wrong we will see ;-)

      • Rooney-

        I agree with you mate.

      • Xavier_NYC

        True but I thought LG did a great job with the G2. Trying something diff with the buttons on the back, thin bezel, OIS and sound quality when playing music. There’s always something

        • Mike Palmer

          I agree It was different but not sure it was ground breaking but I liked it :-)

      • D’Ander McSullivan

        I do NOT agree with you. There’s always something OEMs can manage to shove into a smartphone. Just the time will tell.

        • Mike Palmer

          I’m sure they can and will keep throwing in stuff but that doesn’t make it innovative at all!

    • EvenInTheDarkestHour

      No problems with that.

  • jamesinkorea

    I’m done with this piece of crap phone.

    • EvenInTheDarkestHour

      You have one? Or is it that lack of OIS makes this a crap phone.

  • Rabnawaz Panhyar

    i disapprove people calling the downfall of SAMSUMG, rather its the downfall of Apple. If you wanna double check it, here is the link


    • abazigal

      Both are very well established companies. Samsung accounts for like 17% of South Korea’s GDP. Neither are going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

      • Rabnawaz Panhyar

        yeah you are right, indeed both are very well established. But one thing more is that Samsung runs android (product by Google and OHA- open handset Alliance (OHA again 84 combined well established firms :) ) )….. android is the future of mobile operating systems, whereas iOS (iPhone Operating System) has seen drastically downfall.

        • abazigal

          I actually have my own reservations about that.

          It’s worth bearing in mind that Google released Android as a platform to access their own services. However, despite its overwhelming market share. Android is earning Google a pittance (about half a billion), a drop in the bucket compared to what Google is earning on IOS simply by keeping Google as the default search engine (and what Google is paying Apple to keep it that way).

          Nor is Android earning the rest of the phone manufacturers any profit either. Competition is so stiff, and there isn’t really any way to differentiate one phone from the next; people just opt to vary either price or specs. Apart from Samsung, the rest are barely breaking even. Even HTC is having trouble. Right now, the only reason why Android is being used at all is because it’s free.

          Samsung’s strategy of flooding the market with all manner of phones to garner market share is working, but at the expense of profits, mainly because their products are obsoleted so quickly, there is no opportunity to amortise their R&D investment over a longer period of time. Contrast this with Apple, who uses the same iphone design for 2 years, and so reaps incredible savings in R&D and manufacturing, and allows them to continue to refine and perfect it.

          My prediction is that it is only a matter of time before Google makes Android more closed and decides to keep Android for itself (ie: Be just like Apple). Apple will continue to maintain a fairly small but incredibly profitable share of the market, while Samsung will have market share at the expense of profits.

          Android is not, and will never become the future of mobile computing.

  • George Av

    i don’t care about specs or design. BUT GET RID IF SHITWIZ!!! Fucking sucks on the s4 (Main reason the s4 is crap) and get rid of the melted down McDonalds toy plastic housing.

  • John

    NO OIS? T_T I had dreamt of taking marvelous pictures and videos on this phone.

  • John

    Can CappyAndri please make an article detailing the latest phablet competitors (LG G2, Sony XPERIA Z Ultra, etc.)? I don’t know which one to choose anymore. T_T

    • Christopher Vanwinkle

      I’d get the Z Ultra.

  • [A]dri[A]n

    The Note 3 is just gonna be a bigger S4 with a pen, wow… It’s like Samsung isn’t even trying anymore. Samsung consumers have become just as bad as Apple consumers, they’ll buy whatever Samsung releases. Nokia needs to stop messing around with that failed Windows Mobile OS and jump in to the Android world and put Samsung, and everyone else for that matter, in their place. That would basically make the perfect phone. Indestructible, while still beautiful :)

    • j¤n Gårrëtt [5,000+]

      was the Note 2 a bigger S3? No. was the S3 a smaller Note 1? No. the Note 3 will be to the Note 2 what the Note 2 was to the Note 1 but better.

  • Rhino”

    funny really , only because the amount of money they keep making why are they not building workshops or buying up other companies that mas produce this stuff so they can make there own parts for the “10’s of millions” phones they sell??? crazy that a company with that much money and clout cant make there own parts for a camera yet built all the other chips that go into their phone.

    read somewhere they make over 9billion profit every 3 months and its rising….

  • Miles Edwin Cleave Wallace

    The HTC one max looks to be much better than the note 3 in my opinion, I just hope HTC starts to listen to its customers a little more rather than having Microsoft’s previous “deal with it” attitude .
    People will slowly begin to see that like iPhone, Plastic Samsung is waaay too overated

    • j¤n Gårrëtt [5,000+]

      here we go with the “looks better” argument–you sound like you have an iPhone. I have the One, my wife has the S4. HTC makes some pretty phones (like apple) but compared to the features and software of Samsung, HTC is just blah.

      • Miles Edwin Cleave Wallace

        Nope , typing from my HTC one x+ , and I was just expressing that to me the features offered by HTC are more attractive, software too , the only possible drawback HTC could have with the HTC one max compared to the note 3 so far could be that it has one gb less ram, which isn’t going to be a very visible difference in performance ,and with zoe,BoomSound,better build quality and beats audio , it’s really got many features of it’s own

        • j¤n Gårrëtt [5,000+]

          +1 for beast audio, the One has better outdoor visibility and the camera takes better photos than my wife’s S4. and I think the keyboard on the One is much more accurate–at lest I seem to make fewer mistakes on my One than any of my Galaxies (excluding the Notes) and I love the placement of the power button on the top–where it makes sense. :-)

          but zoe is a mess., its just a gimmick. anybody can shoot a 4 second video and NOT have dozens of stills when you save it to your computer. Samsung on the other hand has the ability to record on both cameras at the same time which is great. not to mention the fact that you can also pause while shooting video and resume–I hate that I don’t have this on my One.

          Samsung’s camera controls are better., like switching between front and rear is just a tap of the icon, on the One its a 2 step process.

          Samsung has a better calendar by far !! I hate how I don’t know what my calendar entries are on my One unless I start tapping on all of them which is a pain in the ass switching me to day view then I have to go back to month then keep guessing what’s where. Samsung lets you see the text right on the month view so there’s no guessing what’s where.j plus there’s a window at the bottom for even more info.

          Samsung does contacts better also. there’s no custom option on the One so you cant name the phone numbers what you like (ie Google Voice vs Other) so you have 4 ‘other’ numbers and dont know which is which. my brother works in the operating room and he has 6 or 7 phone numbers.

          I don’t like how on the One, when you launch the dialer, it displays the last number you dialed instead of just the dialer itself. also on the Samsung there’s a paste option for when Ive copied a number from elsewhere. I really needed to do this badly on my One once and it was horrible.

          No quick settings on the One
          Only 2 buttons on the One
          No call reject messages on the One

          so for me, Samsung just has way to many everyday features that HTC lacks and for me that more than makes up for the “premium” feel which is covered with a cheap plastic case. beats audio and boom sound sound better coming from the speakers but with earphones Samsung’s media player has EQ settings and matches the sound quality of beats–plus more.

          Its a safe bet that I wont be buying another HTC phone.

  • Yoni Infante

    :( i love my note 2 but i think Sony Honamy wil be my next phone

  • charles wilson

    Sounds like Samsung shot himself in the foot

  • Kyle Danner

    im sure a month after release they will release the “active” waterproof version that will include the OIS

  • On a Clear Day

    Perhaps it us time you recalibrated your nose?

    Since when does being prescient and smart enough to sidestep a production bottleneck before it bites you a sign a company is going downhill?

    If anything the fact Samsung is being cautious shows they are in control and not about to let themselves fall into the trap of rushing to market with a technology that is not terribly important just to have bragging rights.

  • Ruz

    And sumsung expects its future device to sell in tons after chopping the main feature.. assumptions assumption.. Ohh dear