The Galaxy Note 4 will tell you to apply sunscreen when the UV index is high

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 17, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 jet black aa 15

Samsung has been developing the health and fitness component of its high-end smartphones, and now it’s reportedly taking the concept a step further with the addition of an ultraviolet sensor on the Galaxy Note 4.

As reported by Sam Mobile, the new sensor will allow the Note 4 to determine when the UV index reaches potentially harmful levels and offer recommendations based on it. The functionality will be integrated into the S Health app, but the readings won’t happen automatically – reportedly, users will need to hold the phone at “over 60 degree angle of elevation towards the sun against the back of the sensor”.

It’s not clear where on the Note 4 the UV sensor will be located. In addition to it, the phone will also feature the heart rate monitor first launched on the Galaxy S5.

Based on the UV readings, the Note 4 will assess the UV threat from Low to Extreme and offer practical protection advices, such as wearing sunglasses, applying sunscreen, and avoiding going out during certain times of the days. You can check the full recommendations on EPA’s site.

The Galaxy Note 4 will probably launch at the IFA 2014 electronics show in Berlin, in the first week of September.

Do you consider having an UV sensor an useful addition to the Note 4?

  • Sharath

    Note5 will have X-Ray scanner.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      good idea.

  • daniel

    I thought you can block sunshine with note 4

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Note is no longer big phone compare with competition(real phone dimensions , I mean)

  • WantNewNexus

    How about a sensor witch would sense how much other sensors are useful and would report to samsung?

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Real thermometer
      Those are useful sensors to have,
      UV sensor also could be useful, though

      • Luka Mlinar

        Radiation? Really? Do you live in Pripyat?

        • MasterMuffin

          Fukushima D:

      • A real themometer WOULD be useful indeed.

    • nishantsirohi123

      who knows it might ask you to put on condom, when you are going to have it

  • Prestige27

    Being a devoted Galaxy owner (Fascinate, SII, SIII, Note 3) I have to say that having a UV sensor on my phone is absolutely useless to me. I love the S Health integration (Galaxy Gear OG) but to include the UV sensor is sort of ludicrous. I can’t imagine that this sensor won’t use up more battery and more CPU. With the built-in GPS and weather apps galore, I would imagine it could tell me the UV rating just as well as a sensor. Don’t get me wrong, I am still likely to purchase the N4, but having that sensor, if its only meant to tell me the UV rating of the sun, is pointless. Agree?

  • Dominic Giordano

    Screw all these gimmicky sensors I just want better battery life

    • Jesus

      The S5 and the Note 3 are among the best performers, if not the best in battery life. Are you kidding me?

      Anyhow, Samsung = the Swiss Army Knife of Smartphones. AND, costs about the same as other flagships.

      • Dominic Giordano

        Calm down I was simply stating instead of a UV sensor I would rather have Samsung invest in making the note 4 have as long a battery life as possible.

        • Jerry Rich

          Where have you been? The GS5 already has the best battery life of any other phone. The ultra power saving mode is incredible and if that’s not good enough for you just carry a spare battery.

  • le_lutin

    If the Note 4 had a gimmick sensor it would implode in on itself.

  • Siralf

    Useless. Same as finger scanner, same as retina recognition. You add this to the list of software and hardware that is just not neccesary or better done by someone else and they could save tons of millions. Maybe hire a designer for the back cover and push their prices down?

    • Jerry Rich

      Oh please! Just pick yourself up a Nokia 6110 or equivalent. They’re very cheap on Ebay, and quit your complaining.

  • acashe42

    More gimmicks -_-?

  • Otto Andersson

    As a staunch Samsung fan, this company has officially jumped the shark. I dealt with the bloatware, poor Apple knockoff finger print scanner , meaningless gesture implementation, ugly band aid design, and heart rate monitor. But this is reaching all new levels of stupidity. Did sunscreen companies pay them to include this nonsense?

    I was holding out for the gn4, but I’m jumping ship unless they have something that blows me away.

    • Jerry Rich

      Yeah, you sound like a “staunch Samsung fan”. So who cares if you jumped the shark? Simple solution, just buy something else and quit whining.

      • Otto Andersson

        Lol why come to a message board to harass people that are giving an opinion on an article.

        Good day, sir

  • jclgan

    Less sensors, more hardware/software optimization. Samsung keeps on trying to differentiate themselves from other phone manufacturers by implementing these “gimmicks” that they (naively) hope will be game-changers that will cause everyone else to follow in their footsteps.

    Remember the barometer first used in the Galaxy Nexus? Did that catch on at all? I don’t see any other manufacturer bothering with a heart rate monitor. Apple has third-party support for health trackers.

    Thing is, Samsung still control the dominant market share of Android devices, which is why they think their business model works. Hopefully the fact that Galaxy S5 sales failed to live up to their expectations will be cause for some introspection.

    Just give me smooth performance, a beautiful screen, a great camera, and a battery that will last me 12 hours under heavy-moderate usage. No frills, no gimmicks.

    • ssss

      This article show that Samsung still not realize their fault. I hope Samsung fall from the highest android sales soon so they would realize that the market has changed.

    • sysl0rd

      I use some of these gimmicks. and i am happy they are created. if one out of 10 are usefull and work I still have one gimmick more which is usefull to me compared to other phone brands.
      for example: i love the say “snooze” function for my alarm, every morning i can let it snooze with my commanding words, how freaking awesome is that? or taking a pic with “capture”..

      and by the way, i think the barometer is in use in several apps and almost all phones have it included right now.

      • Discuss

        I thought the barometer was for a quicker initial GPS signal locks… Either way, im just glad a company like samsung is there for the geek in me. No need to hate them for trying new things unless you’re just hating. And the S5, as unattractive as it was, for the most part was a great solid phone with a great display and camera battery life and it was water resistant with neat health features which people seem to go crazy now a days with. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist genius to see why their phones are selling well.

    • Jerry Rich

      So most if not all of the critics don’t own a GS5, they can only whine and criticize. The GS5 is a great phone and I have yet to find any of the famous “lag” and the fingerprint scanner works fine for me. Just read the unbiased reviews and their verdict is that the display and camera are rated the best of any of the other flagships.

      These drones that complain would have considered a camera a gimmick a few years ago.

  • MasterMuffin

    I read “ultraviolent sensor” first :D Would that scan for violent people or would it just kick your ass x)

  • Gator352

    The all new Samsung Sensor! Yeahhh.

  • Discuss

    Sure, why not, i’m getting this phone anyway lol

  • abazigal

    So what happens when your phone is in a case or in your bag? Or if I don’t think the UV radiation is serious enough to warrant me taking out my phone to check it?

    This feature makes more sense as some sort of wearable that can constantly monitor the UV rays around you at all times, and maybe buzz you in the form of a notification to your phone once it hits a critical threshold. If people have to consciously remember to use a certain feature, chances are, they won’t, which then defeats the purpose in the first place.

    Plus, going with their heart-rate monitor implementation, the thing likely won’t be accurate anyways.

    • nishantsirohi123

      in fact the screens of an average smartphone, is not that bright to be comfortably used in bright sunny day.

  • Dominic Giordano

    I don’t understand why Samsung insists on wasting money on crap like this. How about they spend their money on their design team? Or making touch wiz as smooth as possible? Or a finger scanner that works?

  • Chris

    Damn it Samsung I don’t want this shit. I don’t want you to scan my fingerprint. I don’t want you to take my pulse. I can buy other crap to do those things. I am still using the Note 2 and there is honestly not one other phone I would trade it for yet. I was really hoping the Note 4 would be the upgrade for me, but it’s sounding less and less likely as time goes on.

    Hopefully the G Flex 2 will have a great screen, and not glossy back. Then that will be my next phone…

    • nishantsirohi123

      well, i wonder if people still buy “other crap” to do things like GPS navigation, taking pictures(ok we are still not there) ,
      If i wanted to search for a location, i can buy a paper map to do those things.

  • The Bat

    Hypochondriac mode

  • thelastguyX20

    Samsung, sthap making gimmicks…

    … STHAP.

  • ON9

    how about a sensor which tells you how many sperms you have?