Second Galaxy Note 4 teaser is all about the S Pen

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 25, 2014

With a little over a week to the launch of the Note 4, Samsung is warming its marketing machine with a new video teaser highlighting the S Pen.

The first Note 4 teaser from last Friday was focused on the Note series’ handwriting features. Now Samsung is talking about the S Pen as “a truly notable invention since, well, the pen.” Under the same “Are you ready to note?” tagline, the video shows people using the S Pen as a tool for interacting with their devices and various apps.

There’s nothing new here, and nothing exciting about the teaser in itself. Samsung is known to place a major focus on new S Pen features during its Note events, and these first teasers tell us that the Note 4 will be no exception.

Check out our Note 4 rumor roundup for more info on Samsung upcoming flagship and stay tuned for more.

  • bat0nas

    What Note is in the teaser video? The new one or the Note 3?

    • Jersner

      The Note 3, what do you think lol. Why would Samsung upload a video of an unannounced product.

      • bat0nas

        Then it’s not a “Note 4 teaser” :) It’s a “Reminder for Note 3 users that there’s a pen at the bottom of the device” :D

        Few of my mates never used a pen with their Note devices :D

        • xtriker360

          It’s better to have it an not need it, than need it and not have it. I hardly used it myself.

        • mobilemann

          i’ve used it exclusively to show it off, never for any use…

  • Mahmood Qadri

    More teasers please…. I’m getting hyped!!

  • Ninja Squirrel

    It’s plain and simple, nothing can beat the Galaxy Note series.

    • Chris

      I think you forgot to switch to your Richard Yarrell account

      • Ninja Squirrel

        Who is Richard Yarrell?

        • Columbo

          That is exactly how we would expect Richard Yarrell to respond.

    • mobilemann

      i’ve used the stylus in my note exclusively for showing people it has a stylus.

      Seriously considering going back to Apple this year, if they make a 5.5″ phone. iOS 8 is nice. I’ve been happy with the note 3, but i’m jealous of my own ipad’s apps. I think i’ll go to android on the tablet front this year.

      /i know i know, cool starry bra.

      • not yo bro

        cool story, douchebag

        • mobilemann

          Thanks, typical technological troglodyte, who talks considerably about mobile tech, yet only uses his technology for food based status updates.

  • I hope SamSung’s New Note 4 will come-up with good battery imporvement.

  • DarxideGarrison

    I’m still waiting for the N8013 to get KitKat. Fuck Samsung!