The latest Note 4 teaser gives us a glimpse of the phone

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 30, 2014

note 4 teaser (2)

Samsung has been liberal in its use of teasers for the Note 4, and today we’ve got another tantalizing little video drumming up the excitement for the September 3 launch.

Like the other ones, this latest clip is focused on the Note 4’s stylus and its capabilities, but this time, we actually get a peek at the device, or actually, at its outline. The silhouette of the device doesn’t reveal much, but it lets us rule out as fake an earlier set of images showing a device with a distinctly squarer shape, as well as the alleged render that landed in our inbox earlier this week.

Now that we know what the Note 4 won’t look like, we can only wait for the official reveal next Wednesday. Check out our rumor roundup to get up to speed on all the gossip, and take a gander at our IFA preview for the rest of the exciting stuff coming next week.

  • Fabian Taveras

    Can’t wait :) the note 4 is going to ROLFSTOMP the comp ;)

  • Brian Samuel

    So excited for the new Note!!

  • MasterMuffin

    Are you going to do a chat livestream thingy again?

    “at it’s outline” :)

  • Jessem1323

    It looks so much better without the home button. I hope someday Samsung ditches it.

    • Jermaine Smit

      I love the home button. Don’t care if it looks good or not. It is freaking usefull!

      • MJay

        I agree, looks seem to be a priority for some people over functionality! Smh!

      • Tjaldid

        even better when it is on the side and always in reach, and the other two buttons are already touch buttons sooooo….

    • DroidGuy360

      yeah me too, i really hope they get rid of the button so they can be like every other non apple phone on the market. i wish every phone was the exact same, that would be fantastic.

      • jokky

        In my opinion what we should have is software buttons (yes we need them) so that the can change according to the program
        or even be customizable to your own choice and a home button so that you can always close an app if it start to go FC

        • DroidGuy360


          • jokky

            That’s you opinion but in reality having hardware button is pointless. What you fear screen estate?
            You don’t lose scree estate you know that….

          • DroidGuy360

            “In reality having hardware button is pointless”

            -that sir is an opinion. And an incredibly moronic one. You dont like that samsung uses physical buttons? Feel free to fuckoff and buy any other branded phone whore.

          • jokky

            No i’m sorry if it may seem i’m provoking you that’s not what i wanted to deliver as a message.
            I currently own a note 2 (which i love) but i feel that those hardware buttons are in the way.

          • DroidGuy360

            In the way of what?

          • jokky

            simply i feel that instead of having buttons there i would prefer dual stereo front speaker.
            One top and one down like the htc one. To me that makes more sense.
            The statement “they are in the way” means to me that those buttons are redundant because android os support software buttons….

          • DroidGuy360


          • jokky

            Ok, i was talking without offending, i let go the fact that you called me whore, now you continue in that way without using a correct language. So people like you must be eliminated from the face of the earth because if someone doesn’t think the way you do you start to offend them. That means that you are not someone who can engage in a polite conversation. So little baby go and play with your barbie because you have to yet reach adulthood biatch….

    • kelpa32

      nobody is complaining when iphone/ipad still using home button.

      • Jman1323

        The iPhone home button is ridiculous. At least Samsung has made theirs oval shaped so it takes up less space. The big round iphone home button has really made necessary to have big bezels.

        • Lein

          Or in other words, they have to make the button big to make excuse for big bezel.

      • DDT

        Because it’s not flanked by silly sensoric buttons that take up the entire bezel, so there is more than enough space to hold it comfortably.

        • kelpa32

          Best design is Android 3.0 with single nav bar and notification bar (tablet mode).

      • ddd

        Apple is worst company in the market. All apple products are made from other companies such as display made from LG’s ips lcd, camera made from Sony, and processor on iphone and ipad made from other company and desktop/laptop processor made from Intel. Apple made ios 8 and they copy most of software from android so apple can catch up android. Apple is far behind android. What else apple can do? NOTHING


        • SRPat

          Most smartphone and computer companies get parts made from other companies. The processors in iOS devices since the A5 processor are all designed by Apple, they just have a contract with Samsung to manufacture them.

    • Remy Basi

      I agree. Not a fan of the home button.

      • DroidGuy360

        feel free to buy any other brand phone then

  • Ihavenewnike

    It looks like me Note 3 exactly right now. The raised lip on the front, chrome accents, rounded corners. Stoll getting it though

  • Abd

    I wouldn’t buy samsung without home butten. Its all about usability

    • Iz3man

      Agreed, that button is a must for me.. Every once and a while I switch out of note 3 to my M7 and find myself hitting the center HTC logo as if it were a button… I can go without it, but I much prefer it.

      • rineswa white

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    • uriejarafa

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    • alisan

      I thought the same with my iPhones.. a physical home button was a must.

      then I bought a Nexus, now I don’t like the physical home buttons on phones

      • DroidGuy360

        well thats why you got a nexus and not a note biatch.

        • cizzlen


      • Karly Johnston

        If my N7 2 had tap to wake I would agree with you. Using the mushy power button is a pain.

        • shogun656

          You can get it through root and a custom kernal

    • Lup Alexandru

      I like Home Button too, but the phones still look better whitout, that’s why LG introduced KnockOn ;)

    • Aditya Gupta

      There should be a home button. Where else will they put the damn fingerprint scanner?

      • gallo001

        On the screen?

      • Jesus

        yeah but besides that, it’s actually GOOD.

        Tactile feedback anyone? More usable screen space anyone?

    • fredphoesh

      I used to think that before spending this year upgrading from SGS4 to Nexus5… so much faster to have a software home button, a light touch instead of a hard press…

    • M3D1T8R

      I won’t buy Samsung again until they drop the physical home button/backwards buttons. It’s all about usability.

    • Fiddle Castro

      I like the button, but we get used to anything if we have no choice. Just ask any iPhone user! I would imagine it would be easier to integrate the S Pen with the home button without a physical button. Either way, I’m buying the Note 4 baby!

  • Mike – Construction Contractor

    Hope that is not the Note 4 as it reminds me more of an iPhone than what i want the Note 4 to look like. I like the phone linked in the first paragraph better than what I can see in the above Samsung image.

    Only a few days away.

    • DroidGuy360

      how does a shadow outline look like an iphone?

      • namesib

        Lmao some people…

  • willdao

    If you look very closely, pausing the playback strategically,I believe you’ll see a Home Button; it’s just way in shadow…and I’m not sure the leaked series of three pics is wrong, either…

    • Nani

      True,i think the pic that shows the outline is note 3,coz just pause the video at 45th sec or 46th,the last sec of the video and there u can see another outline,which looks squarish.

      • willdao

        Well, Samsung might understandably be trying to stuff the rabbit back into the hat, so leakers don’t totally ruin the 9-3 “surprise.” A little doubt is good for that; but they can’t flat out lie.

        Um, I doubt the new S-pen tip lights up, either…although a magic wand would be GREAT, eh?!

        Forget wearables. I want a WAND!

  • Johnny Simbo

    Why are people so concerned about changing the design? Samsung has kept the iconic sort of like an iPhone concept since the beginning. People are concerned about it looking like an iPhone but there’s really nothing wrong with it. Especially, with most OEMs switching to software keys there are just some people that want an android phone with iPhone similarities.

    I have since switched to software keys but there are SOOO many people that just want to keep the main function keys on the phone itself and not rely on the screen. Which is why Samsung is winning. Software keys move per program some of it hides itself (since KitKat) and if you own the LG G3 you have to set whether you want to hide them or not per app. Not everyone wants to deal with it. On my LG G3 when switching screen rotations the software keys move to the left or right side. While I don’t mind it the general consumer doesn’t want to deal with it.

    I just find it funny what the android elitist and anti-Ssheeps get bent out of shape on is what the average user care absolutely nothing about.

  • Jake Wrigley

    I’m lost for words and haven’t even seen the actual phone yet

  • James Ding

    I like the home button.. it’s look nice than without home button.

  • Matthew Dorris

    Has nobody noticed the redesigned spen? (When it shows “spen does not have illumination”) the spen in the video doesn’t have grooves on the silver end (like it does on the note 3) and the whole black area that is meant to be held has grooves (I’m guessing for grip) the button also looks different

  • Your mom

    Home Button plzz

  • Karman Nagra

    Armagerd the wait is deadly!!!!!

  • Matthew Dorris

    And it looks like the plastic chrome band shall return…sigh

    • DroidGuy360

      how the hell can you tell what something is made out of when all you see is a dark outline?

      • Matthew Dorris

        The metal that the galaxy alpha is made out of has wider chamfered edges and bands through the aluminum on certain areas plus it looks rounded like the same plastic that’s on the note 3. And I didnt say I knew what it was going to be made out of… I said it “looks like…”

        • DroidGuy360

          Oh I wasn’t aware that the note 4 was supposed to look exactly like the alpha. So now all metal phones will look the same.

          Who cares what is made out of. Is it a good phone? Does it do stuff? Omg, it’s made out of plastic, can’t buy that then, even though I’m gonna put it in a plastic case.


          • Matthew Dorris

            Lol whatever xD. You’re the one getting so upset over a couple of comments. Its called having an opinion. Get a life

          • DroidGuy360

            Yeah whateva yoself biatch.

  • _X_

    This is going to look like the S5. In an old comment I said that the Alpha will be metal and Note 4 plastic! There is an Article which Samsung said that they are bringing 2 new phones a plastic one and a metal one….well the metal one showed its head as the Alpha!

  • EnglishRose

    There seems to be a lot of confusion. The phone on the picture is the note 3 not the new note 4 design. I cannot wait till 3rd of sept. My first note was the note 3. I will never go to any other phone again… accept note 4 ,5 , 6 ,7 etc. Best invention ever!

  • GoSu2KL

    Looks like Note 3. Edges and bezel.

    • DroidGuy360

      where’d you get that picture? looks like you took a pic of your note 3 and are acting like its supposed to be the note 4. loser.

      • GoSu2KL

        Look at the picture. Its like note 3 or samsung trolling us. Why im loser? I know me? Everyone can comment so pls don’t be low. Btw im note series fan and i pre-order every time.

        • DroidGuy360

          Where did u get that picture?

          • GoSu2KL


          • DroidGuy360

            you want to provide a link? I did a search and didn’t find anything. Looks like someone trolling morons like u.

          • GoSu2KL

            Man my photo is note 3 not 4. Im not troling but look at diference between black photo from samsung vs photo of note 3. If You think i post photo of note 4 = who is moron now xd. Google photo and i write note 3 bezel.

          • DroidGuy360


          • DroidGuy360

            Shut up iFag

          • Joshua Martelle

            Dude… seriously, What are you doing? Do you even know what you are saying to people on here? What you are doing is being one of the biggest trolls on here, You have a reply for everything on here, and it’s all negative. Calling people names, trying to downgrade people any chance that you get. I don’t know what happened to you in life to make you think it’s ok to treat people this way, but it’s not. People are entitled to have their own opinion, likes and dislikes, and that’s all it comes down too. You like a home button, I don’t. end of story. It’s all personal preference. To Agree or disagree, But what you do is go down an entire different road. Slandering people’s choice, is not ok even in the slightest bit. Are you aware, the way that you act is not ok? Has anyone ever told you this? or you where just to proud to listen to them. My friend you need to change that attitude of yours, and I hope this is a wake up call for you, to stop and think about how you speak to people. When I think about it, the way that you speak to people is just an inward expression of the type of person you are on the inside. Before you change what comes out of your mouth, you need to change the way that you think. If you want help, feel free to message me on facebook. But know this, I won’t pay any attention to you if this how you are going to reply to me as you have with everyone else. Hope you make the right choice.

          • DroidGuy360

            Hahaha awesome bro. Took a while to write that huh. So sorry i hurt your feelings. Omg get over iFag, this is just a comments section on a website bro, if comments upset u so much, you shouldnt be on then Internet. You must be an obama voter.

          • Joshua Martelle

            yeah well, that’s the kind of response I thought I get from someone like you. take care buddy.

          • DroidGuy360

            Stop masterbating in your mothers basement, whore

          • splashsquelch

            Did your mother send you to school?

  • uriejarafa

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  • Will S.

    Meh, what happened to the Galaxy Note Edge??

  • Rene Petrus

    Looks nice without home button….

    I hobe samsung switch to variable touch OLED buttons usable with spen and fingers

  • Zack Stewart

    I cannot wait for it to come out. I want samsung to go in a different direction because their designs are all so similar! Perhaps removing the button is another step in the right direction.

    • DroidGuy360

      Wrong biatch

  • Amuro Ray

    S pen does not include ilumination :(

  • Arch9

    wow, samsung are really great for making this teaser video the song is really funky!

  • fredphoesh

    why can’t samsung actually make a phone that looks sexy FFS??!! G-E-N-E-R-I-C written all over this phone. Sadly fantastic specs in a seriously boring body.

    • DroidGuy360

      Put it in a fancy case and stfu

      • Mark Kendrick

        Why are you such an asshole?

        • DroidGuy360

          Why are you such a cocksucker?

          • Mark Kendrick

            Dude you are the biggest piece of shit I have ever seen post on forums. Why don’t you get you hand off your pistol, learn how to make friends and put your blowup doll away.

          • DroidGuy360

            I just came to your comments. I love making yall mad, i get so hard.

            Stfu obama voting pos whore.

          • Mark Kendrick

            Actually I’m not mad. I just find it interesting how you tell people to shut the F up and similar Since you’re hard you’ll probably spend another lonely night with Rosie and her 5 sisters. Yup I’d vote for Obama over the retards the republicans chose.

          • DroidGuy360

            You’re the one who keeps commenting stupidcunt. I got no problem talking crap with somone else but iFags like u cant let it go. You just keep cumming back for more.

          • Mark Kendrick

            We should probably stop this “conversation” since it has nothing to do with tech and it’s all insults and b.s.

          • Gadgetonomy

            Don’t feed that troll, he’s not worth it. The best way is always to ignore them, they thrive on being able to make you angry. At the end of the day their opinion will never count in a healthy discussion, it can never be personal as they don’t know you. They are sad individuals who have social incapacity, pity them but ignore them.

  • Lilith_Black

    =.= I hope it doesn’t come out like the render: it looks horrible (like somebody photoshopped a road on a note 3)

  • davvyk

    im not as certain that image rules out the previous metal rimmed note leak. At least i hope it doesnt. Thats the first time ive ever been interested in a G Note.

  • Mark Kendrick

    I hope that samsung can continue with software improvements but add physical hardware upgrades i.e materials.

  • jay

    I always was a big fan of the smaller phone. My S3 was already big enough. Than I got my one plus and just awesome but somehow I love to try the stylus.

  • gallo001

    I’m seeing this on my N3 and it looks just like it, I’m in for a disappointment :(

  • pug1

    i got a note 3 already, i was hoping it would be waterproof