Note 4 to reportedly introduce several new software features: aqua capture, smart fingerprint and more

by: Andrew GrushMay 23, 2014

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 isn’t expected to be formally unveiled until later this year at IFA 2014, but that’s not stopping the rumor mill from spitting out a few possible details about what to expect from Samsung’s next big flagship. Earlier this week the first bit of Note 4 ‘news’ came with a new report from GSM Arena that claimed the device will be powered by a 5.7-inch QHD display. Now SamMobile is chiming in with additional details about the handset, this time focusing on the software side of things.

According to SamMobile’s sources, Samsung is currently testing out a few new software features utilizing Galaxy S5 hardware, with plans to debut the features on the next-gen Galaxy Note. Unfortunately the sources aren’t exactly forthcoming about what these new software features do.

Samsung is currently testing out a few new software features with plans to debut these changes with the next-gen Galaxy Note

First up, there’s a new “Swipe to Launch Motion Launcher”, which is believed to be somewhat similar to the HTC One M8’s Motion Launcher feature. If Samsung does follow HTC’s lead, that means the feature could use swiping gestures on the screen to wake the display, launch the camera and more.

Next, we have Smart Fingerprint. SamMobile’s best guess is that this could be a way to customize actions when a finger print is scanned, which makes sense to us. The big takeaway here is that Samsung is giving up on fingerprint scanners just yet.

Aside from this, the Note 4 will also reportedly feature an Aqua Mode and a Multi Network for Booster. The former of these is likely just an enhanced version of the Aqua mode on the GS4 Active, which made it possible to take photos underwater. This could indicate that the Galaxy Note 4 will have even better water resistance than the GS5. As for the Multi-Network for Booster? Odds are this could simply be the Download Boaster feature found in the Galaxy S5.

While none of these software features are explained in detail, it does hint that the Galaxy Note 4 will follow in a similar direction to the Galaxy S5 and that means a fingerprint reader as well as water/dust resistance. Let’s just hope Samsung does a bit more in terms of UI redesign and aesthetics if they want to make a better first impression than the Galaxy S5 did.

Are you excited for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, or largely unimpressed by Samsung’s direction as of late?

  • Very, very excited for the Note 4! World’s first qHD AMOLED display on what is arguably one of the most compelling form factors for those that seek a do-everything device. Still, the LG G3 is mighty tempting, too.

    • Andrew Grush

      Darcy, I think you mean QHD display… qHD (960×540) would be very bad. :P

      • MasterMuffin

        More than qHD is useless, they should just focus on battery! ;D

        • Jeremiah Hawkins

          Say iphone users. “You can’t tell after 300whatever PPI”

          • MasterMuffin

            That would be a PPI of 193 so… :)

          • Jeremiah Hawkins

            Exactly my point. I showed an iPhone user this article and told them about the screen and that was their response.

          • Andrew T Roach

            I told an Android user that useless resolution you can barely notice reduces device performance. They didn’t believe me. Go figure.

          • Humaan

            Its android users who is arguing that 4k will be overkill for batteries not iphone users whose imagination is stuck by apple’s limits.

          • RarestName

            I’ve never heard any iPhone users say this. I’ve only seen Android users post about this online, if that makes any sense.

          • Guest

            I’ve seen this happen a lot, did you see the comments on MKBHD’s video on iOS 8 Beta/Impressions? There were a lot of Apple fans saying that.

    • David Onter

      AUO made the first QHD AMOLED display :)

  • MobileRoamer

    Hands down the only smartphone that I would truely call SMARTPHONE. There is no other smartphone that comes close in function. Bring on the Note 4.

  • Sadly I won’t be able to afford this until the Note 6 comes out…

  • Marco Lancaster

    But please not change drastically the design, to something like GS5.

  • wizardx

    the notes have generally been the best all around phone bring it on!

  • wat

    Has to be bigger than 5.7, that’s too small :

    • Marco Lancaster

      They could, but only if sacrifice some bezels, we dont need a crazy massive phone like Xperia Z Ultra, something like the good work of LG on G Pro 2 or G3 is good.

      • K2

        Z ultra is 6.4.

    • Say What?

      I was hoping for around 6″

      • wat

        6.3 max but definitely 6 min

    • note3 screen size is the maximum I can take. I have tried the Galaxy Mega and I felt it simply was too big to hold and carry around.

    • Omar

      It should have at least 6 inch display in the size of a Galaxy Note 3.

      • John Wm Rickman Jr.

        Yes… Needs to be a 6 inch screen to keep up with the Galaxy NOTE Ideology !!! The NEXT Big Thing !!! Note 1 is 5.3 inches… Note 2 is 5.5 inches… Note 3 is 5.7 inches… The Next Step is Note 4 at 6.0 inches !!! And in following that line of thought… Since the Note 3 has a Quad Core Processor with 3Gs of Ram and 32Gs of Internal Storage & also SD Expantion to 64 Gs… The Note 4 should have a Octo Core with 4Gs of Ram and 64Gs of Internal Storage & also SD Expantion to 128Gs. It Would Be The Next Big Thing !!!… Instead of an updated version of Last Years Model.

  • Brandon Power
  • Bishop

    I have the S4, but after I saw how the S5 turned out, I knew that my money would be best spent by waiting for the Note 4. The QHD display is the main thing I’m looking forward to. I’m also excited to see what other features it may bring. Hopefully it will include OIS as well.

    LG really stepped with the G3 by including a QHD display. It feels like the first true flagship phone of 2014. I can’t wait to try out that phone in person as well.But I was a bit disapointed to see that the G3 will have the s801. On the other hand, I prefer the Amoled display and I expect the Note 4 to include the s805. Can’t wait to see the Super Amoled display of the Note 4. It will feel like a huge upgrade over my S4 and it will be worth the $700 or $800 it may cost.

    • David Baláž

      Agree with you if the G3 is “only” S801 then it is quite bad. Well not that bad but the GPU on the S805 and encoding of the h.265 codec is what I see as a big advantage over the S801. The gpu is as some qualcomm employee said built 2k displays in mind, it could handle the QHD display with such ease as the current S800/801 can handle the 1080p resolution.

      To me the S801 handling the QHD is something like the first wave of 1080p on S600 (I have an S4) which I kind of feel lacks the power to handle it . These are my 5 cents.

  • MasterMuffin

    “The big takeaway here is that Samsung is giving up on fingerprint scanners just yet.” Isn’t? :)

  • AvalancheRyder

    I’ll wait until I can do a hands on comparison, but I’m not sure I see the benefit of a qHD display on a 5.7″ screen. I have the Note 3 and upgraded from the Note 2 for the sole reason that I wanted the high resolution screen since I was tired of the pixelation on the Note 2. I’m sure the difference between the Note 3 and 4 will be noticeable, but I doubt it will be anywhere near as dramatic a difference as the jump to 1080p from 720p. Plus with the additional hit to battery life to power the additional pixels, I’m not sure it will be worth it. Especially if Google does not fix the battery life issues caused by Kit Kat.

    The other new features seem cool, but nothing overly compelling. Especially since I have to buy the device at full retail price to keep unlimited data (thanks Verizon…), unless there’s another website glitch where I can take subsidized pricing at keep unlimited data.

    • wizardx

      i do hope they will have the youm display with the tapered edges at the sides that will be a big motivation for me to exchange my note 3 with

  • _X_

    I can upgrade next month to a new phone…will be the S5 or G3. I want to wait for Note 4 but maybe it will be a letdown like the S5 and then I would have waisted my time waiting for it….

    So confused….S5 is perfect size and quality…G3 will have awesome spec but cant trust LG because I had 3 of them and they all broke plus in South Afrika they are expensive….Note 4 might be a bigger letdown than S5 and might be to big…

    • Otto Andersson

      I would wait. I think the note series has taken on the mantel of a Samsung flagship device over the classic S serious. This new product will be much more of a substantial upgrade than the horrid looking S5.

  • Isaac Lau

    I really want to find out how different between Full HD and QHD in 5.7″ display. For most customers including me, higher number will be better such as resolution, camera and PPI. Actually LG G3 will be a true flagship device in 2014. LG G3 has removable battery so the design would not similar as HTC One M8 though G3 may come with metal cover.

  • Groud Frank

    This will almost certainly be my next phone! For me the Note line is the most elite line of any OEM . It is the flagship that every other Android phone will be compared to just to be able to justify itself.

  • Corbin Crutch

    Here they come… The rumors

  • Corbin Crutch

    Bet ya I’ll love the new Note… Assuming they actually upgrade the hardware at all -_-

  • Ruz

    Download booster should be renamed as money booster as its boost our data bill along with wifi

    • JT

      Sprint unlimited. Doesn’t boost my bill.

      • Ruz

        you are lucky dude

  • Cyrus Dastoor

    The Note should truly have a “No Compromise” motto.
    They better include spankingly loud and clear stereo sound…an awesome screen (5.9ish inches), an awesome camera and the best internals available (ideally with “future proof” 64 bit capabilities) on a superb PLASTIC (ish) water & dust proof body.
    Love the awesome ultra power saving mode too!

    • V-Phuc

      5.7-inch screen is excellent as of shape, form IMO. Anything closer to 6 becomes a bit too much. Not sure how the LG G Pro2 with 5.9-inch screen fares. Not too good when compared to SGN3, if I recall.

  • Say What?

    Now they need to make the screen slightly larger or I’ll probably keep my GFlex.

  • K2

    Samsung and LG (I said the same thing on an LG article on these forum) should not leak everything thereby helping their competitors adopt those features into their products. Leave some surprises for the product launch. It will help the product a lot. This is why apple keeps its secrets tight. And it helps their product’s sales a lot.

    Other companies should start doing this too, if they want their flagship products to ‘awe’ people and make them buy those products.

  • Konstantin Stefanov

    I am a former S4 owner and current Note 3 owner, but i am definetly largely unimpressed by Samsung’s direction as of late!

    • jakester

      1/100000? why not make it 1/10000000000 while you’re at it

      • Konstantin Stefanov

        I am sure that you never would even think of using one if it was not for them making it “popular”. Sony had those phones for 2 years and nobody cared re them, now all of you are crazy about them … sounds like publicity to me nothing else. besides i have droped a phone in water 1 time in my 14+ years of using a mobile phone. I am sure most of you never droped a phone in water, even if you did it was a one time thing, so why buy one for more money?

  • Cayl

    I’m excited and impressed regarding the Note rumor mill up until now, of all the upcoming computing machines in the world I just can’t wait for the Berlin IFA 2014, I also hope Sammy will go with metal for the N4, a 64-bit Exynos and not the S805 for all markets,
    I hope the Swype Launcher isn’t just what the name implies, having the possibility the tap on the screen to launch actions (including waking the phone) ala LG G2 is the real way to go, you can’t keep swiping specific patterns on the screen while you can just press the home button to wake it.

  • Cayl

    Can you just add a tiny little bit the screen diagonal, something fancy like: 5.75″, 5.775″ or 5.825″ so that we have a sense of progresson over the current dominator N3, unbreakable flexible screen and radio tuner are expected as well.

    • Good that you mentioned ‘radio tuner’. Do you mean ‘FM RADIO? I need this feature as well. I feel that is what I missed with my note3.

  • rmcrys

    If this Note 4 is so good as my Note 3, and has even better battery, screen and (even) better low light performance, then it will be my next phone when I renew my contact.

    my girlfriend has the S3 and find my Note 3 fantastic so she won’t have problems keeping my Note 3.

    Of course it is always good to have more stuff in it, but personally I won’t take a 600-700 euro phone to the beach/Swimmingpool to take pictures; I don’t need QHD as I fail to see pixels on my Note 3; I do not need speed booster as most contracts have limited download traffic; I don’t need more speed as the Note 3 is almost unbelievably fast (despite 4.4.2 from Samsung has more bugs than the 4.3, and despite 4.4.2 consumes 25% more battery …).

    What I need: less battery consumption UNDER full load + a lot faster battery charge + 3-4x more charge cycles. I can say that with my Note 3 + Samsung 4.3 Android I got full 3 days on one charge. With 4.4.2 “just” 2 days.

  • Husslord

    Loved my Note 2! Returned my Note 3….Samsung got too gimmicky imo at least for me, still a solid device…. I hope with the note 4 they get rid of that cheap looking silver bezel or whatever you want to call it around the side of the phone….. Maybe take a page out Nokia’s book on how they did their 6″ 1520….still the G3 looks great but again wait and see how they improved upon the G2.

    • V-Phuc

      Didn’t you put your phone in a case? I put my SGN3 like 5 minutes after unboxing. There, whether it’s made of plastic, metal, aluminium, etc., silver lining or not, who cares? I’m not going to risk dropping my phone and destroy it. So to keep it naked just to admire/or to despise its looks is just plain stupid. This goes with any (flagship) phone, not only Samsung, just so that I don’t get to be called Samsung fanboy.

  • James Silva

    Definitely upgrading my s5 to this baby.

  • Andrew Brennand

    A Note series phone is the only phone from Samsung you should buy.

  • I plan on upgrading my Samsung Note II for the Samsung Note 4 as long as the specs are great. If it’s going to look like the Samsung S5 then I’ll go with another brand that will meet the features I want.

  • MaryJane

    “Samsung is giving up on fingerprint scanners just yet”
    Do you mean “isn’t”?

  • harshad shinde

    hey, i sense a typo here :

    “The big takeaway here is that Samsung is giving up on fingerprint scanners just yet.”

    do you mean “isn’t”? :) cheers!

  • odeiosenhas

    I really liked the faux leather back. I would like the phone to remain in a similar design.

  • NoteExpert

    I Mean Admit, We Have Been Waiting For The Note Line To Hit That 6″ Mark Which I’ve Dieing To Have A Perfect 6inch Phone From A Note Since The Note 2

    So Samsung Should Just Hit It Off Since Most Of Us Is Expected For It To Get Bigger ~

    Which Hey If It Goes 6inch I’m Happy; Doesn’t Need To Get Any Bigger From Their For Awhile

  • toiletduck

    we need more.. especially better power management and power saving features… :) but its a start and it seems promising… i wonder if they will also release a steel-like or sturdier case for the note 4…? :)

  • Alexander T

    Typo – Samsung is *not* giving up on fingerprint scanners just yet, you mean.
    I am excited for the note 4. My upgrade is already here but I’m waiting for the note 4

  • nehapatel

    Hands down the only smartphone that I would truely call SMARTPHONE. There is no other smartphone that comes close in function. Bring on the Note 4. ibps bank jobs

  • H.R. Pierson

    Impressed. And I’m not easily.
    Now Samsung, go beyond impressing to stunning. Go with the 808/810 Snapdragon. And of course a 2k display. 128 gig capabile expansion.

  • Major_Pita

    Really looking forward to the Note 4 release. That said, the phrase ” a new report from GSM Arena that claimed the device will be powered by a 5.7-inch QHD display’ has some major accuracy issues since I’m pretty sure the device will be powered by a battery or maybe exercising some literary license, will be powered by the CPU/GPU. Last I heard the screen is the single largest power consuming component in a smart phone. Come on guys……….