Samsung said to accelerate Note 4 release in response to strong iPhone sales

by: Bogdan PetrovanSeptember 23, 2014

samsung galaxy note 4 charcoal black aa 15

Samsung is reportedly worried about the good iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus opening sales, and is moving forward the release of the Note 4 as a response.

With the launch of the 5.5-inch iPhone, the Galaxy Note 4 has a new and formidable opponent in its size class. Apple announced that it sold a record 10 million units of the new iPhones over the opening weekend, though the 6 Plus’ share of this figure is unknown.

Samsung’s executives have taken notice, according to an unnamed marketing official with the company cited by the Korea Times:

The positive reaction from consumers to those two Apple devices prompted us to launch the Note 4 earlier than previously scheduled. Samsung will be aggressive in promoting the Note 4 as it’s true that we are being challenged and pressured amid a difficult situation.

Samsung has already opened pre-orders for the Note 4 in South Korea, and initial stock reportedly sold out in a matter of hours. The device was initially scheduled to go on sale in October, but now availability is set for September 26. To spur sales, Samsung offers the Note 4 for just 957,000 won, 10 percent cheaper than the Note 3 and even less than the original Note from 2011.

According to a different source, Samsung’s internal target for the Note 4 is to ship 15 million units in the first month of availability. That’s ambitious, considering that Samsung shipped 11 million Galaxy S5 units in about a month, and Galaxy S phones are typically more popular than Notes.

With that said, the Note 4 is very competitive, with its metal frame design, Quad HD screen, and powerful specifications. That, and a strong marketing push, could help Samsung blow past previous records, which is exactly what the group needs right now, when share prices are the lowest in two years.

  • JRE

    Great they can go ahead and send mine now then…

  • pcmedicman

    Funny thing about Samsung is that they use the word “shipped” and Apple uses the word “sold.”

    • Anothermuse

      Yeah, a lot of people mention that. I don’t think there is much of a real difference in the end though. Retailers aren’t sitting on stockpiles of the product so ultimately they are still sold. Also Samsung doesn’t have a retail outlet to track actual sales. Besides, companies will always post the number that looks best for them.

      Keep in mind too, there’s been several articles that have guessed that maybe up to 25% of the Apple “sales” have been to grey market supplier that are actually reselling these where they have not officially gone on sale, or they are putting premiums on them and reselling on e-bay because of the limited supply.

      • Yea next iPhone release I may buy a couple for resale. I saw an article that was talking about an iPhone selling for $2,000

        • Spg210

          How much you thing a Note 4 will go for?

          • Aran

            probably nothing more than what you bought it for. As much as everyone likes the note 4, it’s just not as popular as the iPhone 6 and 6 plus

      • Spg210

        There’s a huge difference. Companies don’t make money from shipments. Only sales. Listing the amount you sold is a lot different from listing how much you have in stock. No one’s getting paid from devices sitting in the back room. Apple is bold enough to release the number of devices that passed the register. That’s the ONLY number that matters. Releasing shipped numbers is purposely misleading.

        • Mrdioji

          I don’t think there is a huge difference. Samsung sold the devices to the retailers, correct? The retailers are the ones not making sales. Samsung made those sales.

        • err

          err, when Samsung “shipped” their phones, it means a retailer had BOUGHT them already and will sell them to a local market in their area. It’s how business work, Manufacturers makes the products then sells them to retailers, which in turn, retailers sells to their local market, and these “retailers” aren’t the small electronics shop in your local neighborhood, it’s the big companies in every country that cycles billions of dollars in their business. When you see a Samsung store in your area, it’s not really ‘the’ Samsung from South Korea that’s operating the store, it’s the local retailer that made a partnership with Samsung and bought their products with posters, license to use the Samsung logos and signs, and other market accessories and support

    • hoggleboggle

      the difference is that Samsung only have a small amount of direct retail outlets so all they can really report are shipped numbers, and to be honest that is really the only figure that matters to them as that is where their income stream largely ends. Apple as a much larger direct retail presence, so they are able to report sold figures more easily, but the end result is the same, since no retailer would order more units than they would expect to sell.

      • Spg210

        That made no sense. Whether you have one retail outlet or 200, you can request and receive sales numbers. Poll each store and get the sales spreadsheet sent to you. Samsung does that. You can count on that. They know how much is selling. Samsung just decides not to reveal these sales numbers because they don’t compare favorably to Apple. It’s a pride thing.
        When HTC was dominant with the Evos they released sales numbers left and right. Now they’re struggling and you get no information on how many HTC Ones have sold. The next manufacturer that beats Samsung in sales will be screaming sales numbers from the mountain tops.

        • Nessuno

          “Poll each store and get the sales spreadsheet” .
          Can you really imagine how many stores there are and do you really think companies can get those kind of numbers in real time or within a tight time frame ?
          Apple does know how many units are actually sold through its own channel obviously, but it’s only a part of the number and for the rest it is only a “shipped” number (which amounts to the same in case it’s sold out but it’s not always the case as we eventually saw it last year with the iPhone 5c).

        • err

          you again, when Samsung “shipped” their phones, it means local retailers have BOUGHT them, with cash, and when local retailers have bought them, they’re good as sold, seeing how local retailers will never let their products/inventory become stagnant in their stock room.

    • Happy

      I’m sorry, but as far as I remember Samsung does not report shipped smartphones/phones either. It is the likes of IDC, Gartner and Strategy Analytics that report them, based on some market polling and analysis.

  • Hunter

    Does this mean that the US will get it on September 26th too?

    • JRE

      I doubt it. I am pretty sure that is just for Korea. They would have specifically said something about US and Europe if it was, is my guess.

  • Abo Zahra

    sony should take some notes

    • StevieG

      Apparently Samsung should also.

    • Seth Forbus

      Sony Xperia Z ultra google play edition. Look it up.

  • Michael Bernard

    This phone should have been on the shelf already

    • Mike – Construction Contractor

      Yup. I’ll still get it but why announce a super phone like this and not allow it to be in stores when iPhone folks go in to upgrade. Now that their minds have changed about big phones, they will be interested in being able to do more than play games.

      • Hopefully Samsung do better with releases next year. Actually I’m almost positive they will.

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      • Jose Romero

        They just wanted to beat the announcement of the new iPhones.

  • ThunderCrackR

    Go, Sammy! Show them who is the king of phablets!

    • MasterMuffin

      Seriously whatever your opinion is about iPhone 6, iOS or Android, Note 4 > iPhone 6 Plus easily

    • Seth Forbus

      *sigh* Nobody ever knows about the Xperia Z Ultra Google Play Edition. I should have never sold that phone.

      • ThunderCrackR

        It was a good device. Especially with its direct updates from Google.

  • I wish it was being released early in the US also. I need to get rid of this G3 like now, worst buy ever..

    • Ugo

      Why is that? G3 is a good phone

      • Natty Bee

        Ugo…you’re right, the G3 is fantastic…want to buy one? I’ll be having one for sale just as soon as the Note 4 releases…

        • Ugo

          :D I like your thinking. I own a G3 and maybe, just maybe, if I didnt already have it, I would go for the Note 4 instead.

          • Natty Bee

            Well, being that I want to sell the G3 as soon as the Note 4 comes out, I don’t want to bad mouth it too much lol

      • Not really, it’s very laggy especially when typing things on the net like now, the washed out screen colors, horribly low audio, I personally don’t like on screen buttons now that I’ve tried them I prefer a hardware button, bad battery life etc. This phone was way overhyped, it’s nothing but a phone with a big screen just like the iPhone 6 nothing special. The Note line is more than just a phone with a big screen. I’m actually embarrassed to pass this down to my gf when I get the Note 4, should’ve just gotten the Note 3.

        • AnonGuy

          Yes I factory reset my M8 and it’s in a drawer now. I kept homing out of games because the onscreen buttons pop out when you brush near the edge of the screen. Also kept hitting them when typing on the keyboard. I absolutely hate them and won’t touch another phone with them again. Back to the Note 3. Not considering another Samsung phone until they start supporting them as well as Apple. Around January or so I’m getting the iPhone 6 Plus. The few concessions required is more than worth making to be treated like an actual customer. Who buys $700+ phones.

    • Beci

      are u crazy ?
      Lg G3 has better specs than Iphon 6+ and is 50 % Cheaper.

      • Natty Bee

        Specs aren’t everything.

      • filaos

        Better specs but lame benchmarks, frequent lags and not even a better looking screen.
        Specs are for the dumb.

      • cizzlen


    • Natty Bee

      I’m with you on that. The G3 is a huge disappointment. I should never have sold my Note 3

      • Beci

        And why you think note 3 is better than Lg g3 ?
        Lg g3 Vs note 3
        Quad HD Vs Full HD
        Snapdragon 2.5 Ghz vs Snapdragon 2.3
        Camera 13 Mp + lasser Vs Camera 13 Mp
        Lg g3 has better design , cnock code , radio

        • Natty Bee

          Because I’ve actually used both devices. I’m not just going with individual specs off the spec sheets (which you evidently are) The G3 takes great photos, sure, but so does the Note 3. The processor in the G3 is marginally better, but doesn’t seem to handle things very well (huge amounts of lag present). The screen on the G2 is beautiful, but so is the Note 3, and my eye doesn’t notice much difference. The knock code is a gimmick…radio what? And hey, I loved the design of my Note 3, and there’s the s-pen to think about.

          Honestly, the G3 doesn’t hold a candle to the Note 3

          • Exactly that’s why I should’ve just back tracked and got the Note 3 then the Note 4. The G3 was so overhyped it’s ridiculous.

          • Beci

            Man you are not realistic. You are 1. stupid or 2. SamsungFanboy. You must tell the truth The note 3 is very very good phone, but Lg G3 is a bit better, and so the note 4 is a bit better than Lg G3
            TELL ONLY THE TRUTH.

          • Natty Bee

            I am telling only the truth. I loved the G2 and the G3 had great potential, but the Note 3 beats it hands down

          • Paul

            Only if it’s implemented properly. Which I understand the g3 is not particularly well optimised.

        • StevieG

          Uh… The G3 overheats constantly and the screen automatically dims to almost non visible in order to cool down. Screen is dull and washed out. Impossible to view outdoors. Battery drain is atrocious. Apps hesitate to open. Reports of cracks near the microphone port due to thin, brittle plastic used.
          Nobody is reporting any of these issues on the Note 3.

      • Yea I had the S4, and I didn’t want to get the Note 3 because it was a bit older but god I regret not getting it.

        • Natty Bee

          Dude, the Note 3 is newer than the s4 lol

    • DCnish

      I returned the G3; the signal strength was horrible. I’m holding out for the Note 4!

    • cizzlen

      The G3 and the Galaxy Nexus are the worst buying decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I’m jumping on the Sammy or Apple bandwagon now. There’s reason why those phones sell out world wide.

  • Natty Bee

    They should accelerate the US release. I would purchase now if it was available

  • Tyrone_83

    Samsung doesn’t have to worry about Apple cause most of those are practically followers. Watch within 6 months they release an iPhone 6S that would make the previous phone useless.

    • Running Rampage

      What does that make you? Oh that’s right, a follower also!!!

      • Tyrone_83

        How would I be a follower if I don’t even have an iPhone to begin with?? I guess you didn’t think that through did you?

    • BP

      The fact is, iPhones don’t become useless after an upgrade. Many iPhone 4 are still in use, and until a few weeks ago supported the most recent operating system. Not sure what the best Samsung phone was back in 2010, but I doubt there are many still in use…

      • Tyrone_83

        When they released the iphone 5 and shortly after the 5C which was pointless is it was basically the same phone with a plastic housing.

  • MJay

    I do not understand the reason for the rush because most iPhone users have so much invested in that ecosystem that they would never switch to Android. Most android users would never switch to Apple due to all of the options that come with Android. When apple users ask about my phone and I explain what I am doing, 90% have no idea what I am talking because it is unheard of on I os. They do not understand specs or anything of that nature. Funny story, I saw the I phone’s camera led light up and informed the guy it was flashing and he responded that was his led light and camera flash all in one as if he had something special. I told him I had a separate led notification light that I could customize to colors of my liking on individual notifications and his jaw dropped! I responded the camera flash would take up to much of my battery to flash as a notification light to alert me of messages etc. Moral of the story, most people rarely switch. When they do, they typically revert back to the initial brand!

    • vgergo

      Apple has brainwash powers. 2 weeks ago they legitimized smartwatches and phablets. The “follower” type of Android users will now feel safer to opt for androidwear and samsung notes. And they are actually better off than the cider-fans, because these watches and phablets are actually well thought out, not just miniaturized and oversized versions of an almost decade old user interface.

    • Cyber Raptor

      You deserve a medal for this and a COOKIE!!

      • MJay

        Lmbo, I proudly accept them both. Thanks

    • AbbyZFresh

      I have heavily invested into both Android and iOS for years. Some of us switch back and forth.

      For starters I have a Moto X and an Retina iPad Mini.

      • MJay

        I believe that is exactly why I said most users. I never said all users, just most! Because most users do not go back in forth. If they have an android phone, they usually have an android tablet and vice versa.

  • Dylan

    Is this “accelerated release” for the US too? I pre ordered the Note 4 on Verizon yesterday.

  • Andrew Tan

    How about Malaysia, everyday Samsung Malaysia facebook site only know to comment Stay tuned. We want exact selling date or pre-order, no more stay tuned, the desire on waiting is lessor and lessor already.

  • Xavier

    957000 won is still very steep… I wouldn’t be surprised to see the pricing reworked

  • Zabih Cino

    Bye bye

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  • Philip

    Joke of the year

  • Kasi Viswanathan

    wise decision

  • applebrainwashespeople

    any actual link? as this is really Apple Authority with fake iphone drop tests… im not seeing this reported anywhere else, and there is no proof link provided in the article. looks like this site is really full of shit.

  • Dakota

    So does this mean that it will be available in the U.S. on this date as well? Or only in Korea?

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    Any idea if it will be cheaper in other places? Could be nice if it is cheaper.

  • BZ

    I doubt samsung can beat Apple in the States however they can have an advantage in China and outsell the 6+ and I think that’s what they are trying to do. If so they better get on it

    • Running Rampage

      What advantage in China? You can get cheap forked version of Android phones all over China. That’s Android, getting Apps from China App stores. Who’s going to buy a Expensive Note running Android when they can buy a CHEAP Forked Android phone with a huge screen and does just as much? I mean really? They copy everyone which is one of the reasons the phones are only sold in China! There’s only a iPhone. There’s no forked iOS. there’s Forked Android made to look like iOS, but people buy the iPhone because it’s a iPhone and will pay the money to do that. I see no incentive for the same thing with a Samsung phone or any other Expensive Android phone. It really is just not the same thing. China has a lot of great phones that are only sold in China. They can buy a Huge Forked Android phone for $200 or a Samsung Phone for $900. I know China’s middle class is growing, but come on.

      If it happens great, but I don’t see it. They’ll sell some, but Samsung has had a hard time selling phones in China.

  • Happy

    My message to all the impatient Note 4/iPhone 6 buyers: Get a Life! Have a nice meal, go out for a chat with a cool friend, stare at the starlit sky, etc. Pretty much all the potential Note4/iPhone 6 buyers have already a smartphone, which does pretty much the same as these two new smartphones, so why the haste?

  • what?

    this “reportedly” thing is a lie, why would Samsung or any Android Smartphone manufacturer be worried of the iphone sales? those who bought the new iphone are basically the same people who already owns an iphone, most probably the people who owns an older iphone than the 5s, because they either had to save up again(mind-boggingly expensive) or had finish their 2 year contract and didn’t want to buy the 5s because even they felt the 5s wasn’t much of an upgrade so they waited for the 6, and most probably Apple exaggerated their sales, or made a big hype about it like it was a big deal.

    • BP

      Not sure Samsung phones are really any less expensive, and since Apple devices hold their value better, I’d argue they’re actually more affordable.

  • Sock

    Samsung announcement to launch times are way too long
    hype train crashes before it makes it to the station

  • Blowntoaster

    don’t think Samsung is too worried any more,

    rather S-Late, than iBend….

  • LOmiyo

    I don’t think that galaxy note 4 can be sold more than galaxy s5

  • Jayesh Soni

    dont worry Samsung.. Still ur No1. from me… i like ur Note4. cz its ma dream Phone… infact i love it.. i wish i cud have 1…