Yet another report claims Note 4 will be available in early September

by: Andrew GrushJuly 25, 2014

Samsung settling eu antitrust complaints

Exactly one month ago to the date, we reported on a claim from Korean news site NewsTomato that suggested the Note 4 was ready for production and would be released shortly after its unveiling at IFA in September. Now the much better known Korean-based ET News has corroborated the idea of an early September Note 4 launch.

How soon after the announcement can we expect the phone to ship? ET News doesn’t give us an exact timeframe outside of early September, though they do stress that the gap between announcement and release will be much smaller than the Note 3, which was announced on September 4th and didn’t arrive in the United States until the first week of October. Could Samsung be planning a similar move to HTC, where it announces the phone and launches it immediately in select markets? Anything is possible, but at the very least we expect the phone to hit within a week or two after announcement — if this report proves correct.

For those wondering why Samsung is in such a hurry to get the phone out the door, ET News says that the Korean giant is hoping to get the phone out quickly so it can combat against the iPhone 6, which is believed to be making a jump upward in screen size when it debuts that same month. Furthermore, sales for the Galaxy S5 reportedly haven’t been as good as Samsung had hoped, and the company is hoping the Note 4 will turn things around. Regardless of when the Note 4 arrives, we expect it to perform well in terms of sales, at least judging by past Note series performance. As for what the phone will bring to the table, be sure to check out our rumor roundup for a better look.

  • Chris

    Hope so. I hate when they announce a phone and then it’s not available for months.

    • The pressure and stakes have never been higher. With revenue down, and more consumers looking for better deals, high end flagships from the top 5 are being scrutinized more than ever. It’s only good for consumers. LONG gong are the days of announcing a smartphone, showing it off, and then waiting three months for it to hit the market. Unless you’re Sony, and you’re talking about the US. Samsung, I’m sure, has put everything possible into the Note 4, and I’ve no doubt it will be an absolutely epic follow up to the very well received Galaxy Note 3.

      • kg2105

        +1, the Galaxy S5 was hopefully the wake up call Samsung needed.

        • Mike – Construction Contractor

          Maybe – but was the Note 4 was we will know it, too far down the road for them to go back to the drawing board? Note 4 may be an early release so that they can wrap it up and get to work on the Note 5 or S6..

      • Chris

        I really hope so. I was still on the Note 2 until three days ago because I didn’t think there was anything worth upgrading to. What’d I get 3 days ago? The LG G3…can Samsung win me back? Probably if the Note 4 is a great phone.

  • MasterMuffin

    It doesn’t matter when it comes out if it’ll be good. I hope they’ve got something new for once. And the fingerprint sensor is hopefully better than the one in S5!

    • xoj_21

      they make it usable in the lastest update,
      i don thave to register every finger now

    • Crutchcorn


  • Anonymousfella

    The real flagship from Samsung…

  • Matthew James

    Maybe if Samsung would actually re-do their crappy TW software, more units would sell. I can’t express how annoying it is to experience lag on a 2014 device. You’ll realize how bad the S5 is once you use another Android device. It’s night and day. They need to completely scrap it from bottom up. I am hoping the Note 4 offers a redesigned UI.

    • yep

      I have no lag on my Galaxy Note 3…

    • yep

      Not to mention you can always install a different launcher and turn off touch wiz.

      • Keepie Uppie

        How do you turn off Touch Wiz?

        • xoj_21

          install nova launcher.

          • Keepie Uppie

            I have Nova launcher. It can only hide so much. Plenty of Touch Wiz features you can’t get rid of without root.

          • Victor

            Touchwiz isn’t just the launcher…

    • Richard

      Any device can lag sometimes.
      Even my Nexus 7 lags sometimes.

  • Keepie Uppie

    I’m due an upgrade early next year. Currently have the Note 2. Few changes I’d like to see with Samsung is build quality, Touch Wiz (overhaul), capacitive button (gone), faster updates. If I was to buy a phone now I’d go for the One Plus One. Any idea when the next Nexus phone will be released?

  • Ger

    Everyone who keeps complaining about Samsung this and Samsung that. And TouchWiz this and that. The solution is very simple…. don’t fucking buy the phone. Or better yet, make your own god damn phone. Everything is about Business and profit. All OF MS will release a product with just enough features they think they cam get your money for. They will always save some of the features to be released on the next version so they can get more money from you. It’s the rule. So be content or don’t buy it and shut the fucking up.

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  • Adon

    Well,Samsung is always on time. I wouldnt be surprised if the release is in September

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Did I missed something ? I didn’t see the “premium aluminium” mantra here??
    Is it possible?