Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will only feature 2.5GB of RAM

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 2, 2013

note-3-front-2 copy

Earlier today, a tweet from @evleaks revealed two screenshots that supposedly come from the Note 3, one showing an AnTuTu benchmark score, and the other the “About Device” screen. If that’s not enough to peak your interest, the tweet also includes some ‘alleged’ specs that differ a little from most of the rumors out there.

First, let’s talk about the device screenshot. As you can see below, this particular Note 3 is model SM-N9005, and runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean with build number JSS15J. Not much else here worth taking notice of.

Turning to the second screenshot, we have a benchmark. Honestly, we’re not going to read into this one too much. Sure there are other devices that have achieved much higher results than this, but it is impossible to judge a handset based on a single benchmark.

Even if we had multiple benchmark reports, these scores often mean very little when it comes to real world use.

Note 3

Okay, so we’ve covered the two images. What about the specs? If @evleaks proves correct, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 will feature a 1920 x 1080 display, a 2.3GHz quad-core CPU and 2.5GB RAM. Yep, we said 2.5GB, not the 3GB that we have previously reported on.

Keep in mind that the device could actually have 3GB of RAM, but 512MB might be reserved for something else and therefore not counted. There’s also the possibility that the screenshots and/or alleged specs aren’t correct, so speculation is certainly advised.

Either way, we don’t have much of a wait before all is revealed. Samsung will officially announce the Note 3 on Wednesday, September 4th, just ahead of IFA 2013.

  • crunks

    The original Note had a similar petitioning scheme. 1gb of ram, 712 accessible, I believe….or something funky like that.

  • Xavier_NYC

    Hmm interesting. Though I wont read into this too much I feel like the Note 3 will be a big disappointment. Will be a great device but not as great as it has been hyped up to be.

  • depostreunheladitto

    lafi the original scheme ♥

  • John

    No OIS and the 3GB RAM we were hoping for is now 2.5? Please rumors, not another byte out of my soul. Oh the things I do for the S-Pen. Two features sacrificed is the limit for me, one more, dare say it, and I’m out…….put.

    • Mutomi Sconi

      same thoughts here

    • note3gettingworse

      lets not forget the smallish battery

    • Adam

      3GB ram is still inside it, its just reserved for stuff. Like S4, I think it only have 1.5GB ram free instead of 2GB of ram. Anyways I really nid Exynos 5420 c;

      • Genti Xhanari

        Actually I have an S4 (Exonys version) and it HAS 2GB of RAM. But yeah, it could be reserved.

      • Genti Xhanari

        Actually I have an S4 (Exonys version) and it HAS 2GB of RAM. But yeah, it could be reserved.

        • Adam

          Uhh. I said 1.5 GB out of 2GB ram. it has 2GB of course. but when you look at task manager, it shows 1.5 free or less because 0.5 GB might be reserved or used.

          • Genti Xhanari

            Yes, that’s my point too (I misunderstood you in your first comment). It’ is 1.82 GB out of 2GB to be more specific (at least in my device).

          • Adam

            Uhh kay x] I think Note 3 would use much more with all S pen features that are added.

          • Genti Xhanari

            Screenshot from my GT-I9500.

    • Afnan Muhammad

      People expect too much. i remember Xperia Z1 early rumor which include Xenon flash, same sensor as Lumia 1020, 32gb storage.

  • Ben de Guzman

    My G Pro can hit those scores. I hope this phone isn’t a letdown.

  • jeff

    Can I hit a home run with a note 3?

  • Marsg

    How is 2.5GB RAM a disappointment , 2GB is already overkill, haven’t seen anyone max it out, hell a lot of people are still using 1GB RAM devices without any problems. 2.5GB is like over overkill. I think everyone’s being a little unrealistic in terms of what to expect, 2.5GB even though not 3 is still a first on any ARM based mobile device, point out one other manufacturer that has 2.5 GB RAM, nough said.

    • urEASILYimpressed

      it is a disappointment:

      -battery size upgrade is only 100mah

      -the screen got smaller
      -no new design
      -no flexible display
      -no premium material
      -no new exynos to beat the snapdragon
      -no OIS
      ——> only 16gb storage????

      • Marsg

        The new exynos does not beat the snapdragon, maybe slightly in terms of CPU but it wins out in GPU, the design has been changed the Galaxy note 2 is rounded on the sides and extensively on the top and bottom while the note 3 is squarish with rounded edges (anyone with a galaxy note 2 can see the difference), a edge to edge display and a .2 inch larger display, again your being unrealiatic , flexible displays are still 2 years away and Samsung is going to be the first to actually release one, on top of that no other manufacturer has a 3GB RAM device, Samsung never admited to making a 3GB device, a bunch of fanboys passed those rumors around the web, but feel free to buy a device with more than 2.5 GB RAM, oh wait none exist lol. The snapdragon 800 is alot less power hungry than the old exynos 4, so while the battery increased by only 100mAh, in real world performance youre looking at an hour more of use on top of the Galaxy Note 2’s already great battety life. With that said the Galaxy note 3 hasn’t even been released yet so to claim that it’s only going to come in a 16 GB variant is pretty arrogant.

        • givingURselfthumbsUP?

          nice try but the adreno 330 is very power hungry and with just 100mah and touchwiz usual power usage… and while the design has been altered it is really uninspiring. Now leaks are even saying that the s-pen won’t change any from the note 2.

        • jjordan

          Your wrong flexible displays will be used in the year 2014…remember I corrected you right here… Everything else you said may be true but flex displays are closer than 2 years away

          • Marsg

            Well see in 2014 but i highly doubt it due to limited resources, everyone else is on a 3-5 year wait period including Apple.

        • hatarukamaou

          whao! since when did the adreno 330 beat out the mali- t628 mp6?

          • Marsg

            Lets just say the S800 is BEAST

          • Marsg

            Also Notice how the Adreno 330 isn’t even clocked as high as the Mali T628, just proves Snapdragon processors are more efficient.

          • Piyush

            so is A6X , man ipad gpu is a beast

  • freeken1

    I guess I’m old…my desktop is 2 g

  • cvgordo

    Dammit no ois in the camera and now this..hope its not true.

  • wferreira

    Can be maybe a limit of the 32 bit OS? If you look windows, maximum ram show only 2.5 GB if is 32 bits. Maybe klp will be 64 bit and be able to show 3 GB?

  • Note 2 shows 1.75 gb sheesh. Lol so imo you lost nothing but it was just reserved for the system itself.

  • GoSu2KL

    I hope that everything will change tomorrow :) My Note II have 18.500 in Antutu
    If 24.500 is real its fail for me. Xperia Z Ultra have around 30-34k. I can not understand why the differences are so large. S800 is S800 but LG G2 have around 29k so i think this screenshot is fake.
    Very sorry for my bad English.

    • RaptorOO7

      Either it’s unfinished OS (TW) or it’s TW that is mucking it up to get such a low score.

  • Genti Xhanari

    I’ve run this benchmark on my S4 (Exonys) and the max it has scored is like 28000, and the min is like 26000, and when you confront them with Note 3 it becomes confusing. If you check out the specs the Note 3 should be “better” then the S4, right? Of course a flagship is still a flagship and of course I’m happy that my S4 has reached such a high score but just wanted to ask you out there what you think.

  • Sakthi Ganesh

    Hasseee anounced 4gig ram with snapdragon 800 for 297usd learn from them samsung

  • 2.5GB is still really good! I thought 3GB was a little too much