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The meaty part of IFA is over, and we are left with a whole bunch of pure awesome. Samsung’s Note 3 is quite appealing, with the faux leather exciting many who were tired of the Samsung plastic. For me, the art deco-ish sides are really nice, and the improvements to dual screen within TouchWiz are easily applauded.

The Sony Xperia Z1, though — it’s a monster. Gorgeous build, stellar camera, and water resistance mark Sony’s return to prominence. It was everything we’d hoped it would be, and then some. Some are speculating it could be the Nexus 5, which I’ve long hoped for, but we’re not so sure yet. Whatever the case, the Xperia Z1 sits near or at the pinnacle of modern smartphones.

We want to know what you think, though! Are you hitting F5 on your carrier’s home page for Note 3 pre-order info, or waiting patiently for the details on Xperia Z1 availability? If you’re going to upgrade, these are definitely two devices to check out.

Let us know your thoughts via our poll, and in the comments section below!

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  • shivam

    Note 3 is the best phone

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      Hahaha yea man its totally awesome you should def buy it.

    • Assa7in King

      its not a BEST PHONE ! ITS A PHABLET………AND it should be COMPARED WITH Z ULTRA !!!!!

      • Dusan

        The difference between Z Ultra and Note 3 is bigger than difference between Z1 and Note 3.
        Z Ultra is way too big.

        • Joshua Hill

          Note 3 is way too big for a lot of people. Personally I have no interest in tabones but think the Z ultra would have been a better comparison than the Z1.

      • Mizo Zizo

        is writing in capital letters makes your comment more obvious or Intriguing to read?IS IT ? HAH ?

        • dvorak

          caps lock has gone wrong obviously

        • Assa7in King

          YA OFF COURSE !!!

      • Mike Palmer

        Does it really bother you that people like a certain phone that you don’t like……. Grow up.

    • phonehater

      No more, Check this out Xiaomi Mi3

  • Dusan

    I was going to wait until Nexus 5. G2 looks great, I almost bought it but decided to just wait and see. Note 3 is impressive, it will probably going to be my next phone.
    Z1 is just too bulky. And that bezel is unacceptable. I already use a DSLR camera which is miles better than Z1 camera and I’m not planning to swim with my phone.

  • K.

    Definitely Z1 for me. The Note 3 is a great phone too but it is too big for me and I prefer the Sony design.

  • Yasir

    I’m gonna upgrade from S4 to the mighty G2!
    No to Note 3 and Z1

    • cr8zibam

      I’m going for a z1! Its enough to enjoy life. Beach, pool, or bad weather I have no worries… With both side screen protectors easy, simple, original will do the trick!

  • Keres

    Why no lg2?

    • HitokiriX

      Probably because it’s already available.

    • Amir

      because LG2 is prep’in for N5

  • Ryan Andes

    We’ll see about the N5, but if it really is that ugly device from the kitkat statue video, I’ll probably pick up the new Oppo N1, my Find 5 is amazing, hard to make my mind up between the Find 5 and the N4!

  • Miles Edwin Cleave Wallace

    Personally waiting on the HTC one max

  • RaptorOO7

    Since Sony won’t offer a phone for Verizon I have zero interest in the Zero1. Bedsides I have been waiting for the GN3.

  • Lovethang

    LG G2, not perfect, but best at the moment.

    • phonehater

      Was until Xiaomi Mi3 came out of nowhere yesterday

  • dodz

    we are here choosing what to buy between these $700 phones while other countries cant even buy food.
    I think ill go for note 2, if i ever want to go waterproof, there are tons of cases for it.
    plus both are s800 so plenty of rooting support, imagine note 3 stock android 4.3 its like having a nexus device already and when nexus 5 goes out with 4.4, i can still flash 4.4 cuz google will release its build anyway.

  • Amir

    GN3 – No brainer!

    • phonehater

      true it’s a no brainer. For those with brain it’s Xiaomi Mi3

      • Amir

        Xiaomi who?

      • Eduardo Lucas

        But it is a totally different phone category…5 inch vs 5’7 inch, no stylus…isn’t it?
        Still….sounds great for the price!

        • Amir

          spot on

    • conor

      really like it except im dissapointed in the camera. sammy really needs to up ots game in the camera department for d s5

      • GJ

        If rumors are to be held true, the S5 will take care of that!

  • Guest

    The Note 3 looks good, it’s the first Samsung phone that actually impressed me with its design and crafting. Other than that it’s just an overpowered oversized piece of crap to show off. I mean, how the fuck am I supposed to use at least 50% of its processor and all that RAM? Marketing nowadays…

    I would buy a “Galaxy Note 3 Mini” sort of thing tough. Same design and same finish as the Note 3, but packing a 4.7″ screen, Snapdragon 600, Adreno 320, 2GB of RAM and a 8MP shooter. Yeah, that would be awesome.

    • Ivan Myring

      Don’t double post

      • Guest

        Yep, I made it by mistake. My apologies.

  • Eric Santos

    The Note 3 looks good, it’s the first Samsung phone that actually impressed me with its design and crafting. Other than that it’s just an overpowered oversized piece of crap to show off. I mean, how the f* would I even be able to use at least 50% of its processing power and all that RAM? Marketing nowadays…

    I would buy a “Galaxy Note 3 Mini” sort of thing tough. Same design and same finish as the Note 3, but packing a 4.7″ 720p screen, Snapdragon 600, Adreno 320, 2GB of RAM and a 8MP shooter and $499 unlocked. Yeah, that would be awesome.

    • jeddo45

      High end specs don’t catch your attention ? Do you like the Moto X?

      • Guest

        I just think the smartphone performance is growing too much ahead of its time.
        Instead of software optimization(I mean, the iPhones have always had worse processing units than the Android flagships and Apple managed to always offer butter smooth UX) the companies are just getting beefier specs and bigger screens every year, and it came to a point when it does not even make any difference.

        Yes, I liked how Motorola introduced the Moto X, despite its price. It was like they could read my mind.

  • taz89

    Note 3 for me…too much bezel on the z1. Even though the z1 has a 5″ its almost as big as the 5.7″ note 3. The z1 imo is too big for a 5″ device.. just look at this size comparison. You would think the z1 would have a much bigger screen.,Samsung-Galaxy-S4/phones/8000,7597

    • Mizo Zizo

      What about the superb finish,the outstanding camera,and the fact it’s water proof – dust proof ?

      • Jimbo

        What exactly is a superb finish and how does it benefit me (in other words, some people don’t care? Outstanding camera based off what – MP? Water and dust proof so I have to open the flap to charge? Make it wireless charging then we’ll talk. (No flap for headphones already I think)

        • CyberJ

          It does have dock connectors for charging it without opening the flaps. Getting the Z1, but after it gets through a price cut, I never buy a phone brand new, wait a month or two.

      • Adi

        For me, the best part is it’ xreality which makes triluminos display even better, that 20 MP is enough to make all my friends interested to borrow it XD, and the last, people just LOVE that PURPLE beast
        One more thing:
        Watching Youtube while in bathtub is really awesome XD

    • wingofdefiance

      G3 is still outdated

  • Sandy

    LG G2 all the way ! im coming

  • dapovi

    Neither, I’m sticking to my butterfly s.

  • Xavier_NYC

    Note 3 is too big I’ll take a G2. Z1 seems kinda big for a phone with a 5 inch screen thanks to the S4 and G2

    • Shane

      I agree. G2 has been ordered today from T-Mobile! Can’t wait to get this in my hands!

  • Ivan Myring

    Note 3 but I’m gonna wait till it hits £450

    • dvorak

      yep, I’m also buying note 3 but won’t rush, better wait price go down

  • Sticking with my Z Ultra, but I’ll probably snag a Nexus 5 or Nexus 4 refresh (if they do that) considering the price point.

    • StillSony

      Hows Z Ultra to you mate?

      • It’s very cool, and unique. I’ve only had Samsungs and Htcs mostly and a Nexus 4 so it’s a new experience for me.

  • APai

    the Z1’s camera looks perfect! Also, like the sony’s subtle UI

  • Jarl

    both very impressive, but I’ll stick to my recently acquired HTC Butterfly S :)

  • Note 3 is simply the best option now, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.

  • Ivan Budiutama

    none :( not because both is not impress me but the economy is really slow lately, also the exchange rate is sky rocketing meaning the price will increase in line with it. I guess I need to wait next year, when the economy is recovered (hopefully).

  • Pedro

    My current phone is an old Samsung Galaxy S (1) and I’m not sure I can stand Samsung anymore, releasing rushed-like phones like the S4. My wife’s LG Optimus Black is still rocking amazingly well for its age, while my SGS loses the GPS signal several times in a straight road with a few buildings.
    So, the next phone I will buy, should last at least 3 years, that’s my standard.
    I’m stuck between LG G2’s OIS (that’s a huge advantage against the competition, believe me) and the Sony Xperia Z1’s overall construction quality.
    I will buy the cheaper one between these two. In case they get the same price, I will buy the G2 if the plastic doesn’t seem too “cheap”, otherwise I will buy the Z1.

    • Cristi13

      Lol, s4 rushed phone. Xperia s was a rushed phone, xperia z was also a rushed phone. I have the s, let’s see, 6 months for update to ics, another year for jb, my speaker broke after 3 months, they put in it an older procesor, saying “don’t worry guys, you don’t need more”, now because of it, they don’t have drivers. Also they always dissapoint at camera (also 20mp on a small sensor on the z1 is not going to end well), Yup, good luck with that.

      • Pedro

        But at least Sony’s products don’t feel rushed or unfinished.

    • brendan soliwoda

      I’ve been debating this question myself of whether to go with either the G2 or Z1, and ultimately, what it came down to for me, was the fact that Sony threw the best of everything they had (except for a sink, lol) and made what is arguably the best smartphone ever made. So, I decided the Z1 is right for me.

      • Pedro

        But there is no OIS on Z1, also, I’ve seen a size comparison and the Z1 is huge because it has a huge bezel.

  • brendan soliwoda

    As a note 2 owner, I honestly don’t see the appeal of the Note 3 at all. So i’m definitely jumping samsung ship and joining Sony.

    • StillSony

      Cheers Mate!!!

    • dre

      or you just dread the faux leather back☺

      “with careful stitching on the back”

    • Romeo Bucur

      I have the Note 2 also.. Note 3 is not a huge step forward.. i am however waiting for the HTC One Max.. it is interesting ( not a big Sony fan as i have owned quite a few of their products in the past and the reliability of them was … awful.. ).

    • Wesley

      I’m in the same boat as you as I have had the note 1 and note 2 but am skipping the note 3 and jumping ship to the Xperia Z Ultra. I just think the jump from the note 1 to note 2 was huge, but the jump from the note 2 to note 3 is less substantial to me. But im still a big Samsung fan tho and I appretiate what the Note 3 brings to the table.

      • Evs

        But xperia Z Ultra’s camera is dreadful though

  • Rajvir Singh

    Is it just me or the bezels on the Sony Z1 are way too big (top & bottom) ?
    Other than that its an awesome device but I am waiting to see what Oppo and HTC have to offer with their phablets before making a decision, ATM its Note 3 for me out of these 2..

    • poop

      Z1’s are definitely too big. If you haven’t told yourself “hell no” to the G2 yet, though, you should take a look at it ;)

      • Rajvir Singh

        G2 is great as well, but I want a phablet same or bigger than my current phone (Currently using Note 2 which I will give to my younger bro soon)

        • phonehater

          Check ASUS Fonepad Note FHD6

  • Alain Lafond

    I have a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 7… I’m waiting for a phone that’ll join the 2. Sorry for saying that, but Samsung can’t get my confiance for following the system’s upgrade path. With them you’re always waiting for the next upgrade promise.
    And, in fact, less and less the phone’s situation will be like PCs were. Not long ago I used to upgrade or chang my PC almost every year. Now, I have a Lenovo A720; have it for more then a year, and don’t plan to change. No need.
    And I believe that with phones we are near that run…
    What will and can do more?

    • Alain Lafond

      Sorry Samsung…

  • Fonsyfun

    I’ll buy a note 2 when it finally will drop some in price ;P

  • John

    Did Samsung upgrade the S-Pen to a higher level of pressure sensitivity, or did they only change its physical design? I was hoping for 2048 from 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

  • jeddo45

    Waiting for a bigger Nexus that has LTE

  • poop

    I’m waiting for the Nexus 5 announcement, after which, I still won’t go with the Note 3 or Z1 (only the G2 — and only if the off chance that the N5 disappoints somewhere where it really matters for me, such as that button placement which I want to resemble G2).

  • najiy91

    z1 for sure! note 3’s camera design like alien.

  • dvorak

    the completeness of feature in note 3 can’t be matched by other devices, so definitely going to buy it.

    yeah note 3 isn’t waterproof, but I can’t stand that bezel on xperia z1.
    nexus 5 will obviously have no sdcard support, no buy, won’t wait for nexus 5.
    g2 is really nice but no stylus.

    dunno about htc max stylus. but htc tend to be overpriced, including their spare battery (if any), no more buy htc from me.
    never trust chinese branded phone, my last one died after a year. even my korean lg optimus one still rocking after 3 years (oh yeah).

    tl;dr, yep, note 3 for me.

  • Lee

    nothing personal against Sony but Z1 looks like a thick rectangular box.And besides they haven’t done any spectacular about their UI since last year which is both good and bad at the same time if you know what I mean.

    • Walter

      The pic in your profile can be taken with a Z1

      • Lee

        LOL I’m sold.

  • sam

    Note 3!!! No brainer..

  • Juan De La Rosa

    $800 is pretty steep. $700 is like my budget :'[

  • ehEye

    i am totally underwhelmed by the appetite for every new device that shows up, at the cost of the environment, and due only to our “need” for ‘more stuff’ !
    what will we do with the piles of tech junk that, until the latest and ‘greatest’ item showed up to do exactly what last year’s phone did virtually as well, as fast, as “smart” [actually perhaps a bit ‘smarter’!]

  • CookieMnstr

    I have a note 2. Not impressed with the note 3. Xperia Z1 is the ticket.

  • BB BB

    S4 is great but if it gets run over or crushed I would grab a note 3… Btw does anyone keep their phone anymore for more than 6 months? I wish someone would design a phone where upgrades could be installed without replacing the entire device.

    • Cristi13

      Yes, a lot of people keep their phone more than 6 months, you know, some of us don’t have the money every 6 months or the time.

      • BB BB

        Yes but it seems that these giant companies always put something into a new phone making a phone less than a year old already obsolete. They panic when a new model doesn’t sell millions of models. Take the S4 for example despite selling millions its not meeting sales expectations. Well if a majority of people already own an s3 or note 2 and are married to a 3 year contract who can keep up unless you sell your old stuff at a loss.

        • Cristi13

          The problem with s4 is not that samsung panics, is the investitors or analysts that created all the fuss, I mean 100 million s4 in a year, it’s kind of ridiculous. But anyway, samsung said there were too big expectations but their sales will still be strong (a report says they sold like 80 million phones in August). But I agree with companies making old phones obsolete, like why threre is the need for a butterfly s and z1 when they already have the one and the z, oh and let’s not forget about updates, again making some phones seem obsolete (i have a xperia s and I know what I’m talking about).

  • Blowntoaster

    I want a Nexus 5, but I really really want a Note 3…what to do, what to do.
    The “Honami” is nice, but it just lacks that certain something that would instantly force me to buy it…

  • Swapnil

    I own a Note 2. Based on my usage pattern (light games, FB, Carbon and Movies) don’t see a need to upgrade to anything. Also I paid a bomb and bought it last Oct so its not even a year old. I will wait out for the Note 4 to come out.

  • According to what I read about the camera of note 3 it features an optical zoom up to 3x. So let’s see if smart stabilization is also optical image stabilization. Fingers crossed.

  • G2forme

    G2 best camera quality.. best display…

    • brendan soliwoda

      Actually, the Z1 has the best camera quality. just saying.

  • Bex Foster

    Currently trying to sell my Note 2. Best phone I’ve ever owned but, hell yeah I want the next iteration. The Note 3 looks and sounds awesome! Now if only I can actually afford one. Any internatinal comps coming up for it guys? ;-)

  • Marco Bokgift

    LG G2 as its the most compact size(ergonomic design)
    great camera results
    great battery life results
    great Display
    sweet UI.
    and friendly price.

  • Marcx

    Note 3 i did try when samsung show it where i live, and i did love my note 2. But Xperia z1 is sweet..
    And problem with samsung device atm. is that samsung Fill it with Crap(Bloat) so even if the ntoe 3 has ok spec. it feel more laggy/stutter than Z1.
    Nothing a custom rom can fix tho. But now i talk about the phone in standard. LG G2 Was nice and fast but plastic is so damn boring and feels bad. :) Did get a Z1 till Nexus 5 comes and then we see if i swap.

  • GJ

    I’m definitely not buy any Sony smartphone ever!!!! mainly because my carrier doesn’t have them :(, or any of the good HTC’s, or LG, they have cheap windows phones, but no Nokia’s, or Iphones. So I’m kinda stuck with Sammy. It’s alright though, I love them anyway, microSD and external battery FTW!