How to use the One-handed Operation mode on the Note 3 – Feature Focus

by: Bogdan PetrovanOctober 5, 2013
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note 3 one handed operation

Some say that smaller phones are better because you can use them with just one hand. For everybody else though, having a large screen for consuming media, browsing the web, and being productive is totally worth the occasional feat of finger acrobatics.

At 5.7-inch, the Galaxy Note 3 is clearly a device that’s meant for two-hand usage, and while that’s not bad in itself, there are times when you have to operate it with just one.

To spare you some of the potential frustration, Samsung equipped the Note 3 with an interesting featured called One-handed Operation, that Josh will walk you through in the video below.

To turn on One-handed Operation on your Galaxy Note 3, go to Settings>Controls and select the mode that you prefer. You can choose to activate the feature only in some apps – Calculator, Unlock Pattern, Keyboard, and the Keypad – or opt for the system-wide mode, which actually shrinks the entire UI so you can reach all elements with your thumb.

If you choose the system-wide mode, you can activate it by making a quick left-right swipe gesture, which is pretty, well… handy. You can resize the shrunken UI to your liking and do pretty much anything you want in this mode, except for taking pics and playing full screen games.

To be clear, One-handed Operation is not original (the Optimus G Pro has a similar feature), and it’s not an elegant solution either, but it gets the job done and may be very useful for some users. Like so many other features that Samsung baked into TouchWiz, it’s just there, waiting for you to give it a try, but you can still have a great experience if you choose to ignore it.

Have you tried out the One-handed Operation mode on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3? What other features you’d like us to focus on in the future? Tell us in the comments.

  • Gilles LeBlanc

    I’m happy I just bought Mega 6.3 over over the N3 and Z Ultra. I can use it one handed withought gimicks. Anyone else 6 foot 4 out there I highly recomend dont let the specs chase you away.

    • Christopher Vanwinkle

      You could get the Z Ultra unlocked, maybe?

      • Gilles LeBlanc

        1: I’m 6.4 and I cant believe im saying this but any longer then Mega and it wont fit and it is.
        2: Capacitive buttons to maximize screen real estate.
        3: LED flashlight, I use it all the time
        4: loud enough speaker, z ultra speaker sucks.
        5: proper multitasking

        After debloating its plenty fast specs wize, note 3 screen size sucks im way more productive with this thing In landscape mode screw tablets. Reduced screen quality non issue as it is tablet distance from eyes. And yes I hate the specs psychologicaly, I want it 1500$ titanium and maxed out.

        • Christopher Vanwinkle

          I guess you have a Point, but I love tge build quality of the Z Ultra, always have headphones on when listning to music, cannot stand physical buttons, and like using a pencil as a stylus. Also, I was going to get the QX100to go with it, so camera is not a problem.

          • Gilles LeBlanc

            Theres no right answer you got point aswell its a tuff call.

          • Christopher Vanwinkle

            Thank you for reminding me, I was using my phone for the reply. I still think that a 1080p screen is needed, especially after using the One.

        • Blowntoaster

          I’m 6ft9…and saw the Mega 6.3 for the first time in the flesh the other day. it was huge at first, but then going back to my S3, man did it feel tiny after handling that huge device. One tends to get used to the size so quickly.
          If the Mega had more “mega” hardware (screen, stylus), I’d buy it in a heartbeat, especially at the current prices they are selling for. but the Note 3 is definitely the next phone for me. The Stylus functionality and higher res Screen just does it for me.

          • Gilles LeBlanc

            Yea man getting over the crappy hardware when you have the ressources to buy whatever you want was a trick. I couldnt get over the way note 3 looks aswell I would have sooner kept my Note 2.

  • This application is quite utilities. I actually saw slightly used Note3 difficult indeed because I was a girl, my hands are small, I can not use a hand, but with this utility do not need to worry anymore. Fortunately

    • Jamal

      “… because I was a girl, ….” so what are you now.

  • Amir

    i saw dead pixel AA!
    btw, my GNote3 has pink hue at the bottom of the screen……….zzz…

    • Gary

      Just yours or all note 3 has it??

      • Amir

        I dont know. But visible with grey and white background. Ive tried to get 2nd replacement (my 1st due to bad camera output) but the other units have worse color reproduction compared to mine I.e. blueish/yellowish/low brightness at highest seting. So I was forced to live with this pink hue, hopefully could be resolved with firmware update…?

        • Gary

          Er I doubt firmware update can fix something like hue. Probably need manual calibration done by certified people. Well good luck on it.

          • Amir


          • Gilles LeBlanc

            Hmmm are you sure that’s not just typical OLED? Takes a while to get use to going from one to the other. Had to force myself to use LCD after having OLED for so long but you get use to it. I swear I was seeing pixels and crappy colors but It seems like halicinations now lol.

  • frankie

    very neat feature thanks

  • Charles Humphries

    To be clear, the Note 2 had one handed operation before the Optimus G Pro, but props to LG for including this feature as well.

  • Craig FL

    That’s weird, I haven’t seen anyone else comment about it. My Note 3 has a perfect screen is absolutely amazing clear and there are no defects on the screen at all, I don’t understand how you got one of these maybe it Was dropped in shipping.
    I have the US version Not the international version.
    Snapdragon 800 processor.

  • hungry hope

    Hahaha Great Samsung will be prevailed easy girls. Samsung’s market share already reached no.1 in the world! Because Great Samsung pretends good guys, who fights against evil Americans out of US. It doesn’t matter Great Samsung really is or not!

    You weak american boys cannot overcome Great Samsung’s manipulation! Easy americans~ hahaha