Possible first images of the Galaxy Note 3 Neo leak (update)

by: Bogdan PetrovanJanuary 10, 2014

Note 3 neo leak

What looks to be the first leaked image of the upcoming Note 3 Neo was leaked today online, showing a design that is largely identical to the Note 3’s.

Rumors of a “lite” version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have been swirling for about a month now, but this week we got the most credible report on the device yet. A product positioning document leaked online, revealing an almost complete spec sheet and details about the Note 3 Neo’s software.

The image above was published by Sam Mobile on Twitter earlier today and is said to show the 5.55-inch Note 3 Neo next to the 5.7-inch Note 3. There’s always the chance that the image is fake or that the device is a prototype or a knock off, but to us, it looks pretty legit. The only alarm bell is that the device is smaller than the Note 3, contradicting the leaked spec sheet, which says the Neo and the Note 3 have almost precisely the same height. However, the spec sheet appears to be non-final, so the height could be wrong.

Update: Sam Mobile posted a few more shots of the Note 3 Neo:

note 3 neo (1) note 3 neo (2)

There really isn’t much to say about the pic besides that the Note 3 Neo looks very similar to the Note 3. We know that the resemblance extends to the back – the Neo will sport the faux leather texture that Samsung has been using for devices starting this fall.

The Note 3 will come with a Samsung-made hexa-core processor and run Android 4.3 out of the box, but the rest of the specs are almost identical with the 2012 Note 2. With this kind of devices, the price makes all the difference, but hopefully Samsung will make the Note 3 Neo an attractive offering once it launches, presumably at MWC 2014.

  • John Brandenburg

    So it’s like a Note 2 “2014 Edition”. Nothing wrong with that. I had the Note 2 and loved it.

  • Guest123

    Pretty soon samsung will have a phone for every hundredth of an inch in a Note, NotePro, Lite, and S versions. . . with a butt ton of oddball carrier versions.

  • lzr68

    I want one. My wife has a note 2. Nice phone but i wouldn’t use the spen enough to justify the space it takes up on phone. I would like a phone that size with a high end chipset for gaming and media consumption. That big battery is a plus too.

    • jeff

      I think you would enjoy the pen. When I bought my sgs4 I got a cheap rubber case at verizon store and to my surprise when I opened it , it had a stylus pen. I thought the same way…I wont use it but actually I use it every time im on the phone looking at various things. Just seems to make the swyping more fluid. JMO…

  • yama

    ahh cmon samsung….i thought i bought the note 3 for almost 1000$ because it was special and uniqe in design…but now every single galaxy from a to y in alphabet, every note device, every single device will look as the note 3 wtf !!! what phone did i buy and how much did it cost is my answer soon! atleast give ur stupid cheap and ther devices different designs

  • Shark Bait

    faux leather????

  • Clinton

    So many people complain about lack of choice, yet when a manufacturer actually provides multiple choices, people complain about that too.
    “My device isn’t unique anymore!” Waaaah! Waaah!
    Some people will find a way to complain about ANYTHING.

    Samsung has obviously hit on a design winner with the Note/2/3 … they’d be stupid to mess with success.

    You should be greatful such an awesome device exists, so stop complaining!

    • Dominick_7

      Am pretty sure it’s because people are pretty much mentally retarded zombies who attack and complain about whatever they can even if it makes no sense, so they don’t have to look at the complaint worthy issues in their own lives.