Galaxy Note 3 launches today in 58 countries from around the world

by: Bogdan PetrovanSeptember 25, 2013

Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Note fans, you are now closer than ever to finally owning your (new) dream device. The latest iteration of the series is today going on sale unlocked around the globe, with carriers expected to offer it in the following days.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy Note 3 is now available in 58 countries from around the world, with 82 more to follow by the end of the year. That’s a huge rollout that will put the Note 3 in front of millions of people, and a far cry from the timid, almost reluctant launch of the original Note.

In the UK, the Galaxy Note 3 is going unlocked for £649 from Samsung’s website and for £629.95 from Carphone Warehouse. In Germany and other European markets, Amazon has the Note 3 for a pricey €759.

In the United States and Canada, Negri Electronics has the Galaxy Note 3 in stock with pricing around $770.

We’ve verified that the Note 3 is available in Hong Kong and China, while Australians will have to wait until October 3 for a Note 3 release, with a price tag of AUS$888 unlocked.

If you’re interested in the Galaxy Note 3’s smartwatch companion, the Galaxy Gear can be yours for a cool $300 or the equivalent in your local currency.

If $750-$800 is too much for your budget, US carriers are going to release the Galaxy Note 3 in early October. You can get the S Pen equipped device on:

Still on the fence about ordering a Galaxy Note 3? Until the release date comes in your country, check out our hands-on impressions and other Note 3 coverage.

Are you buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

  • Tom Clowes-Whitby


  • xtriker360

    Getting one!

    • mobilemann

      mine ships oct1:D

  • Gabriel

    And still no news on the Note 10.1 2014…

  • JL

    Hell yeahh

  • Valtheus

    Nope… waiting for Nexus 5.

  • Valtheus

    Nope. Waiting for Nexus 5.

    • Terrence Weston

      I’d like you to review my plan for obtaining the Nexus 5. I need some opinions, if you don’t mind.

      I purchased the G2 because I NEEDED a phone ASAP. My two year contract was up, and I traded in my iPhone. I paid ~$50 for the G2.

      I am also eyeballing the Note 3, which would cost me ~$150.

      My real plan involves selling the G2 or Note 3. With the money, I would buy a Nexus 5, and I would also put some money in my pocket, or maybe end up with a Nexus 7 also.

      Which device do you think would sell better on eBay? Note 3 or G2?

      Thanks for your opinion.

      • Valtheus

        Hey Terrence,

        to be honest i do not have much experience with selling things on eBay, so probably i won’t be your best source to answer your questions.

        From the simple user perspective though, i would stay with G2 and sell it when Nexus 5 comes out. It feels too much trouble to me, for you to pay an extra 150 bucks for Note 3 and then try to sell that one on eBay. I am sure you will be able to sell your LG G2 for a good price, when N5 becomes available.


    • simpleas

      not sure why people are waiting to downgrade but hey it’s a free country!

      • Valtheus

        not sure how you figure its a downgrade, but hey, everybody is entitled to an opinion!

  • altrot

    Um, and why is the Note 3 $50 more on Sprint? The N2 was competitively priced. Sigh…

  • For the record, the bit that says “Amazon has the Note 3 for a PRICEY €759.” is quite inadequate, since actually the UK price is higher (at the time of writing an equivalent of about 771 euro).

    And yeah, the prices in Europe are always way higher due to taxes. *sigh*

  • n9000

    where’s the drop test

  • EnX$$

    boring. samsung is getting boring. no change always same ui and same design.

  • frankie

    AA i hope you include these in your reviews to show the cool features of the new note

    • Leonardo Rojas

      Thank you! Let’s see if this makes me doubt about getting the Xperia Z Ultra. I like Note 3 features, Multi Window specially.

    • carlosfrancoz


  • IanDickson

    The rest of the world…BUT CANADA. Negri…pffft. I’ll wait till my local carrier gets it…in November probably, and it better be decently priced.

    Otherwise, I will probably wait until the S5 or Note 4 next year, when I don’t have a subsidy that I have to pay off.

  • frankie
  • Amir

    Malaysians are rocking on S800… and its blazing FAST!

  • Yama

    Ok its a great phone but fucking 640£ is the biggest joke ive heard……… Not more worth than 500£

  • Mrkud

    €710 shipped in Poland. Personally waiting for subsidized from carriers to hit ebay / allegro, gonna be around €600 in 2 weeks time.

  • listofbadstuff

    I’m laughing at you sprint. $350? bwahaha

    note 3:

    same screen as s4 while all predecessor had improvements

    spen did not improve in terms of hardware like pressure sensitivity instead it got uglier and harder to hold

    battery had a pathetic bump of 100mhz

    speakers moved to worse spot

    design change is meh

    screen less bright than s4 courtesy of

    no standardized exynos despite all the hoorah bs made by sammy at ces 2013

    no new tech like gram on the g2 or 64bit processor even if it is worthless

    no OIS

    same camera as s4

    as for sprint SINGLE BAND while mid range crap are tri band??? lol

    • professor

      Everything you said here is worthless or wrong.

      Its resolution
      is the same as the S4, but the screen is larger. Have you seen it? No.
      It is super crisp and colorful. My 24 inch computer monitor is 1920 x
      1200 ! This is a 5.7 inch screen. It is gorgeous.

      It is not uglier, it looks the same and is narrower, thinner, and lighter so how is that herder to hold?

      bump is 200, not 100, but what you don’t know is that Adreno 330 GPU
      uses less batery power and is 50% faster than the 320. Most battery
      usage goes to the display. Android 4.3 also uses less battery power, a
      fast CPU and increased memory require less load on the battery to
      perform tasks, so the phone will work great, especially since the Note 2
      had no problems.

      100% of the dozens of evaluations I’ve seen of the phone liked the design change of the back. That’s everyone except you.

      64 bit is irrelevant. No apps use it.

      That same camera as S4 happens to be a super good camera and received rave reviews. Do you need more than 13 Megapixels? No

      speaker is better shooting out the bottom and Samsung improved the
      sound in the phone. Have you heard it? NO. It sounds great.

      Your comments are nitpickey, uninformed, and obviously from someone who never even held or used the phone.

      Go home.

      • lol professor?

        stfu 3100mah on note 2 3200mah on note 3 that’s 100mah bump. learn basic math before running your mouth

  • Leonardo Rojas

    Looks like Peru is in the 82 countries to follow by the end of the year.
    Right now, here, the latest release is the Moto X (expensive, almost as the HTC ONE and S4). And I think i saw a G2 teaser somewhere here. :/
    I just expect both carriers have the Xperia Z Ultra *-* They’ll have the Z1, someday near Christmas.

  • chkenwing

    Unfortunately, HK is selling only the 16GB version. Surprised right? So was the rest of HK.

  • leono

    for the same price you can got the iphone 5s with smaller screen, less powerful and camera with less mpx

  • professor

    The Note 3 is a great phone in so many ways. Check the You tubes on it or go to your local carrier store and check it out. It even lets you shrink the display for one handed operation and slide the keyboard off to a side. The display is beautiful and the phone is super fast, even at multitasking.

    I’ve always been disappointed with the Nexus except for the first one. Too many promises never kept, and not enough features. Most top of the line phones get OS upgrades, especially Samsung – Android’s top money maker – so what’s the point?

    The Sony is a great option, but too large to fit comfortably in a dress pants pocket, especially with its squared edges. Samsung experimented with the Mega and it did not go so well. There is a limit. The Sony battery is not removable and in size is smaller than the Note 3 but the display, which eats more battery than anything, is much larger. Those are real deterrents.

    The only mistake Samsung made here is that the phone is not waterproof. That was stupid given the current market, but then most of our previous phones were not waterproof.

    Don’t take my word for it. Watch the You tubes and read the reviews, then go check it out. You will not be disappointed. Getting it on contract renewal is the way to go.

  • Terrence Weston

    Hopefully this means that reviews will follow shortly? I’m grasping my G2 in anticipation. Will I return the G2? Note 3 reviews cannot come fast enough!


  • n11

    I’d be so much more willing, but Touchwiz, WTF Samsung!?
    My motoX is treating me really well.

  • roy

    Galaxy note 3 is REGION LOCKED! what a terrible regression.