Note 3 Android 4.4 update starts rolling out to T-Mobile

by: Andrew GrushMarch 5, 2014


Following last month’s Note 3 KitKat update for Sprint and US Cellular users, we have now received several tips that confirm the Android 4.4.2 update is now starting to roll out to T-Mobile customers as well.

From the sounds of it, not much is new here, just like what we’ve seen with other KitKat-based GS4 and Note 3 upgrades. While we don’t have an official change-log just yet, the most obvious change is that you get KitKat and all the new features that come with it. There are also a few minor visual changes, like the new all-white status bar icons.

The most obvious change is that you get KitKat and all the new features that come with it

If you have yet to receive a notification letting you know an update is waiting, you can always check manually by going into Settings> About Device> Software Update.

Just keep in mind that it may take at least a few days to reach everyone, so don’t be too shocked if your device says you have the most current update available. So how about it, have you received an update for Android 4.4.2 KitKat on your T-Mobile Note 3? If so, how did the installation go and are there any other changes worth mentioning? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to Lance and xtriker360 for both sending us a tip!

  • chopperjeffro

    manually checked and it started downloading… It’s a large file and it gives you a countdown clock to show how much longer the download will take… 36 minutes more and I will be enjoying me some KitKat!!!

  • Jeff DeSurra

    Just got the update as well. Currently downloading, about a half GB download, so it will take awhile. Can’t wait to have it installed!

  • Brandon

    Samsung galaxy s4 T-mobile android 4.4??

  • jfrov11

    I’ve installed it. It seems to be about the same as 4.3 as far as performance goes. I like the few additions it has. I’m glad I’ve finally gotten it.

    • Lance AKA truthspeaker

      Uh not really I noticed the system to be far more fluid and snappy, apps seem to load faster, the opening the phone off the lock screen is definitely fast anyway just from what I’ve noticed.

  • TipDaVault

    Finally Kit kat

  • BJL

    I have it installed but can’t get Google Now to work. It first appeared under Google settings but said I couldn’t turn it on as the domain had it off so I switched it on on the domain and now the option under settings to turn it on or off is no longer there. When I try to install the Google Now Widget is says “Google Now is not available”

  • smokebomb

    Manually checked and it started downloading. My work WiFi is 60mbps down and it’s only downloading about .5MB/sec. Will probably wait til later tonight to download it so it doesn’t take 45 minutes and kill my battery.

  • BJL

    You should be able to do a faster download and install from Samsung Kies on a pc?

    • Lance AKA truthspeaker

      It’s not much faster I mean I did the update with my crappy 6mbs download DSL wifi from att in under 15 min with the OTA update.

  • jperez333

    Where’s the update for Samsung galaxy s4? Its been out longer than the note 3

  • Lance AKA truthspeaker

    Your welcome android authority for the tip :P


  • ابو سلطان

    you must change the name of the site From andriond authority To samsung authority

    95% in this site about samsung ? what this man ?

    finally Sony Z2 better than S5)

    • Lance AKA truthspeaker

      Wow shut up they post news as it comes out, it just so happens that Samsung is currently in the news a lot maybe if you actually look at the site before MWC Samsung was not in the news much. Oh and you know im sure Samsung note 3 users appreciated knowing that the kitkat update was rolling out. Get over your self and get real. Also I don’t disagree with the statement that the Z2 is a better phone, I’m not a Samsung fan boy but don’t bash this great site for you ignorant hating of samsung.

  • Rocco Terrizzi

    Just finished downloading. So what are the updates?

  • Frank

    Kitkat made the Note 3 worse. Period. I wish I could go back to Jellybean.



  • Juancho

    I really am having problems getting internet services ever since I updated my note 3 to kitkat 4.4.2. It doesn’t load you tube videos, Pandora and Facebook stops loading, my email doesn’t sync like its supposed to, Skype crashes like crazy… the list goes on! I haven’t been able to enjoy my phone to the fullest. My carrier tells me theirs no reports on my coverage area and the most AWESOMENESS thing ever is that my sister has the same phone and still running Jelly Bean and is running 100% better than mine. I’m so disappointed… any advise besides restarting my phone, I already did it!