Note 3 KitKat update reaches India, Korea, Singapore and several European countries

January 26, 2014
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 jet black S pen stylus aa 6

    Last Monday we learned that Android 4.4 KitKat had begun rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, at least for those in Russia. Now it seems that the update for the Note 3 SM-N9005 and SM-N900 is starting to make its way to a few other countries as well.

    On Friday SamMobile reported that the OTA update had arrived to at least Poland, the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Hungary, India and Korea. We’ve also heard a few more recent reports that claim the OTA has also arrived to Latvia and Ireland.

    So whatโ€™s new with the latest KitKat update? Besides the obvious jump to Android 4.4, the update is said to have a few Samsung-specific features including Touchwiz UI changes, changes to the lock-screen such as a camera shortcut and album art when playing music, and an improved Samsung keyboard.

    So how about it, have you received an update for the SM-N9005 or the SM-N900? If so, what country are you in, and how did everything go? Liking the update so far?


    • RarestName

      Stupid update rendered my brother’s flip cover useless. He resorted to swapping his case with my mother’s “official” flip case which doesn’t even close properly half of the time.

      • AnnunakiEnvoy

        I have the same concern. But the update does not constitute much difference, so I already decided I will not go for this update when my opportunity comes until the air is clear over this issue on ‘S-View cover’.

      • sadaniel

        Swap out the chipset and ure good to go

        • RarestName

          How? I’ve searched through XDA and couldn’t find anything specific for that.

    • Hatim

      In dubai UAE, waiting to receive the update!

      • Benjamin Mark

        I’m eagerly waiting for it in India.

    • Data

      On an unrelated note, I love the new UI changes to Android Authority!

      • Jayfeather787


      • Darcy Alexander LaCouvee

        Wow, Data! That means a lot coming from you. We really appreciate your guys’ support. We’re going to keep making tweaks and changes to make it even better. Thanks for being a fan!

    • Demian Sorin

      In Romania still waiting for the update.
      As always we are the last to receive it :(

      • AnnunakiEnvoy

        The last to receive are the ‘Chosen People’. They first experiment how well it work on the ordinary ones.

        • Demian Sorin

          Hmmm… ;)

          • Demian Sorin

            If they test it first than it will be a lot of people to dill with if something is not going well… i don’t think so

    • Tommo

      Hasn’t arrived ‘down under’ yet

    • pagger

      Uk still no love……

    • Dewin Chang

      Why indonesia still havent got the update?? We are so close with singapore, look like we indonesian still got to wait

    • smokebomb

      I’m curious if Samsung’s continued takeover of android via touchwiz effects their agreement to not fork android into their own product. That’s obviously the direction they want to go.

    • Andy

      Got the update yesterday (Switzerland), and it looks good so far. No problems with the update itself, and it feels a bit faster than before, but no dramatic changes at all. I like the new white icons in the status bar though.

    • ComeBackSteveJobs

      Samsung better be careful, this whole thing of dumping android is going to back fire. Android made the galaxy line what it is today, looks like they will end up like Nokia and blackberry. They really need to stop trying to be like apple, they will never have a cult following like apple.

      • AbbyZFresh

        Samsung selling 10 million Galaxy S4s and 800k Galaxy Gears in 1 month is now a cult following to you?

      • Aweso

        Hate to break it to you, but they already have a pseudo-cult going on. Their phones selling like hotcakes and so many people not knowing the difference between “Android” and “Galaxy” are strong signals.

      • user

        Didnt you know that the maker of a7 chip is samsung?? Search your web for further info..


      I haven’t gotten the update yet do you know When the US will get the kit kat

    • zains

      Finally reached malaysia on saturday ota feels a little different than before ie. a bit faster surfing the net not bad

    • Jayfeather787

      Good job Samsung with the update. Now bring the kit kat for the s3 and note 2.

    • Marsg

      I’m on Verizon, well have our update by the end of the year lol

    • NKK

      Just got my update today. Located in the Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago)

    • najiy91

      i think they choose one country per small continent such as singapore for south east asia and others.possibility for quality country report problem than they can fix the bug immediately.

    • Arthur

      Still waiting this update in Brazil…

    • Aweso

      With those rumors of region-locking back in release days, would it be a good idea to flash the indian ROM here in America?

    • Eric Sherwin

      Can’t wait for a US rollout!

    • aryan

      Got the update in india for SN900 but after the update my note 3 is getting restarted by itself. It restarted like 5 times after the update in one day. What to do????

      • ff

        How did you update your phone?

      • nazza

        Me too. Update by OTA.

    • Marcus Lindberg

      It will be a HUGE gamble on Samsung’s end to ditch Android. For the first year I will switch to a Sony or HTC device because I prefer not to be a guinea pig. In Chess the Pawns go first.

    • Dhaval

      I m in india. Still cant get ota update. Why i dont know. I have sm-n900.

    • Kosol S.

      I already got an update of 4.4.2 on my Note 3 LTE in Thailand 2 days a go!

    • Stephen

      I live in Dublin Ireland got my OTA update yesterday morning for Kit Kat. Loving it so far brings back the 3 x 4 keyboard in messaging applications and Camera Launcher from the lock screen which doesnt work if you have a Passlock on your screen however.

    • Sam Wong

      It won’t let you save files to your external sd using 3rd party file manager. It also won’t let you use 3rd party s-cover too. Bad update. Call recorder also not working.

    • CSR

      In India. And I got the update yesterday. Can’t say too much has changed though. Btw, I am on Vodafone if that makes a difference.

    • Chris

      just updated last night, I’m in the Philippines the cover for me is not an issue coz I’m not using any. the camera is a good addition no need to unlock for the cam

      • Mark

        Is your phone with ntc? Coz I still don’t have the ota

        • JohnNash

          How did you update your OS? I have been clicking the UPDATE button for the last 2 weeks every single day just to check if we already have the OTA for it but still until now there’s no release yet. I guess you got yours by downloading it on samsungupdate .com.

      • papyat

        i still do not have the updates although i am manually checking on it everyday. :(

    • Snakeman

      Many apps now not working on my SM-N900 after 4.4 update. Im dissapointed.

    • gaurav

      From update 2 days back…working fine with much smoother actions…but upset with only minor changes on kitkat..

    • bassem

      In saudi arabia ( KSA) not yet still waiting

    • Pecimuthu Gopalasamy

      Today I have updated kitkat 4.4 on my galaxy note 3. But after upgrade it’s keep rebooting by it self. Anyone have idea how to revert back or fix this issue?

      • Sandeep

        I’m also getting the same problem. It keeps happening 15-20 times a day.

      • atul

        Same with my Note 3. But getting restarted twice or thrice a day. Specially after I put it on charging

    • Al

      Got it this weekend in Belgium but no camera shortcut on the locked screen when locked with Pin code. Art work does work… bluetooth connection with Gear seems less stable … not sure why…

    • Marc

      Ik read some very negative comments on Dutch fora. Battery drain, apps that don’t work anymore and of course the gear that doesnt work anymore. No Kitkat for me on the Note3

    • mahesh

      from india got my update today its good available on kies working everything perfect my s cover third party apps call recorder etc

    • Laith Al Darraji

      Ireland, updated.

    • samir

      We get it in Morocco. But the charging of the battery take more time than before. Expect this, I can’t feel the difference…

    • ัั‡ฯƒฯƒ

      Still waiting the update in Saudi Arabia

      • amar anand

        Have u got the update now….? I bought note 3 in Saudi Arabia and using it in India…. and I haven’t got update to 4.4…..!! :-( have u…?

        • ัั‡ฯƒฯƒ

          No not yet am still waiting

          • faisal

            me too waiting for it but still no update.

            • sabah

              I have a note 3 N9005 uae version and still waiting but my dad has a s4 lte and it has 4.4 already, any idea when its gonna reach here?

      • shriyans

        even i got my note 3 n900r let from dubai and I’m in india! its 4 months and I’m still waiting for update! did you receive the update?

    • Carlos

      Just arrived in Spain… testing it.

    • Shuja Ahmad Shekh

      I am in India and there is yet no update to kit kat for note 3.

    • Phil

      I’m in Iowa have the N-9005 and got it today

    • Izhan Ahmed

      When 4.4 update for s3.

    • suppertime

      No OTA update as of now for my Note 3 in Korea. My 2 1/2 year old Galaxy Tab, Samsung’s abandoned that model long ago. Which is terrible because, newer versions of Android are (unlike newer versions of Windows) lighter and faster and older hardware could really benefit from an update.

    • Sergio

      Have KitKat for SM-N9005 in New York, took around an hour to download.

    • Barrett

      sm-n900 usa, yesterday… 4.4.2

    • Rodz

      I’m from the Philippines. I’m not able to update my Note 3 to kitkat it says that i have the latest update. but my friend is able to update his note 3. is this possible to happen?

    • Terence

      How do create the camera shortcut on my lock screen? I can’t seems to do it despite following the instructions i found online. There isn’t any options in the settings for me. My note 3 is currently running on kitkat 4.4.2. Please advice

      • nambinhvu

        It depends on the type of lock screen you use. If you don’t put a password and just have the swipe to unlock, then you’ll have to add the app shortcuts.

    • farzan

      when is it coming for UAE

    • Belive in The Shield

      we dint get the update