February 18, 2014

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Last month the Android 4.4 update for the international Note 3 started rolling out to quite several countries in Europe and Asia. Although the update brought the power of KitKat, it also brought some drama with it.

The problem was that many Note 3 owners noticed that their 3rd smart party flip covers were no longer working properly after updating. Initially Samsung denied that the issue had anything to do with the update, but eventually admitted that the software upgrade broke 3rd party accessory support.

At the time, Samsung promised that they would deliver a fix as soon as possible. A little under a month later, the new update is now beginning to roll out. It’s nice to see that Samsung brought a fix to the issue fairly quickly, whether you believe that the 3rd party issue issue was a bug or not.

According to SamMobile the fix is currently available for users in Poland and Russia, and is expected to rollout to other regions in short order. Aside from fixing the accessory ‘bug’, the update also fixes an issue that prevented writing to external storage after updating to KitKat.

Have you received the bug-fixing update for your Note 3 yet? If so, what country are you in, and is your 3rd party smart cover working as it should?

Andrew Grush
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