Samsung rumored to introduce Note 3 variant with fingerprint sensor

by: Bogdan PetrovanOctober 10, 2013

fingerprint scanner

Rumors in Korean media suggest Samsung may release a version of the Note 3 featuring a fingerprint sensor by the end of the year.

Following the introduction of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5s, biometric authentication technology for smartphones is back in the spotlight. In Asia, Pantech and Fujitsu recently released phones that feature fingerprint scanners, while HTC is expect to offer the feature to Android users in Western markets with the upcoming One Max.

While analysts are skeptical that Samsung would jump on the fingerprint bandwagon this year, a new report from Korea’s trusted ETNews portal claims otherwise. Citing industry sources, the site claims Samsung is currently developing fingerprint recognition technology, and that the first device to use it may be a Note 3 variant.

Samsung reportedly considered equipping the Note 3 with a fingerprint scanner, but the solution provided by US-based sensor maker Validity proved unreliable, so Samsung canned the feature at the last minute.

“If things go as planned, Samsung Electronics will finish development of the fingerprint recognition system by the end of the year” said an insider cited by ETNews. Samsung is reportedly developing the technology independently, but specialists CrucialTec and Parton may enter the supply channel.

Samsung is looking for a way to differentiate its solution, to avoid accusations of copying

Samsung is said to be looking for a way to differentiate its solution, to avoid accusations of copycatting. Apple integrated the sensor in the home button, while Pantech and HTC put it on the phone’s back, leaving Samsung little choice for an original design. The tech giant is reportedly considering putting the sensor of the phone’s side, though that poses technical challenges due to the small available space.

The Note 3 just became widely available in stores and the Galaxy Round, built on the same hardware platform, was announced yesterday as the first phone to feature a plastic-based display. Samsung may be opting for the same strategy it used with the Galaxy S4, to release an entire family of products based on the Note 3.

Interesting in fingerprint sensor technology? We take a close look at how fingerprint scanners work here.

  • Dimitar Gospodinov

    I am having a hard time buying the Note 3 as it is…with all the restrictions and root counters, the SIM locks and all the bull$hit…this just adds to the “Why I am NOT gonna buy” list…

    • MasterMuffin

      I think the most BS thing is the fact that they damage the hardware if you root!

      • Blowntoaster

        I’m sure someone over at XDA-verse will find a way to bypass that crap..

        @Chainfire…give Samsung the “finger” and show us the way to hassle free rooting heaven.

        • MasterMuffin

          Chainfire said that there’s a possible bypass, but he also said that he isn’t very sure about it working. I understand why Samsung did it though, they want to advertise their phone as the ultimate business phone with amazing security. If the phone is easily rootable, all the secret business stuff could be easily stolen (?)

          • Blowntoaster

            The “secure” part I understand, and is what I sort of thought of when the first mention of this was published on a site.
            But one should be able to enable/disable the Knox feature somehow, or give the consumer the option to install it or leave it off the phone.
            If you know you will be working for the FBI/NSA/ Government then you install it , say via a Software update.
            If you are a normal consumer, then you don;t need to worry about sensitive data etc, then you just do not install it and can then happily root and tweak away…

          • MasterMuffin

            That’s true, but too complicated for Samsung :D

    • Guest

      Might I sugest mega 6.3? I hate that its less expensive but its better then my note 2 I love this thing. Oh and it roots easy!

  • Bone

    I see no basis of of copy accusations if Sammy reveals they have been working on the home button sensor before the i5S was announced, as a matter of fact, they were foolish not to leak their solution around August, before Apple showed off. Coming up with it next year, and it will feel like copying.

    • cycad007

      Whatever…Samsung *IS* a copycat company.

      • Tuấn Ankh

        So is any other company.
        People nowadays just loves to bitch about Samsung.

      • gian

        are you sure apple has the first smartphone fingerprint scanner..?

        youre just a samsung hater.

  • Guest

    yet again samsung, makes me dissapointed..
    already bought note 3, and soon another variant will be upgraded with fingerprint sensor. After this what will you upgrade? water resistant function?
    What a waste of money!

    • How is it a waste of money? You got what you paid for. A phone with an amazing feature set and functionality yet your complaining about one feature that no one has. Maybe you should stop worrying about having the latest and greatest and enjoy what you actually paid for.

    • TechDevil

      Are you serious with me? A Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a fantastic device. Millions of people would do anything to get their hands on it. And now you’re sitting here complaining that you don’t get all the newest features and functions all the time? Sooner or later, people have to decide on a device, and deciding on a Note 3 is definitely not a bad choice, the way you make it sound!

  • Jusephe

    It will also come in gold and with an 64 bit processor. :P

  • Blowntoaster

    keep the fingerprint sensor and any other gimmick you want to throw at it.
    I’m sure a lot of people will agree that the phone, bar the “plastic design” ,is a pretty solid device that does not need any other features or things added to it.
    Just remove the region lock nonsense and sell 10 million by Christmas and we’ll all be happy consumers. and update it faster when new Android versions come out.

    I’ll take a Snapdragon 800 variant and be happy. no extras gimmicks for me thanks.
    So just send stock to my country so I can buy the phone already…

    • KK

      Even better they should put a retina scanner, if they wanna differentiate themselves. It would even go hand in hand with their eye related features

      • Blowntoaster

        Hmmm. Now that’s an idea. Samsung, give this erm….man? a job….

        • KK

          I wish, Im actually aiming to become a smartphone designer :P

  • abazigal

    What point does this news serve except to make potential buyers hold off in anticipation of an upgraded model which may or may not be real?

  • Michael Muyunda

    just bought a note 3, now this.

  • Balraj

    Too many devices….
    Btw just read.. s5 mid January 2014 !!!
    Again too early…

    • Michael Muyunda

      where did you read that

      • Balraj

        Another tech site..
        Idk if it’s right to mention the name of the site….last time when I mentioned the name.. AA GUYS removed the comment..

        • MasterMuffin

          Really? I’ve mentioned many Android sites before and no removing and I’ve seen many people doing the same and no removal of anything. Only if you’re advertising and/or spamming I can see that happening

          Aaand that S5 thing is just not true, people need to stop making stuff up ~half a year before the device actually comes

          • Rogue

            It’s on Gsm arena and they are kinda reputable.

          • TechDevil

            Unfortunately, sites that spread rumors tend to get viewers. Like, for example, if everyone waited for the official announcement, it would just be a matter of time between the varius sites getting the info. But sometimes they find rumors – or make up their own – in order to attract readers and get page views and money from ads

          • Balraj

            Ok it’s gsmarena with Korean news as the source..n ya it’s a rumor but Sammy is not happy with s4 sales it seems

          • MasterMuffin

            I wouldn’t be happy either with was it just over 40 million devices sold ;)

          • Balraj

            Now AA g got a article on it :-)

  • Groud Frank

    The Note 3 is a solid device; it doesn’t need a fingerprint scanner anymore than my computer does. If Samsung does this it will prove once and for all that they are copy cats. If this is the general public’s impression of them then they will always be known as second rate, knock offs with no spirit of innovation whether or not it is true.

  • Avinash Kumar

    New devices every 1-2 months.. quad/octa core..More RAM etc etc. Monstrous size.. Its kind of frustating and irritating … Phones are getting bigger and bigger..Socializing is getting limited to ‘ likes’ ‘ comments’ ………..
    Sometimes i think buying a basic smartphone (blackberry)- good for making calls/texts and emails..
    # btw, i use Note 2 currently …

  • Amine Elouakil

    Fingerprint scanner, 64 bit processor and it will come in different color schemes including gold, wait where did I see this? hmm

  • X!@

    The picture on the homepage for this article is of a motorola atrix….

  • andre

    Fingerprint scanner ?
    What about magnetic card reader ? that will be more useful for security … /s

    … or a CDROM drive :D

  • Gimpslayer

    Personally I think a Dna sampler would be best, just provide a sample to access your phone :-

  • rabidhunter

    Enough with the fingerprint crap. Bring more development of NFC, like NFC tags, Moto Skip, and NFC Ring, which acts as an unlocking feature. That way, should you lose one or the other, you can just replace it. And the NFC Ring can’t be directly traced back to you.

    • abazigal

      A fingerprint scanner could eventually be integrated into other aspects of the OS, such as mobile payments and website logins. Am I the only one here who can see its potential?

      • Brian Shieh

        Well, I would like to see it integrated under the screen or the top and bottom areas. In a way so it’s kind of hidden from sight.

      • toboev

        How is it a good idea to have something that you can not change as user authentication. Suppose you had the same restriction on your regular password. Once sombody gets your password, tough, you can’t change it. How is that concept suddenly redundant here?

        • abazigal

          Unless you are someone important, the odds of me specifically being targeted for my fingerprint seems pretty low, much less the thief going through all that trouble of cloning my fingerprint.

          It’s not redundant. I just feel it isn’t a big enough deal that I am willing to put up with any potential pitfalls in exchange for the convenience that a fingerprint scanner promises.

          Same idea as above. In theory, couldn’t anyone who gets a hold of your NFC ring also unlock your phone? How is that any more secure?

          • toboev

            “In theory, couldn’t anyone who gets a hold of your NFC ring also unlock your phone? How is that any more secure?”

            I’m guessing that if your NFC ring was acquired by someone else that you would change the authentication to use a new NFC ring. But it is harder to know if anyone has acquired your fingerprint, even harder to then change your fingerprint.

            But I take your point about convenience – I guess if it is this or nothing then this is better against casual snooping.

          • abazigal

            I was thinking that any would-be thief would have stolen both your smartphone and your NFC ring, meaning that you may as well not have locked your phone at all.

            At least with the fingerprint scanner, he still has to go through all the trouble of replicating your fingerprint, which while possible, also requires specialised equipment and expertise, which is beyond the capabilities of the common thief. And anyone with the know-how to steal your fingerprint, probably has no problems cracking a passcode anyways.

            The way I see it, fingerprint scanning marries both security and convenience. NFC tech favours convenience over security.

  • Brendon Brown

    Samsung ! You’re busy ruining a great piece of tech with unnecessary add ons!

  • beatles

    false report from a corrupt company of hooligans samsung

    • John Locke

      Come back to Gsmarena arsehole. You’re not banned anymore!