Note 3 camera app unofficially brought over to Samsung Galaxy S4

by: Andrew GrushOctober 28, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy S4 aa (34)

About six months ago, the Samsung Galaxy S4 arrived to the market bringing with it a 13MP camera with some pretty impressive software features. Now that the Galaxy Note 3 is here, the device’s camera is essentially the same as the GS4, but the biggest difference is in the Note 3’s updated camera app.

The Note 3 camera app adds a few new features to the table, including the new Surround Shot mode that works by stitching together individual photos into one spherical image. Think: Photosphere.

While Surround Shot and the other minor changes in the Note 3 camera app might eventually come to the GS4, why wait? Thanks to the efforts of XDA member LastStandingDroid, the Note 3 camera app has now been ported over to the Galaxy S4. Even better, all the Note 3 features are said to be working perfectly.

Installation is relatively easy, too. All you need to do is flash a zip file to your S4 via custom recovery to get it up and running on your Touchwiz-equipped Galaxy S4.

For more details on how to install the camera app on your handset you’ll want to head on over to the XDA Developer’s Forum.

  • Nicolas

    They should bring the ability to record in 4k too!!! That would be awesome ;)

    • Bone

      Theoretically that’s not impossible as the SD600 supposedly supports such recording, but the image processing chip most likely can’t do it. But if there’s the slightest chance, XDA boys will surely pull it off.

      • Nicolas

        Thanks for the head up :)

  • Android Developer

    will it also work on galaxy s3?

  • Chris

    Anyone have a tep by step on how to install this? I went over to XDA and um it looks like this to me r2qr9u.;k0e59djw0i4…….lol

    • Chris

      meant step*

  • Josh Flowers

    loaded onto rooted S4, rebooted system & getting infinite “upgrading apps” then “starting apps”…
    i wonder if it’s gotta be a stock-rooted ROM instead of a Custom ROM

    • J Sherwood

      ME TOO! WTH are we to do now?

      • Josh Flowers

        luckily i was tired of the ROM i was on, anyways, and flashed a new one. Buddy of mine just told me the golf-shot feature literally only works with a golf swing.
        Hopefully the G+event today will placate my disappointment with this botched camera installation.