Note 3 passes by Bluetooth SIG, release can’t be far

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 24, 2013

Samsung Galaxy note stylus s pen aa 1 1600

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was spotted in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group’s database.

The Bluetooth SIG is the organization that oversees the Bluetooth standard and makes sure that the thousands of devices using the technology remain compatible with each other. To do so, manufacturers using Bluetooth are required to register their products in a public database, which usually happens just before the device is made available to the public.

Seeing the Note 3 at BSIG is a confirmation that the device is on its way and that it will be available in stores sooner rather than later. Of course, everyone knows that Samsung will announce the stylus-equipped device on September 4, but this filing helps establish the veracity of a recent Sam Mobile report, which claimed that the Note 3 would be in the customers’ hands in September.

While there’s no hard rule, products are filed in the BSIG, as well as in the FCC database and at other regulatory bodies, a few weeks ahead of market availability.

There’s no new information in the filing itself, but if you’re itching to learn everything there is to know about the Note 3, we suggest you check out our comprehensive rumor roundup

  • oscar garcia

    yeah here patiently waiting while using my note 2

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      yea here patiently praying my note 2 dosnt disentergrate into cheap samsung plastic dust cloud. Ive got tape holding my battery cover on and messed up leads that reboot my phone for me. I take care of my gear better than most, I miss apple build and reliability :-(

      • Topcat488

        Do you use a case/protector cover? I’m getting most definitely the Note III, (Still in love w/Note). That’s right, passed on the Note II, because of the 16:9 ratio, blah, 16:10 is better for me.

        But i’ve use a flip-cover case, and my OG-Note still looks brand new… Just askin’ above, don’t drop a naked phone please.

        • Gilles LeBlanc

          Dude to be honest all my iphones where naked and they where all sold after a year as barely used. I switched to note 2 and all this is going on. I still absolutly love this damn thing though but I bet ill love my Z Ultra more when Rogers picks it up :-) I’m a spoiled bitch my environment makes it easy to maintain a naked phone lol.

  • Topcat488

    I have a question… Cause i got burnt bringing a iphone 4 from USA to Germany…

    Question: If i buy the Note 3 with SD800 w/LTE, unlocked product code DBT, from Germany. “Will i receive OTA or Kies updates when Germany gets it or updates when it gets put out from the American carrier, after i return to the USA.

    I’m thinking i’ll be able to manually Kies the German update. Anyone know for sure?

    • wferreira

      I did something like that but with the GS4. Bring it from USA to Uruguay and can’t get updates even via Kies. The only way to update the Phone was downloading the rom and installing it myself

      • Topcat488

        Alright then, thanx for the info “wferreira”. I guess i’ll wait and buy my Note III in the USA… Only thing i’m gonna hate is “NOT getting timely updates”… Europe seems to get updates months ahead of the Americas’.

      • viaimages

        did you try changing the country location on the phone back to Uruguay, and then trying the OTA update?

        • wferreira

          Yes I did with no change.i dididn’t get the last update the one give you optimizations. Will get it when come back to the states.

  • Micro Shaquer

    Now one thing I wish is that the device should have a glass or metal body and cover. Is that possible?

    • viaimages

      NFC and radio waves have a harder time transmitting through metal, even through thin foil stickers

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