Samsung boasts it sold 10 million Note 3 in 60 days, celebrates with infographic

by: Bogdan PetrovanDecember 10, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 jet black aa 14

The Note 3 is now a member of the “the 10 million seller club”: Samsung just announced the stylus-equipped device hit the ten million units sold milestone.

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 3 ahead of IFA Berlin in early September and made it available in stores in 58 countries on September 25. Since then, the device went on sale in another 82 markets around the world.

While the Galaxy S4 has reportedly missed Samsung’s expectations, the Note 3 remains a driving force for the Korean juggernaut. With 10 million units moved in 60 days, the Note 3 is selling twice as fast as its predecessor, while the original Note needed nine months to reach the same milestone. In the first 28 days of availability, the Note 3 sold 5 million units.

For those interested in the distinction between sales and shipments, Samsung generally reports the latter figure. In this case, however, Samsung is touting the actual sales of the Note 3.

To celebrate the induction of the Note 3 in the best sellers hall of fame, Samsung released an infographic showing all its phones that broke the 10 million barrier, starting with the venerable SGH-T100 clamshell model from 2002 and including the smartphone that ignited the explosion of Samsung’s mobile business, the original Galaxy S.

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Samsung recently announced two new color versions of the Note 3, Merlot Red and Rose Gold, bringing the number of available options to a total of five. The series may further expand in the future with a Lite version of the Note 3 that’s rumored to launch early next year.

  • Kile

    I’m very glad the note series has been recognised and accepted by the public resulting in this excellent 3rd model. It was frustrating seeing all these stupid journalists criticising the original when there was clearly potential for it. I’m glad they’ve been proved wrong. As it stands with top specs , removable battery , an sd card slot and the software to make use of the large screen, this is the best phone to get imo.

    • RarestName

      They criticised the first generation Note because it’s a piece of crap. Laggy, battery drains like there’s no tomorrow, and users have to wait it months for a buggier update.

      • NeedName

        No, they criticized anything with a larger screen at that time. Calling them comical and a joke. The only joke was the people making those comments as if their tiny little hands are normal. . .

        Heck, we still get those same stupid reviewers acting like idiots with devices like the Xperia Z Ultra. Just because it doesn’t fit the reviewer doesn’t mean it should be slammed just because of the size — lots of big people out there.

        • toboev

          Yup. Reviewers are risk averse, and do not actually know anything. All they do is answer the question, “Is this device better at the margins than the other/previous device?” They are unable to recognise or assess anything new or different on its own merits, since they rely on measuring against the existing, which of course is not there in the case of something genuinley new.

          You might not think a larger screen was actually all that different, just a question of scale, but the reviewers were completely unable to make any sense of it beyond “OMG, you’ll look stupid with that next to your ear.” They could not see the change in usage patterns that the larger screen size ushered in, away from predominantly ‘telephone’ use and towards pocketable/mobile tablet type use.

  • Blowntoaster

    Note 3 is as epic as an Android phone should be. Very happy with it one month on…

    • dodz

      mine is 2 months old now, never lagged once, its a beast!!! only crashed once, but that was when i was playing real racing 3 when it forced stopped because it could not connect 2 the internet lol.

  • Stranger from a Far Coast

    The S series may be the cream of the crop, but the Note series skyrocketed Samsung to the top on smartphone sales.


    I am loving mine, so this is understandable! :D

  • Dusan

    Had mine sine day 1. It’s a great device, but ROM development has been kinda slow. I’m talking about you Cyanogenmod!

    • David Klapouh

      Then you should blame Samsung and there proprietary code that holds back development of AOSP roms on the Exynos based models.

      • Dusan

        I don’t own Exynos Note 3 so that doesn’t bother me.

  • Jesus Domingo

    let’s hope that thing doesn’t burn down any apartments.

    • steven

      or kill someone while being charged

      • Luka Mlinar

        It’s not an iPhone :/

      • Jesus Domingo

        while taking a shower, using a fake charger.

  • Leonardo Rojas

    After positioning itself so firmly, the Samsung latest and greatests devices are the first ones to arrive to many carriers and many markets quickly after the launch day. That’s what other good brands can hardly fight against. For the time the others are arriving, most of the customers have already bought Samsung. Sony is one of the slowest, only beaten by Lenovo.

  • Leonardo Rojas

    Oh, btw, congrats to Samsung, of course n.n

    I may still buy a Note 3 by February if my carrier announces soon LTE availability, but even if not, their H+ network is very good… So, I may get it anyway! :D I might turn it into a GPE. Ha The steep learning curve of the Note 3 can be challenging. O.o I better check out Erica Griffin’s review about the Note 3! :|/

  • Cyber

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this phone! Beast !

  • Robert Crosby

    this phone has not let me down Samsung deserves their credit it is a beast!

  • khadir