Disable the shutter sound and change other settings on the Note 2 with this simple app

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 24, 2013


When it comes to Android customization, savvy users tend to think of custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod or Paranoid Android, but that’s not something that any user can easily do. While flashing a new ROM is the most powerful way to refresh you Android device, there are more accessible ways to make changes.

For Samsung devices, one simple method to change system settings is to manually edit a so called CSC file. To make the process even more straightforward, XDA member nagasgura created an app called Note 2 Hidden Settings, that does all the work for you.

note 2 hidden settings

As the name suggests, the app is primarily designed for the Galaxy Note 2, though it can be used, with caution, on different Samsung devices as well. The app requires root access.

Ok, so what can you do with Note 2 Hidden Settings? Here’s a sample:

  • Enable scheduled settings
  • Search contacts with the keypad
  • Extend speed dials to 100
  • Disable camera shutter sound
  • Enable infinite scrolling

The app features a handy Reset to Default option and everything is packed in a nice Holo interface.

Remember that, whenever you use apps such as these, you should proceed with caution. Read through this XDA thread for instructions and support.

  • najiy91

    thanks bogdan.

  • 88377499


  • Leonardo Rojas

    Good. I hope he develops something similar for any Android.
    Anyway, my favorite tweaking apps are ROM Toolbox and System Tuner. Thanks to them my one year old Xperia Pro it’s working so fine, any game runs as it should and with good graphics n.n I’m even not interested in using other ROM, nor updating it to ICS.
    I very much like this kind of apps. Going to hit “thank you” to that thread!
    – L.

  • Ramaven

    Please… set your phone on Vibrating mode before take some photos… won’t sound

    • javelin9

      Please…that doesn’t work.

      • Ramaven

        I have Samsung S3… it works for me pretty good

        • javelin9

          I had tried that already. Note 2 is different than S3…but a couple months ago the update allowed the Note 2 to catch up with other phones so now that works.

          • camera shutter sound- die

            Not always. And right, Note 2 is different. I have tried changing the settings – sound and adjusted volume for music, vs ringer, vs notifications, vs system and nothing. The new update has messed it up. Went into camera settings too, can’t find how to shut it off. Pls help. I’m not going to mess with downloading some “hidden settings” software. There’s has to be some way to shut off the shutter sound like before.

  • Alex

    Would love to have the disable camera shutter sound baked into CyanogenMod. Something I desperately looked for, before discovering it wasn’t an option….other than putting the phone on vibrate or silent of course.

  • Donald McChristian Jr.

    This app put disable camera sound on my note 2 camera menu but didn’t disable the sound on camera shutter even though I had it set to off…help?