Samsung has begun updating both international versions of the Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100 and GT-N7105) to Android 4.3, a change that brings a slew of new features and improvements to the user experience. This is the first time the Galaxy Note 2 has received a major firmware update – the device launched with Android 4.1.2 on board back in October 2012, and has been stuck on the version ever since.

Here’s a rundown of the biggest changes coming to the international Note 2 (GT-N7100) and Note 2 LTE (GT-N7105) along with the bump to 4.3 Jelly Bean, according to Sam Mobile:

  • Support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch
  • Samsung Knox security suite, Samsung Wallet payment app
  • Support for the TRIM command, which should improve the performance of flash storage
  • Better RAM management, GPU drivers, and, overall, improved performance
  • UI update to match the Galaxy S4 theme
  • New lockscreen, new screen modes, Daydream, driving mode, actionable notifications
  • Move apps to SD card feature
  • New S Voice and new voice commands

To the dismay of those who hoped for the Note 2 to gain some of the new S Pen features on the Note 3, the update doesn’t bring anything in this department. It’s possible that features like Air Command, the new S Note, and improved Search will make it to the Note 2 in a future update, but don’t count on it. And, if you really want them, there’s always the unofficial route.

Unlike the botched Android 4.3 update for some versions of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4, this update seems to be very stable and issue-free.

Currently, the Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100) Android 4.3 update is rolling out in India, with more markets to follow soon. Unbranded, unlocked devices will get the update first, with carrier versions generally lagging behind.

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • anonymous

    Finally. I may switch back from probam rom. Until cm release 4.4

  • Naveen Kalkura

    Should I update 2 4.3 now itself o should I wait.?.as updates 4 s3 n s4 hd a issues…

    • Rouvel Cueno

      They said it was pretty stable. Just remember to backup stuff. It’s worth the try if you’re not into flashing roms and rooting.

  • Rouvel Cueno

    Yay! Thank you for the news. Guess I’ll turn on my wifi til that update gets pushed to my phone. :D

  • mrcunelan


    • Heitor Boa Morte

      Stop screaming, man…

    • Yash Agnihotri

      bro i think you should format/factory reset your recommends a factory reset after every update.and its not a big task or a problem to factory reset every 3 months on an average..

    • Bonsy Jeff

      yes the start the boot is slow, but overall the same as 4.1.2 no lags found in my 4.3 updated 2 days back in my NOTE 2, but i thought this would be more good, but this consumes more RAM than before. and no new themes. only they have changed the default ring tone and added new icons. no big deal in 4.13. this is the reason they have released. but i wonder why it is not available (is it limited time)

  • ph

    SG mega 6.3 update 4.3?

  • Mad

    How can we update to official version from leaked version

  • Wasim

    Update failed over the Internet i will test ones this is done i really wanna appreciate Android authority for quick news and release guy u cab n download the huge version of 700. Mb everything goes wrong then then jump to stable omini rom with 4.4, but this is with many things what we were waiting for go ahead i am sure it a stable version all the best


  • Rishu Agrawal

    I am from India, I don’t have the update! >,<

    • ashish

      It is will be available from 2marrow

    • Manvendra

      I downloaded yesterday afternoon!

    • Rishu Agrawal

      It is available via Kies, no OTA available yet!


    There are 3 methods that help to update your galaxy note 2. Want to know what are they? Vist here –

    • SSDROiD

      Spam detected? Poor English, a fake link that looks very similar to Google, basically two of the biggest ways to uncover fraud. The spam/virus alert is going off on the entire block.

      • MadCowOnAStick is a link shortener

        • SSDROiD

          Oh, I only knew was a link shortener, didn’t know was one too. But still, I wouldn’t click on the link above no matter what :P

          • TECHIES_NET

            Thanks for everything at last.

  • Wasim

    Done with update works just fine. I will upload a you tube vedio about this update 5 mins with 4.3 i already started loving it try it… Wasim

  • Divye Jain

    Not getin updates on my note 2

    • ashish

      The update was released for 2 hours(4:30pm to6:30pm only its only 700mb guyss

      • dasarathy

        then when it will be available again

        • amogh

          Tell when I will get it again

      • dasarathy

        please tell me when it will be available again

  • gaurav

    M from india and update not showing

    • Divye Jain

      Same here

  • Yash Agnihotri

    guys for those whose devices are not showing the update, you may restart your device and then check for updates via ota or samsung kies…

  • Henning

    Any idea of this is available for the I317M?

  • jjordan

    I’m just gonna say it this is bullshit…Samsung’s stupid galaxy gear ruined what should have been a note 3 feature rich I update… One of the reasons I switched to Sammy was because they were always pushing newer galaxy s, and galaxy note features and software to older devices but they dropped the ball on this one. Samsung was more worried about getting Bluetooth 4.0 out on more devices to sell galaxy gear before the holidays that they left a lot of features would should be getting off the menu. Air command that is not a hardware specific software feature

  • Sebastian Nuñez Del Prado

    I have the At&t version of the galaxy note 2. Rooted with CWM recovery. Running stock 4.1.2
    My question is will I be able to get the 4.3 ota update and install it with no problems? And if so would supersu’s survival mode keep my root? Thanks for the help!

  • dasarathy

    hey please help me. evening i saw update ota. but now i activated the internet and checked and its saying that u have the latest version. please guys help me. please……please……..please………

    • Aravindh

      Check it out with kies..u ll have the update

      • dasarathy

        But I don’t have internet connection at home. Please tell me a way to update through ota or tell me how to update official android 4.3 manually

    • sunil

      Download vusing kies safest way enjoy keep the battery full

    • Bonsy Jeff

      Dont worry, i guess they have taken it back.. i got it update on tuesday and now my friend also getting the same msg as u get. but i suggest be with same 4.1.2 this is better. no big deal in 4.3 than it consumes more of RAM than improving. only feature is the change in icons and the bad is the video gallery sucks with white background and non moving of videos like in 4.1.2.
      but now in 4.3 the total storage display as 16GB where as before only 10.43GB. this only good.

      others face some many problems which i have not faced in my Note 2.
      i recommend go to Samsung service center ask and update for KiTKAT

  • saud alali

    hi .. after i update my galaxy note 2 lte evrey things is ok exept the samsung s note app wot working .. hope to fix it.

  • pmenn5362

    I know this is off topic but the 4.3 update is now rolling out for T-Mobile’s S3. Their website confirms it. This is the first US S3 variant to get the update. If anyone who has installed it yet can you tell me if it has the new launcher and weather widget. What other features are present and if there are any performance issues.


    • Bonsy Jeff

      no performance issue, but it consume more ram.. no matter we kill the other apps. it will consume atleast 1GB where as earlier in 4.1.2 with all my 250 apps installed it was ony 700MB.. no big feature. (see my reply review in my name)

  • shamatuu

    OMG The US one is still not going through.

  • NaeTrogen

    Is it possible that this “update” might be fake? I mean why would Samsung start pushing the update in India? It doesn’t make sense. There is no official change log from Samsung that describes what’s been changed and if it’s the final version of the update.

    • Bonsy Jeff

      i got update on this tuesday.. it is 700 MB. but seriously no big changes, i feel 4.1.2 is better. (see my reply review under my name)

  • Karthik

    Update available in India via samsung kies

  • dasarathy

    istill dont have ota update. also i dont have internet connection in my home. please help me. still now its saying that you have the latest version

    • Sasi Kiran
    • Bonsy Jeff

      True, i guess they have taken it back the update. i got it on this Tuesday. it is around 700 MB.
      Now when my friend tried it was unavailable.
      more over 4.12 is better coz in 4.3 the RAM consumes a lot.. i have around 250 apps incl. games,
      before it was displaying around 700, but now 980 to 1GB RAM. they say
      improved RAM but it lag.

      Now the memory storage shows (internal) as 16GB max, where as before was around 10gb, this is good.

      yes, battery life is almost the same.

      I really dont like the Video gallery, it is plain and background is
      white. earlier it was good, with all video playing. that function is
      unavailable in this 4.3.

      Other than change of Icons nothing,. i expected New Themes, but nothing special than the Default Ring tone has changed.

      Perhaps, KITKAT will be better.

  • ronny

    The update sucks half of the apps don’t work properly even the S pen and they should improve camera features also and I didnt get reading mode also. Plzz give an update again and fix all of this plzz….

    • Yesenia

      M from india and update not showing

    • Bonsy Jeff

      nothing such in my 4.3.. (check my reply under my name here)
      the only big thing is that here only icons has been changed. and nothing more interesting . 4.1.2 owners be happy in what u have. i will wait for KITKAT i guess they wont release for Note2 owners this early.

  • Ric

    and still no multi user?

    • Yesenia

      Update available in India via samsung kies

  • Avinash Kumar

    Updated my Note 2 yesterday to 4.3…
    # Now, i see a minimum RAM usage of 1Gb..previous OS version, it was generally 700-800 Mb..( same apps are running.. In fact i uninstalled a few) :(
    # Battery life : Almost same as earlier
    # Lag : Noticing a little lag- while unlocking, swiping, opening apps..( formatted twice but still same)
    # Wifi issues : With the new 4.3 update, it won’t connect to my home Wifi stating the “connection is too slow”.. I have a 8Mbps Connection..It used to work fine earlier :(
    # UI changes: Lock screen, top notification bar changed. Changed in Settings Tab ( now looks more confusing !!!!)

    Basically, I see 4.3 as a screwup rather than an “update”..And this TouchWiz lag is driving me crazy….
    Going to ditch this POS soon…

    • Bonsy Jeff

      True.. the RAM consumes a lot.. i have around 250 apps incl. games, before it was displaying around 700, but now 980 to 1GB RAM. they say improved RAM but it lag.

      Now the memory storage shows (internal) as 16GB max, where as before was around 10gb, this is good.
      yes, battery life is almost the same.
      I really dont like the Video gallery, it is plain and background is white. earlier it was good, with all video playing. that function is unavailable in this 4.3.
      Other than change of Icons nothing,. i expected New Themes, but nothing special than the Default Ring tone has changed.

      Perhaps, KITKAT will be better.

      • Avinash Kumar

        with samsung’s track record of releasing updates, lets pray we get kitkat in 2014 :D
        by the way, are you noticing any signal drops?

    • Clemence lim

      hello ,your note 2 is N7100 Or N7105? i upgrade to JB 4.3 but no smart Gear N Ewallet? Can help Pls? Thanks

    • Iain

      My Stock N7105 was perfect before OTA 4.3 update.
      Now persistent wifi issues immediately afterwards!
      Very unimpressed Samsung.

      • Avinash Kumar

        I ditched Android and moved to an Iphone5. I agree the customization options are less BUT apart from that, everything is working perfectly.
        I will NEVER EVER buy a samsung again..(Android, maybe ;) )

        • cherry

          u do know there are lot of custom roms available for android which work much better in many ways. if u r on iphone 5, then may god rest your soul, as iphone dont have NFC or many other features and after Steve they are just copying things and u dont have to sniff around here.

          • Avinash Kumar

            i can sniff anywhere i want.. you don’t own this website so STFU !!!
            From your comment i know you are a teenager who knows SHIT about technology and who doesn’t know how to read.. If you read my comment again, you will see i mentioned i hate ‘ samsung’ and NOT android..but your head was too deep inside your bottom to notice that.. i am not interested in going all over ‘ android vs IOS war” but just for FYI.. both have their pros and cons.. NONE of them are perfect.. every person has a different requirement so their experience & views is bound to differ..
            Go home kid, study rather than BS’ing around …

    • Krol

      how to overcome this prob… help…..

    • Minh Kieu Trang

      i have the same problem. before update my phone galaxy note 2 works fine but after updating only some features are useful such as moving some applications to external sd card. the Wi-Fi is working for about a month with often notification”your connection is unstable” before it never happened. And now what is worse that Wi-Fi doesn’t work. for solving the problem I have to restart a phone and then it works but only for few hours and stops again. the battery is same as before. ram used is more. except for ability to move some application to external sd card I don’t see anything better. other problem is a smart stay also stops working. We hope to get further update from Samsung to solve those problem. thanks.

  • Alonzo

    Is the first Note (SGHi717) getting the update to 4.3?

  • Ugnufas

    I have unlocked GT n7105 and I don’t get the update through kies and settings..? Android?

  • Rahul Saini

    Is there any bad battery performance in Note 2 after 4.3 update.

    • JsMatharu

      i have massive battery performance issue. battery drops like a bomb. discharging at alomst 8-9% per hour, even on idle. whats is wrong with this update?

  • Jay

    Im in new york and the update for my international note 2 is not available for me yet. kies reads “Your device does not support software upgrading via KIES.” bah humbug

    • Hervésito D’Las Tardes

      Just go to Samobile and get the latest firmware. They pushed the nordic version and hong Kong version and you just update it with odin.

  • sunil

    It showing 4.3 available but I stopped the update. Later when I tried it said the firmware is up to date though it was 4.1.2. So First restore to factory setting. after reboot, the system prompted me for some updates and I updated. After that I tried to upgrade to 4.3 and it worked. Hope this will work for you guys also.

  • Abhijeet

    Hi All,

    I am from India & i have updated to 4.3 on my Note-2

    I am facng connectivity issues throught wifi & Mobile data

    Not getting connected thr. both of them. Please help.

  • Aaron J Horn

    I want my old lock screen back?? Any one with Ideas out side of going back to 4.2.2?

  • Dr.Afshan

    I am from India. S Note has stopped working after the update to 4.3!!! Please help me fix this. And I want my old lock screen back. The update removed the “ink flow on swipe” option :(
    very pathetic update.
    Please help me fix the S Note problem. It just won’t start! S Note app stops/crashes immediately after opening it.

  • BB BB

    My galaxy note 2 was having issues with the screen not turning off and turning itself back on even if I turn it off so I decided to take the plunge into this update.

    So far I noticed that there is considerable lag now. My screen issue seems fixed but it will still randomly turn on then turn off.

    The phone also gets much warmer now.

  • edwin cain

    Please help guys..!I flash my note 2 international version from a leaked I cant received an ota update nor from can I update it to official release?any help would be glady appreciated..thanks in advance

  • Sparky

    Big battery problem since update to 4.3. Ive owned my trusty note 2 for 14months. Its been a reliable long lasting phone. But since firmware update its lasting under 2/3 of the previous usage before its flat. I could alsweays trust it to last a full day before. Now i need to carry a spare battery.
    Ive tried various App killers and battery savers. But all I want back it is a days usage

  • яαѕнєє∂υя яєнмαη

    hai this is rasheed using Samsung galaxy note 2 GT-7100 (THR) when i try
    to connect through kies it shows this message “your device’s current
    firmware version is not supported to update firmware”. what i have to do
    and can any one resolve my prob .

    also please find that 4.3 is released for (thr)

  • Wyzyrd

    Many people are having the “connection is too slow”.. issue. I found that while the DHCP pickups an address and gateway, it “automatically” fills in Network Prefix Length. If your phone is on a different subnet than the DHCP, DNS or the Gateway, the default Network Prefix Length won’t work. For instance, you are assigned an IP of, but the gateway is at, a prefix length of 24 will keep your phone from “seeing” the gateway (and therefore the gateway’s reply during NAT translation). If you set a “static” address and change the prefix to 22 (allowing visibility to more subnets), the answer from the gateway will be received and the translation will not time out. You can set a static address by going to settings, Wi-Fi, hold down on the connection in question, modify network config, show advanced options, static, fill in the boxes accordingly, save.

  • ravi

    I have update my note 2
    2-3 months back
    Now my note 2 battery draining quickly
    earlier it used to give 2 days of battery life but since I have upadet. Battery only runs for 4-5 hours
    Should I degrade
    help me please :(