Norton Brings Its Award-Winning Protection to Android

by: glennJune 13, 2011
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Symantec rolls out Norton Mobile Security and delivers on its promise to provide security software specific to the Android platform. This new security app requires Android 2.x and later and at least 1.8 MB of storage. Despite being still freely available in beta, this new security app already presents practical features one would expect of a leading maker of security solutions.

There is the given virus and malware active protection with the extended option to automatically scan SD memory cards. To safeguard privacy and personal information, the app has anti-phishing for when users go online, and call and text blocking for more typical usage. Threats to mobile security however don’t always come in the form of ones and zeroes. Thus Norton Mobile Security also carries anti-theft features. With this app an Android user can remotely locate his or her phone, lock it, and even wipe out sensitive data stored in it. Such security measures can certainly be very useful in the event the phone gets lost or stolen.


Along with Norton Mobile Security, Symantec also offers a separate app called Norton Connect. Still also in beta development, this complementary program allows users to access their Norton 360 and Norton Online Backup accounts. This gives them a way to directly take advantage of the company’s cloud computing-based services from their mobile devices. Norton Connect can make backing up and sharing files easier and downloading them more secure for Android users.


Maintaining a high degree of security, privacy, and peace of mind  requires user discernment and reliable security apps. Android users can depend on apps like Norton Mobile Security and Norton Connect to help them achieve that in this increasingly connected world.

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  • Well, if it works like it does on PC it will bring your phone to a slow crawl and make it barley usable. It’s the first thing I uninstall from any new PC. Android would be better served with something like a simple AppLocker found in Windows 7 Ultimate–gives the ability to stop anything from running anywhere if you haven’t previously said it’s a good app. Of course this all goes back to the apps you download and install in the first place. You can’t protect people from doing stupid things and installing bad apps => another reason Google really needs to be very proactive with the Market to ensure that all apps are safe.

  • coty

    @ acupuncture first your either running an old old old version of norton the new saves everything online. Second, I have this on my android a pad tablet and it runs flawlessly. My a pad was slow and i didnt know it needed protection so i looked into it. After downloading this app my tablet has been my fav thing to mess with. I’m protected and my tablet is secure and fast so i love it! Thanks Symantec!