North Korea has a tablet. No, it’s not red (on the outside)

August 2, 2013
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    North Korean Tablet

    When Eric Schmidt got back from North Korea, we learned that the country was quite capable of operating respectable Internet service. They had the infrastructure in place, but were reluctant to allow their citizens to access the web. Of course, we associate mobile technology with the internet, so we took notice when we heard a North Korean company had made a tablet.

    We were more interested to hear it wasn’t some bottom-dwelling piece of garbage. A 1.2GHz processor, 1GB RAM, and 1,024×768 7-inch screen all front Android 4.0.4. Nothing spectacular, but also not terrible. Purchased by a tourist who only wishes to be known as “Michael”, this severely hamstrung Android tablet seems to be running pretty smoothly, as you can see in the video below.

    Of course, there is no way to access the Internet, but a web browser suggests users can access the North Korean Intranet. Sharing information freely is not in the communist diet, so allowing citizens to do things like read this article won’t happen as easily as most of us enjoy that freedom.

    My favorite part has to be the pull-out antenna. The tablet comes loaded with some games, like Angry Birds (which, of course, is a completely legitimate version). There is also some Communist literature loaded onto the device, so at least they’re eReading about being subject to the whims of their leadership.


    • John

      Internet and Intranet. Intra-, clever naming.

      • Jason Yuen
      • DanDingello

        New to technology?… uhmmm

    • bobo

      im surprised that the wallpaper is not the piggy face of Kim Jong Un

    • jamesinkorea

      Meanwhile Kim Jong Un is rocking the New Nexus 7..

      • Wildfire

        I heard he likes samsung products :flies:

        • Rohan patel

          I’m actually pretty sure that he has an htc phone

    • Grman Rodriguez

      What exactly can you do with this tablet? Play games and and read about Kim Jong Un?

    • DanDingello

      That tablet is very laggy. I could even see the lag just by watching the video. Poor innocent NK citizens :(

    • Lodovik

      The aspect ratio doesn’t look like that of a 1024×768 tablet.

    • Jasonwsc

      Terrible packaging CHECK
      Shiny plastic CHECK
      Laggy UI CHECK

      Are we reviewing a Samsung tablet? Well they are designed by Koreans so…

    • z0phi3l

      You need electricity to charge this device, that leaves out like 95% of the population unable to use this, and forget about affording one

    • aaron

      The antenna is pretty funny, but not a bad idea to have a tablet that can pickup local tv.

    • Ruz

      No Internet… World without Internet is like food without spices and marriage without SEX :P