Nook tablets are now cheaper, part of Father’s Day promotion

by: Bogdan BeleJune 12, 2013

Nook tablets

Nook tablets are now available for reduced prices, as part of a Father’s Day promotion, so if you were looking to buy a Nook HD or Nook HD+, now could be the best moment to do it.

Until Father’s Day, which is this Sunday, June 16, Barnes & Noble is offering the 8GB Nook HD for $129, which is $70 lower than the normal price. The 16GB version also has a reduced price, from $229 to $149.

As for the Nook HD+, you’ll be happy to hear that its price has suffered an even bigger drop, from $269 to $149 (a whole $120) if you plan on purchasing the 16GB version. If you want the 32GB model, you’re also getting a discount, as its price has dropped from $299 to $179.

The only condition is that you buy your favorite tablet until Father’s Day. This is not the first time Barnes & Noble is doing a promotional sale on its tablets for a holiday – as you may remember, a similar sale has been put in place for Mother’s Day, last month.

What you get for your money are a couple of pretty tempting Android tablets, which have recently received Google Play support, making them even more interesting.

Do you plan on taking advantage of the reduced prices and buy a Nook HD or Nook HD+?

  • Cool Scholtes

    I took advantage of the sale. I bought 2 each of the Nooks; 1 Nook HD in snow, 1 Nook HD in smoke, and 2 of the Nook HD+ models (in both 16gb and 32gb). I plan on giving one to myself (a dad!) and one to my wife (belated Mother’s Day gift….).
    With these low prices, I may give the Nook HDs to my kids to share…..although that may prove difficult.
    With the addition of Google Play to these tablets, these are a steal at these prices!
    No rooting necessary……
    Go buy one!

  • paula terrance

    Currently one of the best new tablets is the Pipo M6 priced at $279 US that launched last week — which is available through T ab l e t S p r I n t– a 9.7-inch Android 4.2 tablet with a Retina screen and a Quad Core processor and matches most features of the Nexus 10, and also offers Bluetooth and Stereo front speakers — it’s also is one of the first tablets to work with the new Miracast TV Wireless system ($47) which is the same as Apple TV/Airplay but for Android and about half the price– it’s worth reviewing details of this new technology.

    T ablet Sprint also offers the new Novo 8 Discovery ($169) Android 4.2 tablet that also became available last week– with a fast Quad core performance processor and the same 8-inch size as the iPad mini… and also features Miracast HD Wireless capability — it’s worth reviewing these two models as they offer the latest technology and features.

    • Magnetic1

      I think the pipo M6 tablet that you mention is great on spec and I hope they deliver. But regarding the Miracast HD, it works over wifi and you need another receiver for the TV. Why not just get a $5 miniHDMI to HDMI cable and plug directly to TV with no lag or jerky picture? You can’t do that on the Nook because there is no HDMI port, is that correct?

  • Magnetic1

    I like the fact that with AFN you can boot Jelly Bean from microSD card. However the Nook HD+ was a bit jerky and I got hacked on so I have bad memories of it.

  • Chuck Roast

    I bought an HD+ for my wife for Mother’s day (just an excuse to buy it for her). When the price dropped to $149 I got one for myself. Maybe it does not have quad core blazing speed, but the display quality and resolution are excellent and I really appreciate how thin and light it is compared to my old Asus TF101. Overall a fantastic deal for the price.