Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight announced, to go on sale on May 1 for $139

by: AdrianApril 13, 2012
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Even though Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet has been clearly overshadowed by Amazon’s Kindle Fire, the basic Nook e-readers are still on top of  the shopping and wish lists of many users. However, the e-ink gadget was clearly in need of a refresh, as the Nook Simple Touch, the second generation of e-book readers from Barnes & Noble, was released almost a year ago. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait much more for a new and improved Nook Simple Touch, as the latest model has just gone up for pre-order, with shipments set to start on May 1.

The new Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight is pretty much the same as the old Simple Touch, with one very important upgrade. As you can suspect from its name, the latest e-reader will come with a “revolutionary” GlowLight technology, allowing users to read in the dark, as well as pretty much any lighting conditions.

The device’s display is illuminated by eight strong LEDs embedded into the upper inside bezel, which will allow you to take advantage of a bright screen even in pitch dark conditions. In addition to that, the new Nook Simple Touch comes with a built-in anti-glare screen protector, delivering a “just-like-paper” experience, ideal for when you want to read on the beach or in the park.

The GlowLight function is adjustable and will turn on instantly when the device detects bad lighting conditions. However, if you are in any way bugged by it, you can easily turn it off with the switch of a button.

Aside from this important upgrade, this is the same old Nook Simple Touch, with a 6-inch display with 800 x 600 pixels resolution and 16-level grayscale, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity, and “extra-long battery life”. However, as far as I can tell from the first official photos and the information available on Barnes & Noble’s website, this is also the lightest and slimmest Nook ever, weighing in at just 6.95 ounces and measuring a mere 0.47 inches thick.

The new Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight can be pre-ordered as of today and will start shipping on May 1 for $139. That’s about 40 bucks more than what last year’s Simple Touch goes for, but then again, the new gadget does come with a serious upgrade, which should make quite a difference for many users passionate about reading.

So, how about it, folks? Are you ready to get in line for this new and improved Nook Simple Touch, or will you be holding on to your old e-book reader? Also, do you think that this latest B&N device has what it takes to become more popular than Amazon’s current Kindles? Hit us back with a comment and let us know your opinion!

  • Utvballman

    I am still happy with my Nook Color. Initially bought the Nook for my wife but she did not like it. Was able to take back to B&N and pay difference for Nook Color.

    My two sons (7 & 4) found Nook Color easy to use. They both play chess on it as well as having the books read to them.

    Will go in and check this new Nook out to see how it looks. My oldest son is expressing more interest in reading (yeah) and turns 8 in May.

    • Zombie Killer

      This article is about NOOK TOUCH, not nook tablet or nook color. Different devices for different PURPOSES.

  • Zombie Killer

    It the light is the only difference, it definitely wouldn’t be worth upgrading to. It *IS* a cool idea though. If they’d added a color e-ink as well, I’d go for it in a heartbeat (I already have a nook touch and a nook tablet).

  • Jonathan

    Great innovation for me as I only ever use my ereader at night in bed. In addition, the Kindle does not support non US library epubs so outside of the US you would be seriously stupid to get the Kindle. I want one NOW!!!!