Non-Nexus Android 5.0 Kie Lime Pie Motorola X 5-inch smartphone coming at Google I/O?

by: Chris SmithJanuary 19, 2013


We were talking about Nexus and non-Nexus devices just the other day, trying to help new Android users understand some of the differences between stock Android and custom Android ROMs depending on what handsets these OS variations equip. At the time, we told you that Google is yet to call on Motorola, its own subsidiary, to make a Motorola Nexus and wondered whether 2013 is finally the year when this will happen.

So far, the only existing Nexus 5 rumors concern LG, the same company that made the Nexus 4, although the South Korean group denied these allegations since they first appeared.

As for Motorola, the company is rumored to work on a Motorola X project, and now we have more unconfirmed details on it.

According to Droid Forums, the Motorola X will not be a Verizon-only handset like so many Droids before it, but it will be a multi-carrier smartphone. In fact, its name is not known at this time and it probably won’t be Droid-branded. But it looks like this isn’t going to be the Nexus 5 either.

Whatever Google and Motorola call it, it appears that the X Phone will feature a 5-inch edge-to-edge display. That’s not entirely surprising considering that Motorola  knows how to make bezelless smartphones, on one hand, but also considering the sheer number of 5-inch devices that will hit the market in the coming months, on the other hand. Most interestingly though, the handset will be running Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie right out of the box.

That means that yes, Google has to unveil the Motorola X during its mid-May Google I/O event, which is definitely exciting news especially since the X won’t be part of the Nexus family, if these rumors are to be believed. But even though it won’t be a Nexus, it will look and feel like a Nexus:

[…] while this will not be a Nexus device, supposedly, Motorola has been working hard to create a UI that both compliments & enhances the Android experience, and is intended to be Nexus-like. Additionally, they are working on a variety of software add-ons to improve the functionality of the device further, much like several of Samsung’s software features, like S Beam for example.

Like we always do with wild rumors, we’ll tell you that nothing is confirmed at this time, as it comes from unnamed “hidden friends in high places within the industry.” But we’ll definitely keep tabs on the Motorola X in the following months leading to Google I/O 2013.

  • Alu Zeros

    Want a nexus motorolla, not another lg

    • Bone

      Or to put it better: want a nexus that can actually be bought. Agreed.

    • anywherehome

      But at least replaceable battery to have a real smart phone whole day!!


    this was inevitable after googles purchase! i guess they’re trying to put motorola out there again without having to spoil third party agreements with the nexus

  • Jazli Aziz

    If it runs vanilla Android, how is it different from a Nexus? I know a Nexus is co-developed by Google and the manufacturer, but if said manufacturer is owned by Google, wouldn’t all the devices they produce be Nexus (as long as they run vanilla Android)?

    • Rex_D

      Where does it state it will run vanilla Android in the above article?

    • jman1323

      Its not saying that it will run vanilla android. It says that Motorola is working hard to create a UI that compliments and enhances the android experience.

  • nxn

    You made the logo with paint… really?

    • MasterMuffin

      The background is probably from Google :D

  • “Kie” Lime Pie? LOL

    With the spelling in the heading I thought Samsung were going to get involved. Even autocorrect is losing market share to Samsung.

    Seriously though, I hope they keep this Stock Android like the Nexus line. They can add all the other bells and whistles they like, long as they don’t mess up the core of the experience. Nexus 7 and 4 have shown that there is a demand for devices without customisation.
    Motorola have already produced devices recently which are quite close to the Stock Android UI. Why not go the small step further and go fully stock? If they do so, then being one of the first phones to get the latest and greatest Android updates, alongside the Nexus line, could make this phone a massively popular hit for Motorola.

  • I’m sorry but in my experience a Motorola Nexus is an oximoron. Nexus is all about being unlocked and open and Motorola phones are the most locked down phones on this planet.

    • Melad360

      after the iphone

    • rowan

      for android phone perhaps.

      but isn’t wp8 phones is more locked down than iphone and android ?

  • Brian Hickey

    I certainly hope this is true for several reasons.

    First, thinking about a nexus style phone with a Max HD battery is certainly compelling. When you add in Motorola’s history of excellent radios and their build quality it becomes even more so.

    Secondly the fact that it would be a 5″ display suggests it would be a 1080p display. The displays have typically been Motorola weak points so the thought that it could be a stunning display in addition to the traditional Motorola strengths would be fantastic. The only other weak point usually is their cameras and from previous rumors it seems that they have made that a particular focal point this time. No pun intended.

    Then you add the fact that Google seems to want to use Motorola as an example of the way Android vendors should operate with a new focus on timely updates and less intrusive skins and there really seems to be no downside to this phone.

    If the above is true, which I would put even money on given Google’s apparent desire to curb not only Apple’s influence but also the growing power of Samsung, then I truly have found my next phone. Right in time for my scheduled upgrade.

    The key for this phone would be Google’s money getting thrown behind marketing it. Samsung has done a fantastic job marketing their phones and in order to restore some balance to the market Google would need to do the same.

  • IncCo

    I guess that would be a true Nexus 5 … but i still doubt that key lime pie will be version 5 unless there is some serious UI changes. Will probably be v. 4.3

  • cycad007

    Google better build & position this phone to beat the Galaxy S4. There I said it…Motorola/Google should stop playing nice to every OEM and just produce the best product they can come up with. Google needs a bigger chunk of the profits from Android and Samsung wants to take control of the mobile OS market as well. Well…there’s a conflict of interest here & something has to give here.

    As soon as Samsung comes up with their Tizen OS, Google better have an answer. If the X phone is the answer, it had better be able to meet or exceed the Galaxy S4 in specs and experience.

  • If it’s true Motorola come back to India !

  • liliy

    This news is indeed enough praise praise praise !!!, Android 5.0 I believe, and I hope this is able to completely return to, X phone so I feel it will be listed to bring shock to consumers, it is best to be able to SIII, Note IIthe rotten shell smartphone to directly kill, I believe MOTO will do, only to work extra hard to be sure there will be a good harvest to support MOTO stage a comeback! ! !Heard again HELLO ^ _ ^ MOTO music tone sounded, a sensation all over the world! ! !

  • Filip Justin

    Finally.. a Motorola-Google phone.. oh well.. just waiting for the Galaxy S4..

  • Marten

    Google is killing the competition it’s not fair. I guess it’s the time for other manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and etc. to shift from android to tizen.

  • MotoFanKZ

    I hope that will be a great come back for Motorola… RAZR v3 in 2004…

  • Andrew Mezzi

    This will probably be a really good phone. Motorola is my favorite OEM, but all of their best phones are on Verizon. I’m going to hold off buying a Nexus 4 (if it’s ever in stock again) to see what this phone is.