Nokita hopes to outbid Microsoft’s attempt to buy Nokia, only has two weeks left to raise the funds

by: Andrew GrushNovember 4, 2013


Back in early September, Microsoft announced it was buying Nokia’s smartphone division in a move that is meant to help Microsoft’s solidify its in-house hardware development efforts. For many Nokia fans, this news was pretty upsetting – especially for those of us that dreamed of the day we’d see a Nokia handset running on the power of Android.

Further throwing sand in the wound, it was later revealed that Nokia had been actively developing an Android device in a goal to move beyond just Windows Phone, though Microsoft’s bid obviously changed the company’s plans.

Although we admire former Nokia employee J. Parda’s bold efforts with the Nokita project, we think it’s time to finally let go the notion of the an Android-powered Nokia future

Is there hope that the deal will end, and that we will still see Android running on Nokia’s excellent hardware? Honestly, we’d strongly bet against it at this point. That said, a new project aims to change the course of history by working to outbid Microsoft and bring back the dream of a Android-powered (or even Linux) Nokia handset.

Going by the name “Nokita”, the project’s goal is to attain enough funds to outbid Microsoft and give Nokia another option. That means they’d have to raise $7.2 billion dollars. While the idea is a bold one, let’s be honest: it has very little chance of succeeding.

Sure, Blackberry’s buyout deal isn’t happening and the company is (sort of) sticking around under a new plan, but the situation is different for Nokia. What’s so different? Microsoft, that’s what.

Even if by some crazy turn of events Nokita is able to raise enough money to outbid the original offer, Microsoft could easily turn around and sweeten the deal by offering more. Microsoft has a nearly infinite stream of cash, and will likely stop at nothing to make Nokia theirs.

Making the idea even more impossible is the fact that Nokita only has two weeks left to accomplish it’s goal, as the Nokia board is expected to finalize the purchase by November 19th.

Although we admire former Nokia employee J. Parda’s bold efforts with the Nokita project, we think it’s time to finally let go the notion of the an Android-powered Nokia future. Nokia simply bet on the wrong horse. It’s a sad to see a once-amazing company effectively go the way of the dinosaur, but sometimes that’s just the way of the world.

  • Why not just wait for NEWKIA?

    • TjaldidTjaldid


    • Amine Elouakil

      The problem with Newkia is that it has nothing to do with Nokia appart some top managers from the company, all the key strenghts of Nokia such as patents, factories, human resourses and so on are packaged with the deal and are in no way part of Newkia, this will allow to keep all everything Nokia Phones division is, with the main difference is with an Open managament that will all OS to run on Nokia hardware

  • Luka Mlinar

    Nokita in croatian = Nodick

  • crickcrick

    Truly sad to see Nokia go this way, after Micro$hit acquires it, it goes down the toilet

  • AssToast

    I read pitch as bitch lol

    • JesseP

      You’ve been binge watching Breaking Bad, haven’t you? :-D
      I once watched nearly an entire season in one day and suddenly everything was “bitch” and “yo”.

  • Groud Frank

    They Bt on the wrong horse indeed.

  • Mizure

    NOKITA = in Filipino (Tagalog+English) means “No Profit” lol

    • Karlo Sudec

      And in croatian + english:
      NO D**K
      NO PENIS

    • Alphere

      Damn, I am about to say this also. Is this a joke company? Sorry I am too lazy to do my research.

      • Guest

        And in Finnish “nokita” means something along the lines of “make a better offer”. A bit of a colloquial phrase, but very fitting in this case ;)

    • Ari-Pekka Väisänen

      In Finnish nokita means aomething along the lines of “make a better offer”. So it’s rather fitting in this case :D

    • Jay

      Kita = we, us in Indonesia

      So = No Us

  • David Loman

    Ohh man, that’s so sad. It’s like if the Lion King was killed and replaced by a Justin Bieber version of its son. I really hoped to see Nokia running Android. Actually I was excited about the idea. I would have bought the best high-end Nokia Android phone, no doubts about it. It’s a shame that a company like Microsoft buys Nokia just to have a host where to parasite its shitty OS and bring down the father of mobile phones. It’s like Darth Vader was just killed man. It really is upsetting. I still hope things will change someday. I dream of a world where Google buys Apple and Microsoft… hahahaha. =D

  • MasterMuffin

    7,2 BILLION in 2 weeks? All that I can say is: lulz :D

    • Amine Elouakil

      I don’t think he is starting from 0, they probably have a large sum on the side not 5Billion € tho, It’s not impossible, but two weeks is not enough for any serious business man to asset the risk involved, the strengh, and weakness of such investiment/campany (Nokita) unless the Nokita group has already worked up this in one solide proposal document to any investor

    • MadCowOnAStick

      Google has to come in and buy Nokia for us :D

      • Sudhanandan

        There are already 10s of Android manufacturers which are much better than Nokia.

        Nokia missed the ship. Had it gone with Android, it would have been the world’s top manufacturer now !

  • Vasishta Nagalla

    It would have been great if GOOGLE bought NOKIA instead of Motorola. Android would have got the best Builds ever manufactured.

    • Balraj

      Same thought :-)

    • lollicup04

      dont you mean microsoft? google owns motorola

      • jerry

        are you dumb or just trolling?

  • They backed the wrong horse? Did you see Nokia’s latest profit reports? Compare that to HTC (the makers of the most solidly-built Android phone to date).

    I mean, I love Android, but Nokia found a way to make a profit. Let’s not pretend otherwise.

    • adam evans

      Their phones didn’t profit though, the rest of the company that their not selling to Microsoft was profiting

    • Sudhanandan

      You cannot compare gaint and well-recognized company like Nokia with a plain OEM like HTC.

      HTC became recognized because they went with Android and Nokia lost its identity because it did not go with Android.

  • Michael Souhoka

    They better change the font that Nokia use over these years.

  • adam evans

    Sad to see the last major European consumer electronics company go. I would love another Nokia but I dislike Microsoft !

  • Boonlumsion Piyapon

    nokia …

    1. It still have “windows phone only” agreement with microsoft.
    2. nokia’s smartphone division don’t have patent to fight in patent war.
    3. Last nokia’s profit likely come from low cost phone and price reduction.

    If you buy nokia smartphone division. you are not free. you can make only windows phone and might lose money.

    Better way is make new company. have china oem made phone for you. you can’t keep nokia’s name or using name that look “like” nokia but you are free form windows phone.

  • sad

    NOKIA R.I.P.

    • NeoNYC

      Yes, R.I.P Nokia and please don’t come back after the BIG fiasco with N97 which I bought it in cash and I’m not able to use it.

  • Microsoftjunkie

    What’s funny, is how no one buying android was concerned about Nokia making an android phone until they went with MS. Now you see how great there phones are.

  • Microsoftjunkie

    U ppl should’ve sent letters to Nokia stating that you wanted their phones. I know i did. Now all you need is for xda to be able to flash their phones with android , cause allnother possibilities arenout.

  • Alexandana Theng

    Nokia, why not give yourself a chance to go with Android if you went with WP from Zero? Please Change your mind and reject the deal with Microsoft

  • APai

    as if microsoft would allow that to happen! behind microsoft, i’m pretty sure, they’d have uncle sam closely monitoring the whole deal.

  • cr_buck

    I personally think Nokia made the right choice. Samsung had/has a stranglehold on Android and is trying to fork it into its own os. Nokia was struggling before the partnership and Microsoft started infusing cash to keep them afloat. Android research would have taken money away from Windows Phone and I doubt Nokia would have stood a chance against Samsung and likely wouldn’t have received the cash infusion and would be more like HTC. I personally enjoy all platforms and think they all have their strengths and weaknesses. As was said before, better to be the big fish in a little pond than a little fish in a big pond and Nokia was/is pushing Windows phone to become a viable platform. Competition benefits everyone. I just wish HTC could find their way. They are the ones that seem to lack focus. I loved their devices back in the day.

  • Sudhanandan

    The whole world knows how dirty Microsoft and few Nokia Board members killed Nokia through Trojan Flop ( I mean, Elop ).