Nokia’s former camera guru not impressed by HTC’s UltraPixels

by: Tanay SoodFebruary 21, 2013

Damian Dinning

Ouch, no punches are being pulled over here. Damian Dinning, the ex-head of Nokia’s camera and imaging department tweeted yesterday about how he was unimpressed (to say the least) regarding the new camera in the HTC One.

To quote, he said:

“Did I miss something today?? Thought HTC were introducing a breakthrough camera?? Read the whole press release but no, couldn’t find it.”

Also commenting that the One and the Lumia 920 have the same image stabiliser, he said that its “stabilisation according to HTC only works to 1/1.75 vs 1/3 [for the Lumia 920].”

While Dinning’s ire is understandable, especially since rumor’s are flying around that HTC’s “inspiration” for the UltraPixel camera was the Nokia PureView technology, there is no way for anyone to judge the quality of the One’s camera. While it is true that the Nokia PureView 808 was the first phone after which OEM’s started paying attention to picture quality, it did not have a single other feature worth mentioning apart from the camera.

If HTC can put together a beast of a phone and include a spectacular camera (again, we can only judge it once we get the model to review,) then it deserves to be recognized for it. Now lets just hope HTC’s marketing department is up to the job of bringing this phone and its standout features to audiences all over the world.

  • Bhushan Vaidya

    I’m not a freak for Mega Pixels, but reducing the MP count to half and saying that they have 300% better low light image quality and simply call Ultra Pixel doesn’t count. Also HTC didn’t show how good the pic’s are with One’s camera. Not they gave a reason to reduce the pixel count to 4MP. Dumb move. It the cam doesn’t produce 300%, more neat, night pics then HTC is screwed for sure….

    • No One

      Totally agree with you, If Ultra Pixel is good why not put 8MP then do watever ultra pixel on top of it. Really looking for a good review about camera. Hope they don’t get screwed over this camera coz I really want to have this phone.

      • lollicup04

        Because that is what they are planning on doing for the second generation HTC One

        • No One

          Damn I hate to say this but that is so true for every phone making company out there. They always make the product with something missing to keep ppl buying.

  • No One

    I just check the pictures and video were taken by HTC One for testing on some Vietnamese news website and I can tell you they are not impress at all. It is good to make picture size small for sharing but it is really suck when zoom in and the image doesn’t look sharp,

  • MasterMuffin

    Next pureview will put this 4mp camera in shame

    • If Microsoft will continue on adding features to the WP 8, such as for example a notification center to the left from the tile screen and better multitasking along with other tweaks and more settings they just might get somewhere.. If nokia will add the real PureView sensor and camera into such improved Windows Phone, and continue on evolving their designs we will have a real monster on the market. Sadly I think Microsoft won’t do their part in vastly improving WP 8 as soon as possible.. The saim dumb look and poor usability will remain.. If for example Microsoft would let Nokia add open source bloatware to their Windows Phone and i would be working in Espoo, I would start a project of adding some real multitasking and a whole aggregating notifications site for the OS straight away :D Only then we would have serious contender for Android, muhuahahahahhaaaaaa :)))

      • MasterMuffin

        Lets say it like this: Nokia’s next phone’s camera will be better than this, but Android is still DA BOSS

        • Android wins :D Spread the message! So that those teens here in Finland would stop on dreaming and buying those dumb iPhones… (;

          • MasterMuffin

            Not going to happen, pretty dumb people here (except for us :DD)

  • Bone

    Looked at full-sized samples, not impressed. Whatever HTC says about MP count, if they have the same sized sensor as rivals guano won’t turn into gold. Personally speaking, the Apple iPhone 5 and the Exmor RS, Oppo Find 5 variant produce sharper images resized to 4MPs than HTC which seem to use the good old Droid DNA sample, beating the ultrapixel purpose.

  • Alvaro

    Hasn’t Nokia marketed both the 808 and Lumia 920 as PureView products although their camera solutions are based on two completely different paradigms? The reality is that even if the PureView 808 could generate images of better quality than the competition, overall it was a product for a freaks show that nobody needed and wanted. It would have been like bringing to the market a phone with 1TB memory (it could store more music than any other device!!!) or 64 cores processor (so fast!)…
    That’s why they ditched the PureView 808 technology on the Lumia 920; they wanted to sell some. They still call it PureView though and of course they got their marketing team to make up a justification for that.

    • Alex

      Nokia didn’t ditch the 808’s PureView tech when they switched to WP7.5, the OS simply couldn’t handle the sensor. So they went to the next best thing: image stabilization. Expect a WP8 808-equivalent phone to be announced soon.

      Oh, and having owned a phone on every OS except iOS (including the latest and greatest from Google, the Nexus 4) I can tell you that I still prefer my 808 for many things such as: phone call quality, camera quality, offline navigation, battery life, and a few others. It’s not a phone for everyone, but those who have it are generally extremely happy with it.

      • Alvaro

        My point is that the price to pay in terms of form factor is too high to make the PureView 808 solution relevant for mass market phones with the goal to achieve good sales results. If now PureView for Nokia is only OIS (but I believe it is not their intention…), I can say with confidence that the optical image stabilization on the HTC One is far more advanced (both axis, etc.)…

  • tBs_Battousai

    I wish they would stop trash talking every other company and just talk about their own products…
    sometimes feels like these companies are run by ten year olds…

  • APai

    I’d be impressed with Damien if he produced a 41 megapixel monster with half the thickness as nokia 808. htc has done a decent job, this sounds like a political soundbite than any actual technological statement

  • john

    Really? I mean is this surprising at all?

    If you were expecting Nokia to give HTC a pat on the back…