Goodbye Nokia Android phones, we hardly knew you

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 17, 2014


Microsoft just announced that future Nokia X devices will be running Windows Phone instead of Android.

This puts an end to Microsoft’s brief adventure in Android land, which began less than five months ago when Stephen Elop, then CEO of Nokia, announced the Nokia X at MWC in Barcelona.

In a letter to employees released today, Elop, now head of Microsoft’s devices division, announced a series of measures meant to bring focus and efficiency to the company’s newly acquired phone manufacturing unit. Among these measures is the transition of “select Nokia X” devices to the Lumia line and the replacement of Android with Windows Phone on upcoming Nokia X devices.

The shift to Windows Phone is already underway, but Microsoft will continue to sell and support existing Android Nokia X devices. This includes the Nokia X2, announced on June 24 and scheduled to become available globally by the end of the month.

Ditching Android for the X line is a sign that Microsoft is looking to compete more aggressively at the bottom end with Windows Phone. The Redmond company recently made its mobile OS free for smartphones and small tablets, in an effort to convince manufacturers to adopt instead of the much more popular Android.

[quote qtext=”We plan to drive Windows Phone volume by targeting the more affordable smartphone segments, which are the fastest growing segments of the market, with Lumia. In addition to the portfolio already planned, we plan to deliver additional lower-cost Lumia devices by shifting select future Nokia X designs and products to Windows Phone devices. ” qperson=”Stephen Elop” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

Nokia X devices, available for as little as $130 and targeted at price conscious users in developing countries, feature a forked version of Android skinned to look like Windows Phone, while still maintaining compatibility with Android apps. However, because they run a forked version of Android, Nokia X phones don’t have access to the Play Store, though users can pick up Android apps from a store maintained by Microsoft.

Other streamlining measures that Microsoft announced today include the consolidation of production and R&D activities and the layoff of 18,000 employees by the end of the year (most of whom came onboard with the Nokia acquisition). More details here.

  • vishal

    looking at the android space i think there is no chance for microsoft to win in emerging markets as they did with lumia 520 because moto E is the best buy at 7k and likes of asus zenphone 4 ,xiaomi 1s and so many local branded phones will not make people move to windows phones since android is so much superior to windows phone in terms of functionality and android has become more of a established os in countries like india .the reason why lumia 520 was a hit because there was no other phone from a good brand at that price .now that companies like motorola on the online stores and micromax on the offline stores playing very good it’s a very hard time for microsoft for making their phone to be a hit .also lumia 635 is a total flop here since moto g was a very good pick.

  • well,the xl was not that bad,my friend had it

  • patrik

    Uhh.. Who really cares?

  • Fabian Taveras

    Oh well no one cares anyways

  • Luka Mlinar

    They did exactly what they planed to do. They made Android phones that no one wants to buy, with crap specs that wouldn’t interest Cyanogenmod to put on the official list. This whey when people complain about why Nokia doesn’t make Android phones; they can just say we did but no one bought them. Of course the stupid 60-70 year old shareholder that owns a fair bit of the company will never ask a fan, just look at the numbers. This is bull….

  • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

    When is Microsoft Surface Phone coming?


    Microsoft sucks. Nobody is really gonna buy their Windows phones. They have a better chance at convincing people to buy pc’s than buying Windows phones. They be following BlackBerry shortly.

  • Mike

    Layoff of 18000 people? This sounds pretty terrible.

    Ps. This disqus doesn’t refresh after login with Google :/

  • Siralf

    This guys seem absolutely lost. They have a lot of resources and no sense of direction. They are burning money in every area. The second someone like google offer a decent OS for PC they will dissapear.

  • Aman Baberwal

    Window phone will be the future phone for fuckers

    • Ervin J L E

      Yeah in about 30years. And also your attitude kinda paints the picture of what wp phone users are like.. Loud, arrogant, smug and plain delusional. With nothing to brag about except os fluidity and abysmal market share.

      • Root Beer

        30 years? you’re too generous sir :)
        In about 2 years WP will be scrapped by MS because non-profitable.


        • dafuq

          In about 2 years Nokia by Nokia (don’t mistake with Nokia by Microsoft) is going to produce its phones again :D I hope that they will make an awesome high-end with Android.

      • Aman Baberwal

        Nd android users are all about putting their nose in every buisness

    • Grail0375

      The troll is strong with this one -_-

    • mjh49783ab

      Nah. No it’s not. ;^)

      • Aman Baberwal

        You will see

  • Gagandeep Singh

    Well , I could never understand what Microsoft is doing in mobile sector.
    To be honest Nokia X phones are very terrible , I never saw any X phone in anybody hands personally.X phones were already dead.
    Now what I cannot understand that they are making these kind of announcements at time when they are going to launch X2.Who will buy this phone when they know that very idea behind these phone is being thrown into garbage.I thing people will no longer trust Microsoft with their mobile products any more.
    I do not think people will buy existing Nokia X phones if they are sold per KG. ;)

    Good luck Microsoft with you future mobile endeavours.

    • Barthez

      Microsoft have lost people trust in mobile space, that’s for sure.

      First WP7, now Nokia X, maybe WP8 next, who knows.
      That’s not even including the large userbase of WM 6.5

      • mjh49783ab

        I once had a Motorola Q9h that had Windows Mobile 6.0 on it. What a horrible mistake that was!

  • jclgan

    Every time I read a Nokia Android post, I keep on thinking, “You were the chosen one!” Imagine where Nokia would’ve been if they’d ditched Symbian earlier and became an early Google adopter. Sam-who?

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      Sam-no that’s what would’be occurred.

  • Will S.

    If only they ran Googles Android.

  • Adon

    Nokia does very well in emerging markets. However Samsung and now LG market there Products aggressively. Nokia does really market there stuff,but people still like the items,especially becuase they are stron,well made and the cameras. As for the X well,NOKIA its your fault lol,you did push it hard,so thats that.