Is Nokia admitting failure with WP7 by relaunching Meego devices and refocusing on Symbian?

by: LucianMay 15, 2012

Reports are saying that carriers and Nokia’s board are becoming restless with WP7, and they are pushing for alternatives to WP7, to slow down the fast decline of the company, and the consumer rejection of WP7 smartphones. It seems that WP7 might have been another critical mistake for Nokia and this time it might be an endgame scenario.

I still believe that Nokia made a huge mistake by not adopting Android as their main operating system. I don’t think it was just a decision that Nokia’s board or Elop made, but one that was influenced by the whole culture of the company. Many Nokia employees probably couldn’t see themselves using Android. I guess that feeling was worth more to them than saving the company in a practical manner.

Wrong Decisions

That’s how they decided that instead of going with Android, (a proven OS with a following almost as large as iOS) they bet their whole company. Let me spell this out carefully: The #1 phone manufacturer in the world adopts an unproven OS in the market – WP7 – that if not successful, would bring the end of Nokia, permanently. This was emphasized by the fact that they also decided to kill Meego and Symbian (over a period of several years), as they hoped to transition to WP7.

They also wrongly assumed that most of their loyal Symbian customers would simply transition to their WP7 phones. That has never made sense to me, because Symbian used to be a very advanced and complex operating system as far as functionality goes, and for that target audience, Android might make more sense than WP7. Most Symbian users will not switch to WP7. They will switch to Android, and a lot of them have already done it. Some, like myself, did it years ago.

The Big Decline

Elop said that Nokia is committed to WP7, but their customers aren’t, which is why we now know that Nokia isn’t selling WP7 phones fast enough to account for the decline of Symbian. Even in markets they were absolutely dominating with 70% market share, like China or India, there is a noticeable decline. Even in those countries, Nokia has less than 20% market share now, and it’s still rapidly falling.

Nokia has already lost the “phone” manufacturer crown this year (last year they lost the smartphone crown), carriers are not pleased with Lumia phones, and say they aren’t competitive. Now even the board (the same one that hired Elop) is panicking; it seems they want Nokia to reverse their plans about WP7 being their only OS, and are starting to push the Meego-powered N9 stateside. They are also regaining focus on Symbian Belle smartphones, like the PureView 808, which they are also pushing to the North American market.

Symbian still has some life in it thanks to brand inertia. There will be people that will buy Symbian phones years from now, although the market will continue to decline fast against Android smartphones. So Symbian really is a dead-end, no matter how much they beautify it and how well they make it work.

If only the Nokia board and its CEO at the time realized this in 2007-2008, after the iPhone appeared, and started pushing Maemo/Meego hard internally, the current crisis would have been easily avoided. If they did, and they also promoted Meego to other manufacturers, (the only way you can really form a strong following today) these manufacturers might have been inclined to prefer it over Android. At the very least as an alternative platform, Meego might’ve been much more successful than WP7 has been so far, especially when the N9 commonly received rave reviews.

Photo Credits: MyNokiaBlog

End Game

I doubt Nokia will go back to Android anytime soon, even though I think the board is strongly considering it now after their stock price is the lowest it’s been in 15 years, and their credit rating keeps getting downgraded. The reason they won’t go back now is most likely because of an inked deal with Microsoft stating they can’t touch Android for a specific time period, which is usually stated in Terms Of Agreement. This is how big business works, this is how companies flourish or flounder; by the set of friends and business partners they choose.

Undoubtedly, Nokia is likely to start focusing on Meego again, and redouble their efforts with Symbian, as they continue with WP7. The fact remains that the board is desperate now that they see WP7 is not doing well, so they’ve started to seriously look into alternatives and how they can increase revenue sans WP7.

Unfortunately for them, I think they took this course of action much too late. They shouldn’t have ever announced Symbian and Meego’s death at the beginning of 2011. The end of next year could spell an acquisition of Nokia if it doesn’t find a way to steer itself out of the nosedive it’s currently in. The company however, like so many dinosaurs of yesteryear, may very well be doomed to extinction, regardless.

Nokia’s current business is unsustainable for such a large company with so many employees, and even if they survive the massive decline without being acquired, they’ll still be a much smaller company than they used to be, with not much impact on the market. For this they have to thank the leaders who thought Symbian was still competitive years after the iPhone’s launch, and to those that thought betting the #1 phone manufacturer on a 2% market share OS was a bright idea.

  • AppleFUD

    Nokia needs to do one thing in order to straighten out their mess.

    Fire Elop.

    Then make decision that are good for Nokia, not MS — maybe make an Android device along with a MeeGo, etc. . . see what works and what doesn’t — all in on an unproven platform that isn’t their own doesn’t sound like the wisest decision.

    However, I think MS has gotten Nokia’s stock low enough and broken them up into enough peaces that they will be able to buy the smartphone division soon. . . . sad.

    • John

      No way should Nokia move to android. That would be the final nail in the coffin. WP7 marketshare has climed since they launched their devices. Nokia’s board is typical and has blinders on. It’s the board who should be fired.

      • AppleFUD

        well, the board did hire Elop lol
        and I didn’t say “move to Android” — you might want to reread that part again.

      • xoj_21

        windows phone was dead on water, its now floating but worse selling OS , even worse than blackberry.

        even bada was selling better, and samsung makes windows phone.

        the small push was good for microsoft terrible for nokia that now fighting for scraps. nokia went from 29% to7% in a year.

  • bwone

    It has been stated by Nokia over and over again but people don’t want to listen. They are still making Meego and Symbian based devices just these devices will not launch here in the U.S. Their U.S. focus is on Windows Phone which has a better footing here in the U.S. than Meego or Symbian have. It seems that this article has come from more of a fanboy perspective than actual fact. If you had listened to what had been mention earlier then this article would have never happened. I’m not trying to insult you or anything but really this was pointless.

    • I complete agree with BWone here, I think the author needs to have some factors or at least sources to back up the claim. You have to understand that Nokia is still a very recognized brand internationally and their Symbian devices are well received in certain regions. Going to Android would be entering a hot mess, where the only profitable Android manufacturer is Samsung. I repeat Samsung, for all the Droid phone Motorola makes, or the many variants of the same phone HTC or LG make. Samsung is the only company clearly making money off it. So if you are Nokia why jump into a crowded ship. When you have Microsoft, who has enough financial resources to help you weather the store and move forward.

      • dinmab

        what makes u think samsung will not push for WP devices if they become hit ? samsung , htc will push WP devices if it gets decent market share. nokia will always end up in a crowded ship. For android samsung has its own TouchWhiz to differentiate itself, how is nokia going to differentiate itself if sammy or htc also enter WP market ?

        • just think with brain

          lol, how it will differentiate???? its has the industries best cam phone, pureview, no other oem can beat it in next 5 years or more, i will bet it.. and design and quality its the best and everyone says it.. and it has swipe ux, maybe they will implement it in wp8… so know nokia before posting… and it will take some time to get into top… and i will bet u will buy future nokia phone….

          • dinmab

            so because it has “best” camera it will succeed. just shows how much you understand the industry. stop embarrassing urself.

          • Mers Matt

            They are differentiating them self on WP7 with exclusive apps and services. (ESPN, groupon, Nokia maps, and more)

          • deep

            Really hard to differentiate with any third party os. Developing for android is easier. Making a android phone now will require order of magnitudes less resources/time than any other platform. The know how and hardware support if great. migration on a smaller scale will be easier and offering android as option on hardware configurations of preexisting projects should be practical. Samsung already does it with BADA.

          • sigh

            I will pick “best camera”, or rather “outstanding camera” anytime over TouchWhiz which according to you was what sets Samsung apart in the crowded Android space. Too bad the smartphone market has degenerated into incrementalism where competition is by the processor clock speed or screen size/resolution, rather than actual innovation.

          • xoj_21

            those same differences, they would have it android and many would work better in android because android have more features than windows phone.

            right now a nokia phone with android would have at least dual core 1 gb ram, microSD, and 1 720p screen, 12mpx-41mpx camera

            instead of waiting microsoft to implement on qualcom support, by 2013

      • Sundari M

        Ha…Ha… You seem to be a begger. You say Microsoft has enough financial resources to help Nokia. You begger.

    • UseYourBrainsAA


    • Wayne

      I disagree and think this article says it as it is. Nokia did also say Symbian & Meego are dead. Do a web search, Elop had said Nokia will drop MeeGo no matter how successful the N9 becomes.

    • Sundari M

      You stupid and donkey !

      Microsoft has injected its virus Elop into Nokia to :

      1. Kill Symbian ( a well selling OS but competitor to WP )

      2. Embrace only WP for 5 years ( and MS can sell WP to other OEMs )

      This illegal partnership has almost killed Nokia. This all a planned bad business tactics by dirty Microsoft.

      Otherwise, why a CEO would kill its well selling OS in favour of a 2% market share OS, that to wholly committing without any alternative plans ? Is WP so great ?

      WP may be ok but it cannot compete with iOS and Android, and hence Nokia is going to die soon. That is for sure, and all this is a planned illegal activity by Microsoft. There is no doubt about that.

      • bwone

        Your comment has no value nor meaning in this conversation especially when you start it off with a insult. Please continue your status of irrelevancy someplace else.

      • Chandrakin Agashe

        I guess MS have set thier sights on Nokia…they will want to acquire a nice hardware arm to complement their software empire.
        They know that unless they are fully equipped, they are going to have hard times competing with Google, the skynet.

  • SupaRawr93

    Moving to Android was the worst thing they could have done. With the likes of Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Motorola etc etc all there selling very similar products, Nokia phones would not have differentiated from the rest and they would be in an even worse mess than they are now.

    Sticking with Meego wouldn’t have been any better, as it was a completely new platform with no app support at all. The N9 might have had “rave reviews”, but consumers certainly wouldn’t bite.

    Windows Phone was the only way out for Nokia. But you can’t expect the turnaround to have worked within a year, and neither can the Nokia board.

    • kassler

      MeeGo Harmattan is linux, native C++ support. There is huge app support because it is easy for C++ developers to port applications

    • URNumber6

      kassler is right, not only that but the developers of Alien Dalvik demonstrated it running Android apps flawlessly on the N9.

      • SupaRawr93

        I didn’t know that. Then again, the Playbook has/is getting Android app support, and look how well that has done :P

    • Gangadhar K

      hey man, Samsung, HTC, LG, etc are also manufacturing WP only for long time. You still may be a kid. Nokia is not the first to manufacture WP phones.

      Then, why people dont know this fact ? Simly because WP is a bogus OS and hence did not gain any popularity even though Samsung and others was producing their phones.

      Now, you understand how bogus, how bad, how useless WP OS is ?

      Then, still why Nokia solely went this this unproved OS ? That is because of Microsoft’s illegal partnership to kill well-selling Symbian and go with WP-only, and not with popular Android.

      • SupaRawr93

        First of all, I’m not a kid, mate, I have reached the age of majority in my state and/or province :P

        You’re quite correct, Samsung, HTC, LG, Dell had already released Windows Phones at the time, and ZTE have started now. However, in contrast with Android where every manufacturer had thrown out dozens of phones with different feature sets at every price point, totally saturating the market, they had only released 1 Windows Phone each (in HTC’s case, 2 or 3). In the world of Android they would have just ended up being a “me-too” manufacturer making phones basically the same as everyone else. Windows Phone allowed them to do something different and stand out from the Android crowd. And, to be honest, it’s working.

        To be honest, I wouldn’t call the Android OS “popular” by any stretch of the margin. It might sell well, yeah. A few of my friends own Android smartphones, and quite a few of them don’t like Android. People get Android phones because they’re cheap, not because the OS is any good. If money was no object, they’d all have iPhones, guaranteed. Most already do.

        Symbian hasn’t sold well for years. They’ve been losing market share in leaps and bounds ever since the iPhone was released. It can’t compete as a smartphone OS. Nokia aren’t killing it, either, it’s being used as its feature phone and budget smartphone OS, replacing Series 40.

        Also, Please enlighten me on how MS’s partnership is illegal, and how Windows Phone is a bogus OS, too, I’d love to know.

  • 8PAQ

    To paraphrase a Finish saying, using Android by Nokia would be like peeing in your pants for warmth during winter. It would only gives you positive short term results.

    • AppleFUD

      So, how is it different than using WP7? Not saying they should but both Android & WP7 are open to. . . well, nearly anyone that wants to make a device with either OS.

      Because MS is paying Nokia to converge their app store into MS’s?
      Nokia can make some minor tweaks to WP7?
      MS is straight up paying them? While they crash and burn.

  • wonshikee

    This sounds just like the whole “Zune chasing iPod” thing. They’re chasing Android/iOS, there is no compelling reason for people to switch to WP. All they’ve proven so far is that they can do tasks slightly

    Microsoft should just focus on W8 tablets/pcs. As far as Nokia, who knows where they’ll be in a few years.

  • dinmab

    for all those who say nokia shdnt go android way to differentiate itself : how is nokia differentiating itself with WP OS ?? Samsung has WP devices , so is htc and MS never had any exclusive deal with nokia. if WP OS is a hit all manufactures will jump to WP OS. The decision to ditch symbian to WP OS was clearly pushed by Elop who is working for MSFT.

  • MustardCrack

    The lumia 900 is the highest reviewed device right now on, i think, on every major retail site.. You can’t expect a company to completely bounce back within just one or two years.. give it some time. I feel like the author just doesn’t like nokia or wp7.. The insane 5star after 5 star reviews on amazon paint a different story.

    • Wait and Watch

      @MustardCrack: You siad it right. Nokia needs more time to bounce back.
      Additionally, many articles come up talking about WP market share and then co-relate Nokia’s decision to go with the platform. What’s important to understand is that Nokia wasn’t even selling in majority of markets during that period; infact had just launched. Lets wait and see this quarters numbers. As they said at Lumia launch – This is the real windows phone. Look at the efforts of other WP manufacturers and you can appreciate how true that statement is.

      • xoj_21

        nokia really expected their user to mindless choose windows phone, but they choose android, cuz it had nokia features.

    • xoj_21

      reviews of the n9 were better and overall n9 still better device than lumia 900, and it sold well even sold at small markets and limited quantities

  • ConCal

    I thought it was lame when Nokia started navigated toward a WP7 only model. however, now, I don’t really care. Their luminia phones are phone I would not choose over the One X or the GSIII.
    I only think it’s a matter of time before they make Android phones, I give it a year and a half.

  • Mak D’Uniq

    Nokia with meego again…yupieee….!

  • Mak D’Uniq

    going with meego have some chance. I really liked nokia n9..its UI is superb. App support…meego is a newbie ;)


    A lot of important facts, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Nokia will not survive and I bet that WP7/W8 goes after. Microsoft will fight with W8 in tablets and handsets will be postponed….And I bet more: Microsoft will not buy the “poisoned Nokia”. Who wants handset fatories? Today everybody copies Apple that doesn’t have it. Siemens venture only make losses. Navitec isn’t important after Google Maps. Only patents can be sold, but at that moment, Nokia will be dead. Game over for Nokia. As ever, Microsoft is alone again. To tell the truth, no partner ever survived Microsoft.

  • Mamoon Noorestani

    Nokia should have launched Windows Phones in October/November this year, because Microsoft is releasing the new Windows Phone Apollo OS which will support expandable storage, 1.5 Ghz dual-core processors and several other high-end specifications.

  • Samsung fan

    nokia cant switch to Android couse of the Microsoft deal like he said. how ever they can still put on good fight with there new phone that has 45 megapixel camera

    • xoj_21

      windows phone ist not gotta get this til next year and its gotta be too late by them.

      they should have launched android and make their own swype UX skin

  • tBs_Battousai

    Might not be able to touch Android but what about “boot to geko” or “tizen”
    are they off the table as well I wonder…

  • speculatrix

    Whilst maemo wasn’t ready for the mass market until after the n900 was a mature if not to say old product, it could have been polished up. However, IMHO, Nokia only gave maemo a fraction of the resources it gave Symbian, and relied totally on community efforts.
    Nokia then really screwed up trying to get Intel to take up the burden by merging with Moblin to make meego, and upset the community by dumping GTK+ and adopting Qt.
    Meego is now screwed, but Samsung seem to be rescuing it in the Tizen project.

    Overall then, you couldn’t deliberately screw things up worse if you tried!

    Sure, Nokia might not have gained a large share of the smartphone market with android, but a 20% share of a huge market is better than 100% of the tiny WP7 market.

  • ScrewPoliticalCorrectness

    What a load of bull!

  • Guest

    I just can’t fathom why this author is dismissing Nokia. I’ve not seen a better design and build quality in any of the recent phones(HTC, Samsung etc.) than in the Lumia phones. Only Apple is close in terms of design. Samsung phones have such a plastic feel and almost all their Galaxy phones have the same design.

    And one of the main reasons why the Lumia series has been so well recieved by critics and users alike is that they have the Windows Phone platform. The Windows Phone 7.5 Mango is the best operating system in terms of user interface and innovation. Android phones don’t even come close. The only laggigng part is that windows system is deficient in apps. But the Marketplace is increasing constantly.

    More time should be given to Nokia and Windows Phone. After all even Android didn’t become what it is now in one day.

    • Jay

      Nokia are cutting of their nose to spite their face. It’s a no brainer, if Nokia released Android phones they would blow away Samsung & HTC. Nokia handsets and camera is much better than Samsungs and HTC’s. Most people have owned a Nokia and wouldn’t hesitate to go back to them if they had a decent OS. Answer = Android. It’s not rocket science, Nokia have their heads up their….(you know what).

      • Gfsfa

        I owned a nokia once – a 3200 which broke after 2 years (yeah, the screen decided to not turn on anymore, exactly after the end of its warranty, go figure..)

        After that I’ve always chosen samsung (the first one was broken in an accident after 5 years of service, the second one is at 3 years and still rocking)

        My brother broke his 5230 after not even a year (it’s just not turning on anymore, with its button blinking)

        I really don’t get how the myth of nokia quality spread, I guess it’s because of some old models which were nearly indestructible (namely the 3310).
        Their cameras are nice, but nothing to gaze at.

    • AppleFUD

      While I agree that Nokia designs and builds some great hardware I wouldn’t throw apple into their level — they really only design and often not all that great especially when you consider how fragile their devices are. I would rather have a “plastic” Samsung that can withstand a 3′ drop than a device that will totally shatter.

      Nonetheless, having the best design or even hardware isn’t enough and never has been. People are sold by marketing and what is currently “in” and right now that is NOT WP7.

      Let us not forget that WebOS was well received by critics, and having owned a couple WebOS devices I can safely say those “critics” are idiots — it was poorly executed and the hype/praise over the OS was not founded in reality but theory.

      MS/Nokia might have a chance. I don’t think that we’ll know until Win8 phones come out and we see what the new platform is all about. Nonetheless, like apple found out with the PC wars, it isn’t necessarily the “best” that wins.

      • Piyushchhabra02

        Well, I’ve used both Android and iOS. Windows phone is a very different experience altogether. It brings in a breath of fresh air. While I agree that some of the Android smartphones are brilliant, I’ve not really seen anything that is unique in the OS in the recent, just-launched smartphones.

        And yes, I agree that WP 7.5 is not selling like hot cakes, but that’s because they’re relatively new. The demand Nokia Lumia 900, although has overtaken its supply in the US. and yes, with windows 8 not too far, I hope Nokia and Microsoft come up with something great.

        • Defortunato

          Thanks for the heads up Mr Ballmer!

    • NAH

      feel , feel are you fcking serious, which phone has the best taste ftard

  • MeegoFan

    i hope!

  • URNumber6

    I agree with most of the article with the exception of one or two points:

    Symbian clearly was competitive years after the iPhone’s launch, it massively outsold iOS head to head for 16 quarters right up until Elop announced it EOL. Even now, another year further on, Symbian has a good deal of functionality not found in iOS.

    I agree most Symbian users are much more likely to migrate to Android, it’s the most natural progression available now. However I don’t think that migration would be inevitable if Symbian hadn’t been announced EOL thus losing carrier/retailer support.

    I have a number of Android devices, tablets and games console, and I like Android a lot but I still prefer a Symbian phone. Why? – Power consumption. Functionally there’s not much to chose between the two but while Symbian gently sips at the battery Android glugs it down in great big gulps. It’s a complaint I hear over and over again.

    With an improved, simplified UI, which is what NOKIA were working towards (although rather too slowly) before Elop’s sabotage, I don’t see any reason to believe Symbian was finished.

    • guy

      MeeGo was the way to go….then Elop ****** that up aswell.

  • Daniel

    Nokia pleeeeeease :

    – send CEO eFlop to hell
    – focus on Meego

    The N9 is the greatest smartphone I’ve ever seen. Much better than iPhone.

    How crazy must Nokias CEO be, to deny to sell it in major markets ?
    This guy is so ridiculous !
    Elop is probably the worst CEO in history ever.

    • MHM

      his name is e*Flop* how can he make good product?

    • guy

      i wanted to get android, but then my mum (Im 18) got me an N9. it is the best phone ever, the hardware is brilliant BUT its the MeeGo sofware that really enthralls me. its magnificent. so fluid and effortless. now I look at androids and think “you fool, why would get that crap, when you can have an N9?” when I heard Nokia were dropping MeeGo…i couldve killled.

  • Cedarsmen

    If Nokia can’t have Android OS for a period of time, then they should push Meego OS more and more.

  • JD!

    Any source from where you got this news?

    No indications from Nokia suggest that they are going towards Meego / Symbian. Although I would like them to go that way!

    The article seems based on pure guesses and what a sane mind will do. Pls. mind that Elop is not a sane guy!

  • Loved to read this article. But I also question like JDI: Where are those news from? I really don’t think there is any evidence that Nokia (or should I already say Microsoft?) will go again towards Meego&Symbian – even if this would be the right decision, as we all know. Especially after Nokia took the N9 off from several website, as I read over there:

    The Nokia we have now certainly doesn’t act in the interest of the Finnish Nokia company. The European company has been taken over by American moles (in other words Microsoft and it’s shareholders). Thanks to Elop (who own a huge amount of MS shares) Windows Phone gained a little bit of marketshare and WP concurrences like Symbian and Meego got destroyed. On the other side we have Nokia which lost many of its loyal customers to other companies, lost a knowledge of about 10 years (since Elop fired all those people), lost an amazing operation system millions were spent in to produce it and next to all Nokia lost an incredible amount of money and marketshare.

    No CEO who wants to help Nokia would do that! Nokia earns like 500mio only from patents every year and they are very valuable (not only money-wise). Microsoft certainly is after them!

    First I didn’t believe in such evil ideas, but more and more it’s the only way to understand the big fail of Nokias managament.

  • ajck


    1.) Android is NOT a good alternative to Symbian in any, shape or form. It is a considerable technical step back. Symbian is MUCH more advanced, efficient and fully featured than even the latest versions of Android, which have fundamental architectural flaws, not to mention Android is horribly fragmented

    2.) Symbian didn’t just used to be a very advanced OS, it is still easily the most advanced, most efficient and most fully featured out there. This can be easily proven with a point by point comparison between the OSes, but is also proven by Symbian Belle FP1’s (the latest version) feature list, battery life, and so on.

    3.) > So Symbian really is a dead-end,
    It didn’t have to be. Nokia had the perfect strategy before the Microsoft crew infected it. The excellent, world leading Qt development platform was standard on Symbian, back engineered to support earlier phones, and forward engineered to support the next gen platform, MeeGo. As far as the developers and users were concerned it was a smooth bridge from one generation to the next. Nokia ditched that too with WinPho which of course does not support Qt.

    • Oijadif

      I really don’t see that much quality in symbian but i wholeheartedly agree about the transition to meego.
      It could have been perfect BUT practically it has been a mess:

      There was no unified direction among developers (some were developing using GTK, some were using Qt), there was no plan, the development kit was premature to say the least – and for us developers it’s been a continuous flow of forgotten promises.
      I still have a never used n900 due to that.

      With the N9 everything was perfect thought, it’s a shame microsoft got their hands there before.
      I believe the old management board is the one to blame. If somebody would have enforced a strong direction at the n900 times, MAYBE the n9 could have come earlier and could have saved nokia itself.

  • n8user

    Why Android is better than Nokia Belle?
    Somebody tell me, 10 things that Android can do but Belle cant ‘do.

    • donttrollmepeople

      i can think of one off the top of my head.

      android sells.

    • Bakerher123

      Its not that its better Nokia should have made android windows and kept symbakbian all together. android sells right now a will give nokia the cash flow to stay in bussines until they could come up with a solution. Wp7 could be big butwill take time android is big now and nokia is one of the best phone maker out there .

  • Shat

    Total shat article. Total anti-Microsoft bias.
    What more would expect from this hack writer.

  • I’d buy one

    I certainly remember Nokia’s hardware back before the smartphone craze. If Nokia would employ that same tough as nails hardware and couple it with Android, yet only release 2-3 phone models and maybe a tablet a year and support the crap out of them with timely OS updates, I’d sprain my wrist in how fast I reach for my wallet.

    Samsung, HTC, etc. are really burning me out with all the introduce new model and dump previous ones support overload. It’s getting beyond ridiculous, and sooner or later that behavior is going to have ramifications with consumers.

  • Lubbalots

    Fucking android fag! Writing bullshit story! Fuck you!!

  • Lubbalots

    You fucking android mother fucker. Your article is full of lies and shitty baseless opinions.

  • Rezagz89

    I cannot totally agree with the author
    .Mobile phone producers except Nokia and Apple, all used to be somewhat just a device manufacturer(like SonyEricsson and Samsung) and use JAVA for their phones in which Samsung is now doing so better in the market than others that decides to develop its own OS (BADA) along with android.
    For Nokia it would not be acceptable to take one HUGE step back and become like one of those companies.
    I think for Nokia , of course I am not very familiar with international contacts, it would be more promising to use WP7 as its main OS and simultaneously develop its own OS , like it tried once (MeeGo), because as you can see they are already some new developers which will willingly work on MeeGo to make it a most recognized competitor against Android and produce more original ideas for a Smartphone OS ,thanks to its Open Source approach.
    I like Samsung phones and Android OS , but Nokia deserves better than adjusting its products for Android pleasure.

  • Aziz Farhi

    I heard this things in the 1st years of android’s existence .. when people were saying that it has no chance to stand between other leading great OSs such as iOS or Symbian .. 5 years later Android became one of the leading and widely used mobile operating systems .. what makes you people think that WP7 won’t follow the same path and take its place between the big ones ..!
    I actually think that WP7 has a better chance to step up since its backed up by a giant company called Microsoft with its unlimited resources .. The only issue right now is the high licence price that Microsoft charges for each copy on WP7 based phones. which rises up the prices .

    • Sundari M

      Let Microsoft produce and maintain WP at their own cost. There is no problem.

      But, why did it send its virus Elop into Nokia to kill Symbian and embrace WP-only policy ? This is a continuation of bad tactics that Microsoft has been playing, and this is why whole world hates Microsoft.

  • Bob Smith

    only dreamers could have believed that sticking a not even half baked unproven OS from one of the worst business partners one could have and by all means force this from a american-led very gross management onto soft spoken techies from Finland could ever work…

  • Slave


    “I don’t think it was just a decision that Nokia’s board or Elop made, but one that was influenced by the whole culture of the company. Many Nokia employees probably couldn’t see themselves using Android. I guess that feeling was worth more to them than saving the company in a practical manner.”

    is an utter insult.

    Since when do the EMPLOYEES of an international corp have ANY influence on the strategy or wahtsoever.
    What are you smoking?

    I am a Nokia employee and i do not know one colleague who had influence in this OR would have thought it is a good idea and support such nonsense.

    MS was never a favorite in the “NOKIA culture”.
    vice versa … always proud to deliver an OS developed in Europe as a choice.

    • allen83

      Slave if you are really are a Nokia employee then answer this question truthfully and without fear. What do you think will be the saving grace for Nokia is it the Meego Harmattan, Windows Phone or The latest Iterations of Symbian?

      • Slave

        Meego / Symbian, but never Windows Phone.

        No Nokia employee admire Microsoft, because of their bad culture or gene. They are simply killing Nokia by injecting Elop (a MSFT employee) into our Nokia.

        But, I also agree that Meego / Symbian cannot compete with Android in long run. But, our CEO must have continued them as they are in demand and slowly introduce Android and WP phones as well, just like how Samsung operates. But, this is not possible in our Nokia because of Elop, a Microsoft mad virus.

        • Chrono_trigger83

          So you mean to say that Meego and Symbian will save Nokia right. But not as competitive as Android? Maybe at first, but I read some news before they ended the Meego project many communities pledge support to Meego project but Elop didn’t budge to give it a chance. And continued support by the communities gives it a good chance to fight with Android and iOS in the long run.

          One other thing you mean to say Nokia is continuing to develop Meego because Windows Phone is not improving its sales? Or is it the other way around?

  • Spaam Me

    this is total bulshit your writing here … im a nokia fan since … forever, and i used simbian, had like most of the best nokia phones within the years, had nokia n8, n9 with MeeGo, used the WP7 and its amazing, first go an try it then talk about it …

    • Sundari M

      you dirty fan!

      WP7 may be amazing for you, but Android is super amazing for whole world !

      What is problem for Nokia to put Android on Lumia when whole world is asking ? Why stick to WP-only ? Tell me the reason you dirty SOB.

  • I would definitely choose Nokia if runs on Android.

    • Radhakrishna K

      Not alone you, huge number of customers and even all carriers have asked the same. That is, Lumia with Android. But, Nokia CEO, an MS-virus, Stephen Elop wont accept that as his interest is Windows Phone.

      Thus, Nokia death is eventual.

  • Alex Fung

    I don’t agree at all. there is no hope in Symbian or Meego. WP7 is the right direction for Nokia.

    And Android? I like Android but Android is exactly what Nokia is not. Nokia will sooner manufacture iphone than to make an Android device.

  • Sky_Guy

    it could be because windows isn’t free…it costs them money on each phone, so in theory they can make more money by using symbian..

  • Suneetha M K

    If Nokia introduces Lumia with Android, then that will put the company into right direction for growth. Currently WP-only strategy will eventually push Nokia into hell.

    Many customers, many carriers have asked for Nokia Lumia Android phones, but Mr. dirty Elop won’t hear them, as his main interest is MS and not Nokia.

    Elop is spending every penny of Nokia to boost WP. This is why Nokia is giving away its costly Lumia phones for FREE or very less price. Unfortunately, Finnish Govt is also blind and deaf and not questioning WP-only policy.

    If MS can sell WP OS to various OEMs, why can’t Nokia use various OS ? Why Nokia is required to use WP-only when MS can sell it to others ?

    If MS can also sell WP to only Nokia, then there is meaning Nokia’s WP-only policy. But that is not the case. The trap is that Nokia has to spend money to boost WP market share.

  • Sundari M

    Microsoft has injected its virus Stephen Elop into Nokia as its CEO, just to :

    1. Kill Symbian ( a well selling OS but competitor to WP )

    2. Use WP-only for next 5 years ( and fact is MS can sell WP to other OEMs )

    This illegal partnership has almost killed Nokia. This all is a well-planned bad business tactics by dirty Microsoft.

    Otherwise, why a company’s CEO would kill its well-selling OS in favour of a 2% market share, unproven, bullish and useless OS, that to wholly committing to it without any alternative plans ? Is WP so great and Android so bad ?

    WP may be ok but it cannot compete with iOS and Android, and hence Nokia is going to die soon. That is for sure, and all this is a pre-planned illegal activity by Microsoft. There is no doubt about that.

  • EktoS

    This article is such a bullscheisse. Are you kidding me, symbian is dying?:))))). You think that only america is on this planet? Grow up boy. Asia is all about symbian and is way bigger then america, rusia is nokia, and eastern europe the same. Learn, than post dumbest article ever. Are you an iphone fanboy? you shure seem like!

  • Jinn

    p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }

    Meego was the natural successor to Windows and iOS.

    Powerful, efficient, safer, ubiquitous and open source. It could run on phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and even cars.

    With QT, it was write once run everywhere. Literally.

    Developers would have fallen over each other to support it. All users would have benefited.

    It would have been the end of the iron fist rule of Microsoft and Apple overnight.

    This is the reason for the covert take over of Nokia by Microsoft. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    Nokia means nothing to Microsoft now as the destruction is complete. It is just a matter of disassembling Nokia piecemeal and assimilating the useful parts.

    A most elegant demonstration of the power and effectiveness of extend, embrace and extinguish.

    Bravo Balmer!

  • rakesh

    Nokia if u give front camera for video calling in 311 then u defintely grab ur market


  • Jinn

    p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }

    Meego spirit

    Meego is the natural successor to Windows and iOS.

    Powerful, efficient, safer, ubiquitous and open source. It could run on phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and even cars.

    With QT, it is write once run everywhere. Literally.

    The Meego Team may have to leave now because of Elop. However, if the trojan is removed and commitment shown by the new Chairman to return to the path of Meego, the developers and programmers will return to Espoo in droves.

    The spirit and passion of true Nokia innovation lives in Meego. Developers and users know this.

    Android cannot take its place. Only Meego can make Nokia stand out from the crowd and have the potential to lead the pack in the smartphone race once again.

    Three Meego OS updates in 1 year. They say words speak louder than words. More updates than any Windows Phone, Android and iOS hero phone to date.

    This shows how much effort and resource continues to be invested in M%ego.

    It is certainly not Dead!

    On the contrary, the future is Meego, not Windows.

  • guy

    Nokia should have continued MeeGo, adopted Android and have some WP as well, to have something for everyone. i wanted an Android, luckily, I ran into MeeGo, and its the best thing ever. however, wat happens two years from now, when my N9 is gone? i dont want windows, i wont be able to have meego. so Nokia would have excluded me automatically…stupid

  • Ken V.

    Microsoft handheld OS has always lagged behind and always will, IOS. Is a clean, smooth and simple OS but the d
    Hand set is very dated and offers the consumer no other choice, Nokia makes the best handsets in the world. I simply hacked my N8 and installed androids gingerbread, so nice, if Nokia and Android hooked up, A+ Home Run. Better yet carriers and software providers should offer Handsets allacart ie, I will take a Nokia N8 with the new Jellybean OS by Android, or perhaps an N8 with IOS., Meego or Symbian. That’s consumer friendly.

  • Mel

    I honestly don’t understand why people wouldn’t want to use Symbian. Especially the newest ‘Symbian Belle’, it looks so nice, and from the tards saying they have stolen the ideas from Android, well that is just ridiculous. You can only make the UI so many different ways, and the similarities they are talking about, are the same with iOS, Android, and Symbian. I personally prefer my Symbian phone, and would really like to get one of the newest touch-screen models with Symbian Belle, but unfortunately Nokia doesn’t offer their newer Symbian phones thru my carrier, so I’m unable to get anything like that. That’s been Nokia’s biggest problem I’d say, they should have updated Symbian to where it’s at now with ‘Belle’, years ago, and also offered their best phones with CDMA carriers. Of course now they are offering their WP7 phones thru Verizon, but I don’t want one of those. I want a newer Symbian Belle phone. Nokia have the best quality phones available, and it’s very unfortunate they don’t have the right people working for them calling the shots. I really like Android OS, but I actually look at Symbian as Android done right. The battery life is so much better, it’s not as resource hungry, and it’s a great looking operating system. Honestly, they should have done more market research, before switching over to a Windows based OS, because people are sick of using Windows on their computers, why would they want the insecure OS on their phones too.

  • Simtouch

    WP7 was a flop but Nokia will be using WP8 on the Lumia 900 and 910 so from that point they have not ran away from the OS