Nokia’s former luxury phone unit to unveil an Android smartphone next month

by: ŠtefanJanuary 29, 2013

Nokia used to make these insanely expensive phones under a brand called “Vertu”. Did these devices have any exotic components? Nope. Most of them were boring Series 40 phones (translation: dumb phones) that were simply covered in diamonds, gold, and other tacky precious gems that people with more money than common sense love to admire. There were a few Symbian powered Vertu phones, but not many.

Due to Nokia’s financial situation, they decided to get rid of Vertu during the latter half of 2012. It was sold to an investment firm called EQT. The CEO of EQT is none other than Anssi Vanjoki, who used to be a very high level executive at Nokia, but he quit because he didn’t get picked as Nokia’s new CEO. EQT has been very vocal about their desire to make Android phones, and now, thanks to a rumor from Eldar Murtazin, the Editor in Chief of Mobile-Review, we know that Vertu’s first Android phone might land as soon as next month. It’s going to cost around 3,000 Euros, which sounds like a lot, but that’s actually going to be Vertu’s cheapest device.

Do we know what OS this thing will run? No. Do we know what it’s going to look like? No. Are any of you going to buy this device once it hits the market? If you’re in the oil business, sure, but otherwise … no. Why are we covering it then? Because “Android” and “Luxury” are two words you normally don’t seen in the same sentence. If Vertu manages to somehow make Android classy, then maybe it’ll help inspire other companies to do the same? At least that’s what we hope will happen.

  • Dan

    Stupid Elop.

    • Raphael Tal

      dont you get it yet? when you look at elop what do you see…. ill give you a hint: imagine big stitches around the top of his head and a huge pin sticking through his neck. Thats right, FRANKENSTEIN. Soon the linch mob will burn his house down and chase him out of Finland …. and then android can flourish on nokia and I can hand my phone to someone to show them a picture without ALL the buttons accidentally being pressed because they are too soft or because of retarded buttons at the bottom of the phone that my GS3 has and that I know nokia will not. oh yea and nokia stock will skyrocket. LETS JUST HOPE THESE FINNS GOT THE BALLS TO DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

  • whatsbeefy

    That phone looks like a laggy piece of shit

    • The phone you see is an old Symbian model. Not the Android.

  • Overpriced.. My SII can do better and its hard plastic.. No need to worry about the gold plated pieces been scratched or chopped of.

    • ccsvchost

      its hand made with premium materials. this phone is not meant for normal people, its for the rich who want to show their status. (these phones are especially popular in the Russian market as well)

  • dont hate

    haters gon hate

  • rolan

    oh come on people, this is a good start.
    perhaps if vertu success with android, nokia will follow ? :)

  • Gromanon

    Android is has quality ZERO! Sure most used Mobile OS out there, but its slow as crap and no poor quality comparing to Windows Phone and iOS!

    • ccsvchost

      The only good mobile os out there are Symbian, Meego, and BB10

  • Adam kAE

    soon, shitty android is going to exile.. Poor multitasking.. Moreover sailfish, ubuntu, firefox os r having better functionality.. Sailfish does supports nearly all the android apps.. So, good bye laggy android… -an s2 user

  • Quryous


    I wouldn’t say I was excited, but interested. It is always interesting to see another’s take on any problem. What they do with an android phone should be interesting (I didn’t say USEFUL, though I hope it is, just interesting).

  • Dan

    I can see most of the people here will be only happy to see a Nokia running IOS.