Nokia takes a snap at Samsung, with a play on Nestle’s KitKat “Have a break…” tagline

by: Chris SmithSeptember 5, 2013

Nokia KitKat attack on Samsung

Nokia released a short tweet message yesterday with an attached image, taking a hit at Samsung by using a play on the tagline from Nestle’s KitKat marketing campaigns.

The message reads “Have a break, have a…” and shows an image of a Galaxy S4 that’s broken in half.

The tagline for Nestle’s well-known candy is “Have a break… have a Kit Kat” – and the tagline is also very famous, so Nokia is clearly using it exactly because Google’s next-gen Android version has been confirmed to be called Android 4.4 KitKat.

From the looks of it, the former king of the phone business – which will become a Microsoft subsidiary – is definitely not afraid to fight the current king of the phone business.

The tweet attack is all the more interesting as it was released on the day Samsung announced three new products including the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 10 (2014 Edition).

This isn’t the first time Nokia takes snappy shots at the competition, with a recent hilarious ad making fan of the Apple vs Samsung fan wars, and chances are we’ll see similar promotions in the future, especially considering that Microsoft has a similar ad strategy targeting Google.

Of course, of all mobile players, Samsung can certainly expect such challenges from competitors, given its position atop the phone business. After all, the South Korean giant is not a stranger itself from releasing ads that make fun of the competition (in its case Apple) for marketing purposes, so it can’t be surprised to see others hit back.

  • Jack Parker

    Thats looks like a Galaxy S4…

    • Vardan Nazaretyan

      • OMGgary

        It said S3 5 minutes ago before it was edited.

        • Vardan Nazaretyan


          • Jack Parker

            Yes, Yes it did. Make sure you read it all before you start trolling ;)

          • Vardan Nazaretyan

            I’ll make sure next time. :)

    • Chris Smith

      It is the S4, typo corrected, thanks for the heads up.

  • I actually think that’s a pretty good ad for Android. I guess you could call it a negative spin with the broken phone, but I think it could work both ways :P

    • OMGgary

      Nice of Nokia to remind the world of Samsung, Android and KitKat. How is this supposed to make me want a Nokia smartphone – if such a thing will even still exist in the aftermath of Microsoft taking over the Lumia and Asha lines. :-/

  • OMGgary

    Jack is right Chris, that is a Galaxy S4 not a S3. The home button is more central on the bottom bezel in the S4 and the camera/sensors at the top bezel are different locations also. Plus the metal band around the outside. Deffo S4.

    • Vardan Nazaretyan

      The article says S4.

      • OMGgary

        Yes after it was edited.

        • Vardan Nazaretyan


    • Jack Parker

      Thank you!

  • mobilemann

    i came into this expecting kids to be freaking out ~ well done android authority!!! It’s just an ad and you know it!

    • mobilemann

      sigh, i spoke way too soon.

  • Bone

    Kit-kat is not even Sammy’s thing yet they get the free advertisement from Nokia… not a bad day at the office in Korea haha.

  • djkfbiwef

    That’s it! I’m buying a Nokia phone…

    Actually, pretty lame stuff again from Microkia, at least they’re consistent.

  • LOL

  • David Loman

    Well, what can I say… I was still expecting Nokia to adopt Android in the near future and thus prevent it from going downhill. Looks like Microsoft’s (not Nokia) strategy is mocking Android and Apple in an attempt to increase their sells, but that wont’t work. With Nokia officialy becoming a Microsoft subsidiary, they just signed their death sentence. Shame on Microsoft and Lumia. You can’t beat your opponents by mocking them. That’s just a sign of weakness

    • MasterMuffin

      Meanwhile Samsung mocked Apple a lot and became the biggest phone manufacturer in the world. Mocking works, though it’s still stupid :)

      • Ivan Budiutama

        I am not really sure it is the cause of Samy’s great success. I still think that the patent war is the best ad of all. The mocking is just the result of it and people thought it’s kinda cool which is actually wrong in many senses.

      • yomachaser

        That’s….that’s not why they became successful.

        • Android

          No, copying is why.

    • OMGgary

      When I heard them say MS were getting a 10 year “non-exclusive” access to Nokia’s patents the other day, it did make me wonder a bit if Nokia had something else up their sleeve that we weren’t hearing about. But this obviously anti-Android as well as anti-Samsung tweet pretty much shows that they ain’t getting any friendlier towards Bugdroids or their choice of confectioneries and desserts.

    • Toron James

      Just because Samsung sells more does not mean its the best, besides didn’t Samsung do this to Iphone not to long ago?.

      Lumia 1020 vs GS4

      • David Loman

        Well, I never said anything about Samsung being better because it sells more, did I? Besides, if Samsung was mocking Apple on their ads is because they have what to compete with . Nokia only has a camera with what to compete. So far, Sammy has been the only one to kick Apple’s butt. The nonsense here is that Nokia is mocking Android Kit Kat with a Samsung image on it. Meaning that they’re targeting Samsung when Samsung has nothing to do with the OS version. Samsung doesn’t create the OS, Google does. So, you can see by that, Nokia’s weak point. They’re targeting the actual king of the hill. It’s like an ant trying to bring down an elephant.

  • Eric Santos

    Funny how Nokia doesn’t sell even half as much smartphones as Samsung does and they make an ad like that.

    • meh

      actually nokia does sell half of samsung. and when you see wt samsung sells, like same body with same shit inside but a diff name, meh you had to see this coming

      • Eric

        It’s not that I like Samsung’s phones, but Nokia does sell less than half Windows Phones of Samsung Android phones.

      • Denny Crane

        I hope you’re not referring to the S3 and the S4- the S4 went from 4 cores to 8, 720p to 1880p, a larger display, and a lot of other upgrades. I dunno… maybe you’re lost on the internet and were thinking this was about televisions or something.

      • Mikael Chuaungo

        actually no, nokia does not sell half of samsung. Even if you combine all the sales of their dumbphones, Asha and Lumia, it still cannot beat the sales of S series like S3,S3mini,S4,S4mini,S4 Zoom

  • Leon Slabbert

    Mmmmmmmm..I wonder is it conecting…people or loosing people ;-) sounds more like loosing bilions of people lol.. shame. Go Sammy go..go Android go you Tops..

    • APai

      disconnecting people

      • Leon Slabbert

        So true.. so true .. now we can add.. peeing off android people ;-)

        • APai

          it’s a crying shame. i used to love nokia, too bad microsoft cancer struck them.

          • Leon Slabbert

            Android, Samsung is freedome… we may an can use any browser we want want.. me to old Nokia fan but after my C2, Galaxy 2 and now Galaxy Note 2… no going back for me…. I Love my android freedome.. Chrome, Firefox, Opera……

          • Ahmet C.

            Yeah freedom! *cough* region lock *cough*

  • APai

    wow. nokia simply cannot sell their phones, and they have to resort at taking pot shots. imagine the kind of publicity kitkat and android phones will have soon. nokia is simply jealous of the whole campaign.

    • mobilemann

      can you tell me what about this advert made you angry? Samsung does this all the time. I’m guessing it’s cause you have a samsung phone. (so do I)

      Defending your phone on such a personal level is kinda pathetic.

      • David Loman

        I don’t see APai going angry. And, you saying that defending your phone is pathetic… then, what it is that you’re doing? Defending Nokia I guess. Samsung does this all the time? Samsung stopped doing ads attacking iPhone a long time ago. I think you’re just stuck on that dude. Nobody here goes angry at Nokia’s lame publicity. Instead, it’s like a joke. Makes us laugh. I am holding a Nokia Lumia in my hands right now (I am configuring some stuff for a client) and I can tell you… I would never EVER switch to any windows phone. But, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So I don’t see where all this nagging of yours is coming from. Anyways…

        • mobilemann

          Maybe you’ve been around children too long then. last time samsung did a dig at apple was this year, may 15th; (not a long time ago, and it was their style for a long time) Funny that i would be defending Nokia, As i haven’t owned a nokia device since the hottests phone game was snake. (also, i own a gs2, gnex, and gs2, and i’m going to get a note 3.) You must read pretty bad, as i even mention it.

          Yes, defending your phone is pathetic. As for nobody here is angry; “wow. nokia simply cannot sell their phones” “have to resort at taking pot shot” “nokia is simply jealous of the whole campaign.” (His entire post is just insults to nokia), indicating he was personally offended by the ad. Another one is “Shame on Microsoft and Lumia. You can’t beat your opponents by mocking them. That’s just a sign of weakness”

          vote me down because i don’t freak out over OEM bullshit? are you kidding? Or 10?

          • David Loman

            Dude, get a break!!!! You’re the angry guy here hahaha. I can’t believe all the BS you throw because of what people think. What’s wrong about defending a brand anyways? I don’t really defend any brand, I honestly always throw shit at iPhone and I tell my friends about how good the GS4 or the HTC One is. When something is good you recommend it. When you buy a car and you think it’s the best car you haver ever owned, you would of course recommend it and defend its brand. What’s wrong with that? You thinking that THAT is pathetic is actually pathetic. You can think whatever you want man, don’t be angry. These are just people expressing their opinions. What you’re doing is the act of a dictator or a communist to say the least.

          • mobilemann

            first, “get a break?” (lol). ~ I’m the angry one for saying don’t get mad at an ad? (that was my entire post)

            “I can’t believe all the BS you throw”

            lol ~ can you cite examples? (besides this being a clear example of how much more worked up over this you are than i am? ;D) This should be funny; as my only point was “don’t get upset over commercials” and “other oem’s do this all the time” I would honestly say you reaction is far stronger than mine; which is why i question your age; lol.

            “you would of course recommend it and defend its brand.”

            recommend it; yes. Freak out at a competitor for an ad they placed? Pathetic.

            “What you’re doing is the act of a dictator or a communist to say the least.”

            oh, i see. Me expressing my opinion that people shouldn’t lash out over an advertisement, is actually me repressing people. I didn’t see this entire time until just now. The only sick thing about this conversation is, you think you have points. but please, reach further, this is an android site, and i’ve “defended nokia” by asking people why an ad made them react angrily.

          • David Loman

            Lol. I remember when I was a teenager and I would be trolling on other teenagers questioning their age because of their comments. That really doesn’t offend me (nor that it was your intention). Good luck trying to find it out. And well, thumbs up for your upcoming acquisition (Note 3).

      • APai

        sorry, I don’t have a samsung phone, never had one so far. what was so personal about it that you found it pathetic ? what I said is the reality !! they can’t sell phones so they are resorting to this nonsense. funny, that you seem to be excessively worried!!!

        • mobilemann

          what was so personal about it that you found it pathetic?

          sigh; i find people taking the ad’s literally, and responding to them as if they were being spoken to themselves, to be pathetic:D

          nothing more:D Still going to buy me a note 3:D

          • APai

            “what was so personal about it that you found it pathetic?”
            I never said pathetic, YOU DID. lols

    • jeff

      Sammy does not even have to reply, advert or any other form of adverts. Their phones are the best and will continue to sell and break record sales. Go Sammy
      .. keep it up !!!

  • Genti Xhanari

    I didn’t think it would come to this but here we are:

    • mobilemann

      if you act like this add is a direct attack against you personally, you should probably stop.

      /technology, not a team sport kids.

  • Chris Hall

    The tagline is “Give me a break not have a break…”

    • OMGgary

      Don’t know about other parts of the world, but in Europe it is “Have a break…”. The truck in the pic is a UK reg.

      • OMGgary

        … and here’s a pack of KK minis I bought today in Ireland

        • Mikael Chuaungo

          is that a tatoo or smthing u randomly wrote

  • Mystery Man

    You people upset over this ad are just as bad as the apple fanboys who cry about Samsung and Nokia advertisements

  • Lee

    The only drawback of lumia series was the window OS.Since it’s not even closer to Gingerbread in terms of functionality and Apps(not to mention quality apps).If Microsoft doesn’t sort that out in a year or so they can’t even think about competing with android.Focusing entirely on camera phones and mocking Samsung won’t help either.

  • Cristi13

    Go home nokia, you’re dead.

  • Mohd Danial

    Wait for it… Nokia.. u do realise its gonna trigger a Karma…. Samsung just skyrocketed

  • Hmm

    Its more like the other way round Nokia..

  • Piyush

    Now only if they invest in making better phones, and not just making better cameras in phones.

  • james

    apples products are out Samsung in who would of guessed way to go samung im a Samsung fan

    • Brandon Miranda

      I couldn’t tell. Thanks a lot Sherlock but check again. Fanboy here.

  • Denny Crane

    Yay, Nokia! Windows phones drove them down to a 4% market share and now they’re being bought by Micrososft (Anyone remember HP buying the failing Palm? Yeah, like that). Nokia can attempt all the wit they want, but the facts are- no one wants their phones.

  • Manan Adhvaryu

    Mmmmmm…..That looks tasty #kitkat

  • gommer strike

    And yet how many people are using Samsung’s, vs how many people you see using Lumia’s.

    It does not matter who’s “better” than who. What will the everyday user buy? They speak, and rightfully so, with their wallets.

  • jeff

    My gss4 Is far better than any nokia ive seen.

  • noonesfanboy

    I love reading comments like these below, an editorial or an article is written either about Apple or Nokia/Microsoft and you get to see all these Psuedo-tech/androidfanboys hit it like its football night! little boys and girls, get a life please for goodness sakes. if you put that much passion on more important things rather than who makes the best darn smartphone or os, the world will be a much better place, although with I’m not really sure with you bunch lol