Nokia Normandy press render reportedly leaks, reveals user interface

by: Chris SmithJanuary 13, 2014

Nokia Normandy

That rumored Nokia Normandy Android handset is unofficially popping online more and more often, which means that there definitely is something to it.

While Nokia is yet to unveil this handset that’s said to run a custom version of Android, renown leaker @evleaks has released what looks like a press image for the Normandy via its Spanish Twitter account.

As you can see in the image above, the Normandy is expected to arrive in several colors – assuming the product will indeed hit stores – and we finally get to look at its user interface, which hasn’t exactly been made available in previous leaks. We will remind you though, that not too long ago, the same @evleaks provided a different set of images that show various apps running on the handset (see below).

nokia normandy android

Getting back to the freshly leaked image, we’re looking at an app arrangement on the home screen that looks pretty much like Windows Phone’s Metro UI, although it’s not quite Metro UI, is it? We can also see various apps installed on the device, including Plants vs Zombies, and, from the looks of it, this device has dual SIM support.

That said, Nokia is yet to unveil the Normandy, so we can get back to waiting for an official announcement. Anyone looking forward to a Nokia Android device, even if it’s an entry-level device that runs a forked Android version?

  • MadCowOnAStick

    If it has bad specs we can just say Microsoft is trying to make Android look bad k?

    • That would be a terrible plan. Invest a bunch of money in a phone just “to make android look bad,” when if anything, it would only reflect on the phone itself?

      This is an intentional entry phone, and is likely a potential asha replacement or entry alternative to the 520.

      • Simos Katsiaris

        They did it before

      • AA :P

        normandy – beach head strategy , to build interest, excitement towards nokia/ lumia products. theyve been talking about it for 2 years. sadly, nokia is being digested by MS, so this will be an unsupported, half baked product from ms

    • Fuji

      I doubt it. But it’s still possible, MS has lot of money.

  • Jayfeather787

    Looks like windows on Android gone wrong. Nice paper weight.

  • Fuji

    Until Nokia denies it, I believe this is true :)
    Awesome Nokia, Show ’em how Android should be done! :)

    • MadCowOnAStick

      LG denied about being the manufacturer for the Nexus 5. They lied.

      • Fuji

        That’s better then. I can hope Nokia denies Normandy only to get it launched couple months after :)

    • lorenzo woodley

      They’ve already gone on record saying the teams that where focused on. Such a device are now working on other projects sounds like a denial to me

  • Deo Reyes

    The next best phone to 3310

    • AA :P

      aah fond memories! that’s what nokia has been reduced for me. I can’t believe I was a diehard nokia fan barely 2 years ago! MS ruined nokia

  • MasterMuffin


  • Pintuchief

    New Pics of Nokia Normandy

  • Pintuchief


    • lorenzo woodley

      That shows me a dual similar phone with apps. ….it doesn’t show be a dual sim phone with android

  • Brendon Brown

    And we have a Windows Phone Android mixture … not cool.

  • amit


  • amit

    microsoft gonna destroy android using its windows ui on android and lots of junky apps :((((

  • James Windsor

    If its happens, then Nokia will be the number 1 smartphone, but it doesn’t looks like from the user interface or from the specs. I hope it will be a good. Waiting for an official announcement!

  • HeHe

    its that Nokia 5c ?

  • N2Fracture

    Looks like a bait and switch device. Get new smartphone users on a device that looks like Windows phone. Most people won’t know or care about the difference when they buy a Windows phone next time. Not until it’s too late.

  • Pinkyandperky

    At least it will be possible to root the sucker and install proper android on it without much trouble this would be nice running cyanogenmod

  • zequal

    Never care for Nokia since 3310, and have never liked the Metro UI. And I actually think Nokiaphones today are crap ugly, so I’m not touching this phone even with CyanogenMod.

  • profiler1982

    this device is “trojan horse”. designed only to take-over android users and transfer indirectly to windows phone OS. look the interface! very possible scenario is possibility to install windows phone os on this device in future…. low move nokia

  • lorenzo woodley

    Wolf cry……..I’ll believe it when I see it …anyone can make tensors of phones that will never exiat