Another look at Nokia’s alleged Android-WP-Asha mutant

by: Bogdan PetrovanJanuary 16, 2014

nokia normandy ui 2

If it ever comes to market, the user interface of the Nokia Normandy may look like a cross between Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia’s own entry-level Asha operating system.

Mr. @evleaks has been supplying us with a steady trickle of leaks about the Android-powered Normandy, with the latest one giving us the best view yet at what Nokia’s Android skin could look like.

First off, the image seems to be a composite of multiple screens, showing the device’s app launcher and notification dropdown. The UI is the same as in the press render from earlier this week.

nokia normandy UI full

Like on WP, the homescreen launcher seems to be scrollable vertically, and probably users will be able to move the apps around so their preferred ones are shown on top. The tiles and widgets are also WP inspired, though some elements of Asha transpire. Overall, this looks little like the Android that most of us know and love, but we’ve seen Android launchers with even more radical designs before.

There are no Google apps to be seen, but the leak shows some apps that are present in the Play Store, but not on Asha or WP, such as BBM or Plants vs Zombies 2. It’s thought that Nokia’s Android implementation is a fork, similar to Amazon’s Fire OS, and therefore incompatible with Google’s Play Store and other licensed apps. It’s possible that the OS will allow sideloading APK files.

As for the notification dropdown, we see a variety of actionable notifications for stuff like missed calls, calendar, and Skype. Again, it’s not the typical Android dropdown, but not something that can’t be easily implemented either.

Even if these screens are real, we have to remain cautious. There’s no telling how old they are or what Microsoft’s plans for the Normandy are. There’s still a very good chance we’re all getting excited over nothing…

  • AA :P

    first nokia is dead.
    next, if nokia were to release an android phone, get one that works well, and is not a bastardized version, or something that will be supported. other than rabid nokia fans, perhaps NO ONE will buy this phone.

    /end rant

  • Amit

    normandy wid same windows interface..already a fail!!

  • Scott Anderson

    How would they ever think this is a good idea?

  • LeChuck

    I’m sure someone will make launcher from this and call it Normandy Launcher!

  • iamtravis182

    If only there was a Nokia 1020 Google Play Edition. That would be a great headline.

    • Cal Rankin

      i might pay good money for that.

      Hopefully there would eventually be a way to get a decent ROM going on the 1020

    • One can only hope.

  • A googler

    Won’t take long to root and hopefully get either a decent android build on or a proper launcher

  • Luka Mlinar

    This looks so awful that i rather revert to Symbian than use this. This is only good if you can root it an put a clean build.

  • Jayfeather787

    Well, I am glad it is something different, but WTF have they done to Android?!?!! This is hideous.

  • Ahmet C.

    So this is a gateway phone for Asha, which itself is a gateway phone Windows Phone?

    Maybe Nokia is trying to pave the way to becoming an Android phone manufacturer. Because of their contract with Microsoft they can’t do it right now but maybe when that expires…

  • systemupdate

    my problem is why cant you change the background image on WP?! and have some level of customization for your app drawer! it just lists everything, a bit stupid.

  • Data

    It just sounds overhyped to me.

  • 4beaches