Nokia Normandy Android phone development plans reportedly at “full steam ahead” (image)

by: Chris SmithDecember 10, 2013

Nokia Normandy

Even though Microsoft has received approval to purchase Nokia from its shareholders and various regulators, the Finnish company is apparently working on a device that many Android fans would love to see in stores – an actual Nokia Android handset.

Codenamed Normandy – although apparently it has other internal names – the device is reportedly still in development according to people in the know that talked to The Verge. The phone is apparently set for a 2014 launch, although it’s unclear whether this will still happen, in light of the Microsoft purchase, even if the work on the device is currently described at “full steam ahead.”

Interestingly, the Normandy has not been developed as a flagship device to take on the Galaxy S4 and HTC One models. Instead, it’s an equivalent to Nokia’s Asha family of phones that would target budget-oriented Android shoppers. More importantly, the Normandy runs a custom Android fork, as it looks like Nokia has decided to go the Amazon way with its Android plans. The phone apparently runs Android applications.

Finally, The Verge says that the image above, first published online by trusted leaker @evleaks, actually shows the Nokia Normandy. On November 25 when he posted the image, @evleaks was not sure what the device was – a real Asha or a Lumia – although it gave its name, the Nokia Normandy.

The publication also notes that the phone lacks capacitive buttons for navigation, although the image seems to indicate that at least one such button is present.

That said, we’ll notice that this is still just a rumor, so don’t get too excited about what appears to be the first Nokia Android phone ever. The device may just be the thing that convinced Microsoft to buy Nokia before it started making more Android devices.

A similar report said in September that a low-end Nokia Android phone was still in development, as Nokia was waiting for the deal with Microsoft to go through.

Would you buy a low-end to mid-range Nokia Android phone running a forked OS version?

  • Bryan Nichols


    • Aadil Bhore

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      • Jayfeather787

        Haha. Can I get my virus in blue?

        • Ebola Atemynose

          Blue virus is for n00bs. Anyone who knows their viruses wants a green virus!

  • Androidway

    I think they are better off making Android phones, because most of their phones are almost the same thing. But the screen seems a little small, like 4-inches. It would be better it it was a little bigger-at least 4.6 inches, also because the buttons are on the screen.

  • NeedName

    I thought in MS’s buyout of Nokia the agreement was that Nokia would NOT make any smartphones for, I think, 5 years????

    • APai

      I think this one was always planned by the nokia phone division folks way early, but elop scuttled just about every attempt made by the internal people to save nokia from microsoft. elop’s focus was not nokia’s best interests or seeing nokia survive, it was rather to kill nokia

      elop was phenomenally successful, he sold all divisions in nokia that had anything to with open source stuff, made sure nokia was completely at the mercy of microsoft, and made sure that nokia dint get sold to anyone else. he also brought down the price to crazy extents. he’s a genius!

  • APai

    who will buy this phone, now that they know that the devil from redmond owns nokia ? good luck selling android phones. will they support it ? nokia has been less than stellar with software updates, how will things change now ? nokia products have been very unpalatable now that microsoft has them!

    • Valtheus

      I would say you never know. Look what’s happening with Motorola’s resurrection. Of course not exactly the same thing as, Google being behind it is a different story. I think it depends on the price and quality those phones will have, for the people to support them.

    • thartist

      Veeery interesting thinking!

  • Mauricio Mo Bentz

    It’s about TIME! Nokia would of made a big difference in the Android world if they would of have joined 5 years ago!

    • Louis Meadows

      Five years ago $NOK bring out an Android would have Keep them #1, failure to do so allowed Samsung to capture the market and run away with it

    • thartist

      ‘would of have’. Priceless.

  • Louis Meadows

    Nokia S40 is getting long in the tooth, getting heavy competition from low end Androids, the move makes sense

  • Arturo Raygoza

    I wouldn’t buy it.

  • iANDROID08

    I will give it a try :D

    • Robert Delaporte

      Anything at even the low end has to compete with the new Motorola. The only reason they can afford such an endeavor is because of Google. Nokia will not have any luck there with that sort of competition. Not to mention Google will give top notch support to Motorola.

      • iANDROID08

        +1 mate :D I think this is just a trial for Nokia as for now if it sell well, maybe they should enter the high end units too :D

  • Shark Bait

    Forked android, low end . no chance.
    I think this has the same chance of coming out and and apple android …..I do like the name tbkugh lol

  • Kajol Verma

    SOme amazing facts relating to Nokia and android collaboration :

  • dean clarke

    Not the amazon root? Why would they do that it’s dead already.

  • Luka Mlinar

    Not that they have a choice. WP is a black hole that’s slowly but surely killing the brand. I would buy a Nokia Android phone in a heartbeat.

  • thartist

    NOOOOOOOO!!! NOT ANOTHER CUSTOM ANDROID FORK that drifts into a nebula!!!! Why companies have to screw it aaaaaall the time!

    KitKat as is + Nokia hardware would have been the secret recipe but, oh well… and, low-end??? What kind of splash in the market do they expect?

  • Finally Nokia is on android.Thanks to Microsoft for bringing the change.Eagerly waiting for the first android phone from Nokia.If any one in need of domain names then visit

  • Groud Frank

    Forked version of Android and midrange? That’s more than just raining on my parade. That is like a category 5 hurricane.

  • Deo Reyes

    What do you mean by forked OS?

  • zamroni

    At least 1 GB is needed to run Android properly. 512 MB is minimum for Kitkat but it will still mean struggling.
    What apps do the lower end user will use other than some popular social media apps, angry birds and chat apps? They are already available for WP and what Nokia should do is installing them by default so users don’t need to download manually.
    Because WP will likely run smoother than Android for same low spec hardware, I prefer to have low end WP phone than Android phone.

  • Barrett

    get me a 1520 running kit kat and i’ll punt my note 3 into the river