Nokia fans attack iPhone 5 in Samsung style, declare the Lumia 920 ‘the heavyweight champion’

by: AdrianSeptember 17, 2012

“Boy, that escalated quickly,” Ron Burgundy would probably say after seeing Nokia fans respond to Apple fanboys’ answers to Samsung ad comparing the Galaxy S3 with the iPhone 5.

That’s one tangled story right there, but here’s the skinny. After Apple unveiled, to much fanfare, what some of us consider only a slight upgrade to the iPhone 4S, many expected Samsung to poke fun at Tim Cook’s “new” gadget, like it has happened a bunch of times in the past.

And while that new anti-Apple TV commercial seems to be leaving us waiting, Samsung did release a print ad titled “It doesn’t take a genius,” which did not take long to become viral. Nobody expected Apple to officially respond to the ad, but the fanboys quickly came to the rescue, albeit with not much success (or logic, or common sense).

Now there’s a new “ad” ready to become viral, coming from Nokia fans (or maybe Windows Phone fans). The unofficial commercial is entitled “Flyweight contender, meet the heavyweight champion” and pits the Nokia Lumia 920 against the iPhone 5.

In a very similar fashion to Samsung’s ad, Nokia fans compare the two phones in all important departments, trying to convince us the Lumia 920 is a better choice than the iPhone 5 all-around. However, there are a couple of things there we don’t quite agree with, as well as a bunch of very subjective claims.

Microsoft’s voice recognition TellMe is, for example, compared with Apple’s Siri. But unfortunately for Nokia fans this is one battle the Lumia 920 has no chance of winning anytime soon. There’s also the battery life aspect, which is only based on official claims from Apple and Nokia, being unable to be verified in “real-life” conditions until the two phones will see the light of day.

Nokia fans seem to not have gone for the best choice of words when cooking up the comparison’s title as well, with that “heavyweight champion” title being very easy to misinterpret. We know that they meant the Lumia 920 has a heftier list of features than the iPhone 5, but there will be many fanboys keen to point out that there’s a 73 gram difference in the phones’ weight, with the new iPhone being lighter.

Despite all that, the people behind the comparison do manage to make several good points, pointing out the larger and crisper display of the Lumia 920, the better cameras (at least in theory), the standard micro SIM and micro USB, as well as a generous list of useful features nowhere to be found on the iPhone 5, including NFC, wireless charging, DLNA, the screen’s super sensitivity and so forth.

Interestingly, Nokia also officially joined this fun viral “war” during the weekend, with the following short tweet: “Lumia 920: Wireless charging, amazing camera, screen you can use with gloves on and much more. No, it doesn’t take a genius. #swithctolumia”

Well played, Nokia. Well played!

Meanwhile, we Android enthusiasts laugh and laugh and laugh with our awesome Galaxy S3s in our hands seeing the iSheep fanboys once again start the urban camping, while the Lumia 920 is still slated for a distant “Q4 release.” Do I need to tell you that the next best thing is already here?

  • Although this comparison is done perhaps to create more hype than anything else.

    Currently I am using SGS III (which is my 7th high end droid in last few years, including original SGS, SGSII, Sensation etc.). Unfortunately all these droids suffered from OS instabilities, e.g. unexplainable reboots, hang ups, sudden slowdowns or slow performance, and some unwanted quirks e.g. my sensation upon each reboot wanted to ‘optimize’ all installed applications (I use very few of them, but stock phones usually come with lots of crapware on top of the crappy OS), my SGS III’s home screen folders open at their own or it turns itself on while idling etc.

    So IMHO, Android like Linux is really fun to play with (just to make it work), but after a while it isn’t fun anymore. It just doesn’t work as it should right out of the box. Hence, there are reasons that more than 22% of android users want to dump their platform ………………

    Now that out of the way, I could have gone back to iOS/iphone, but having used Lumia 800 in recent months, I changed my mind about WP. I feel it is the most efficient OS which is very stable, provides consistent performance and comes with a very intuitive and naturally flowing UI. At times it even put SGS III to shame with its such highly optimized kernel. Anyway, with this short experience, I am about to jump ship to WP, and will surely be getting an Lumia 920 as soon as it gets out here. :)

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  • Maverick

    VIDEO LOL! Hitler finds out about iPhone 5 and Wants a Nokia Lumia 920

    • ROTFlMAO
      So true!

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    • scrumpage

      Well put. Hehe.


    • well arent you a little angry……i apologize for the beauty of the lumia 920. just because a company makes a better phone doesnt mean its a waste of money. I think youre angry cause you are realizing you wasted your money on the SGS3. Sorry bud :/

      • That’s right, trash the SGS3 because someone trashed the Nokia.

        Weren’t we comparing them both to the obviously inferior device with a hipster’s ego and legions of followers blindly throwing money at the company even when there’s really no difference worth noting between the devices?

        Why fight between the competition, isn’t taking Apple and their rabid fans down a few pegs something that WP and Android users should work together on?

    • MasterMuffin

      Relax dude, just because you’re angry that you bought the great sgs3, which is the best phone after nokia lumia 920, it doesn’t mean you have to be an idiot ^^

    • OS

      Yuck! You plasticky copycat phone fanboy!

  • anon

    Pretty sure most Nokia/Lumia fans know that Nokia isn’t that concerned about weight and thickness compared to other OEMs. I.e. heavyweight refers to both the features and the weight. Nothing wrong with a heavier phone, not like it weighs a dumbbell.

    • You’re right, to me, as I have 2 small kids, what is really important is having the best camera phone on my pocket when the photo opportunity presents itself. Whoever has kids knows that the time it takes to look for his/her wonderful Nikon SLR which is sitting in a random drawer is enough to loose such a big moment of his/her little princes.
      For sure some extra 60g isn’t such a big problem, at least for me.
      If Nokia can fulfil its promises on the 920 camera – and provide crispier focus than, say, its N8 – I’ll buy it for sure.

  • Hey, Nokia, why not make some Android phones?

    You’re not afraid of a chunky device, and many of us want a high-end phone that has a chunky (removable) battery to shame the MAXX, a QWERTY, and world band (even for CDMA models) roaming.

    Added bonus if it’s a rugged, or semi-rugged, phone so I can stop buying an Otterbox for all my smartphones.

  • Vango

    With all of those features…people can care less if there is no apps….i use Omnifocus religously…reason i don’t switch over is the because the apps…if there is a GTD app like omnifocus..i’ll switch from Crapple in a heart beat…

  • AppleAllTheWay

    Nokia went lower than the low set by Samsung. Congrats for copying the world’s largest copier. Well played… uh, I guess. At least one company is staying classy and cherishing their own products instead of bashing other.

    • Mark P

      Really? Guess you never seen those Mac vs. PC commercials that Apple
      aired for couple years. Such a typical Apple fanatic thing to say; being
      a “classy” hypocrite. Think about it with an unbiased point of view for
      a minute, the only great thing Apple has done was the original 1st
      generation ipods (which I still have and use) and the revolutionary 2007
      iphone 3. After that Apple moved away from developing ‘futuristic’
      products and just spend several billions on amazing marketing and

      The iphone 5 is very great phone, but the
      technology, 4G LTE, and other features which it has should of been
      incorporated on last years iphone 4s. Hopefully Apple see there mistake
      and come out with a phone, laptop, ipod, etc. that will blow the
      competition out of the water. I’m not a “brand” person I just love
      COMPETITION within big corporations. So far the Nokia 920 looks like the
      best phone in 2012, until the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes out in 1Q 2013.

    • Marc

      Nokia never compared her phone to the iphone… if u read the small words bellow, u’ll notice that neither Nokia nor Apple are responsible for this ad!

  • maropene ramokgopa

    I so wish for Nokia to consider making Android Smartphone, i would not waste no time to leave Sammy

  • joeDMango

    this shits realy true the S3 is also superior , but in the end people will still buy the iphone 5 even f its more costly than superior phones…

  • Shhh…. they are sleeping

    Android is still young, and windows 8 or any windows thing is going to be buggy as anything else. Apple with IOS, nothing changes. You want to look the same and never change, then you can be like everyone else. Android would be fine if the MFG’s and Phone companies stop messing with it. Thus the smart go with rooting and custom rom their phone. Which does what, makes the phone 10 million times better. Because these tinkers called developers know how to get stuff working right where most commonly the bloat ware is what breaks the android.

    • Sammy

      Please DO NOT comment if you are not aware of something? WP8 is buggy than Android? You must be kidding. Do you know how (in)efficient is Android’s memory management, thread management and even power management? Get your facts right. Android is the most buggy OS out there.

  • MPS

    I have an HTC Android phone that exhibits all of the symptoms described by Babur Yaqub. I hate it so much. Plus it really is just a corporate tracking device for Google to poke it’s tentacles in to my pockets and personal information. I cannot wait to get off of the Android platform and on to ANYTHING else when my contract is finally over. All of my Google accounts will be torched and I will never use anything of theirs again.

  • sj

    I’ve come to the realization that the tech community is a bitter bunch, and that reading through the comments is never a constructive part of my day. It’s sunny outside, what am I doing?

  • koshish

    Using my Nokia 800…. And I am in love with it!!!!!! Just awesome phone……. But I am sad…. ‘cuz I’VE just bought it…. And now Nokia launched 920…. And now I’ve to wait 4 some time to get this phone…. At least 6-8 months……..!!!!!!!! My bad luck!!!!!!!

  • I currently use an HTC but used to use a Nokia N95. Even though the N95 had a 5MP camera compared to most phones’ 8MP camera resolution nowadays, I found the Nokia took incredibly clear and high-quality photos.