Is Nokia Lumia 920 too popular in the U.S. or is it just short in supply?

by: Varun RajNovember 29, 2012

When you say something is in short supply it does not necessarily mean that it is in high demand. For Nokia Lumia 920 we could be facing such a situation, as it appears it is difficult to determine whether the highly anticipated Windows Phone 8-powered device is selling like hot cakes in the U.S. or is in short supply because Nokia simply missed its production targets.

Currently, American customers thinking of buying a Nokia Lumia 920 should think again, as the device is sold out in most online and retail outlets. Or try AT&T, which is the only mobile operator carrying the handset in the region.

For example on Amazon’s online store the device is labeled as ‘backordered’ and the site is showing the shipping time of about one to two weeks for this particular smartphone. According to The New York Times, the Lumia 920 is not available even for those buyers who want to pick it up in person from Best Buy Manhattan locations.

Moreover, publication notes that Nokia representatives have already revealed that the company was having problems in providing the newly released smartphone to tech writers who wanted to review the device for their respective news organizations. One of the reasons behind the short Nokia Lumia 920 supply in the U.S. could be that Nokia is currently focusing on the European market that has proven more reliable in the past for the company than the U.S. market.

Nevertheless, the fact that Lumia 920 went from available to the status of ‘backordered’ on Amazon in just three days after it went on sale on November 7, signifies that the device has a demand in the U.S., which certainly was not anticipated by its manufacturer. This demand gives Nokia a new hope as it has been losing the smartphone battle to Apple and other Android phone manufacturers.

When contacted, Nokia’s Spokesman Doug Dawson declined to provide details on why Lumia 920 is in short supplies. He noted that his company is working hard to meet the demand for its Windows Phone 8-powered phone. Do you agree?

  • MasterMuffin

    Go Nokia! I really hope that wp will rise and and beat iOs

    • For me, I have to choose next phone to be Android or Windows

  • i live in Germany Munich and i have seen in my eyes more then 50 sell out for only one day.. amazing many people want to test this monster

  • dpain
  • xoj_21

    Doubt iy they said the same thing last time and sale collapse 2.9m next quarter, and with windows blue rumor its beta test all over again

  • This is just a result of constrained supply, probably intentional to guarantee “sold out” status for marketing purposes.

  • APai

    it’s a good phone by nokia, but microsoft and nokia are really living in fool’s paradise by trying to pull off a second “sold out” / excess demand drama here.

    we saw it earlier with the 900/ at&t giveaway & topping the charts etc, which IMHO was totally unnecessary. then nokia botched their camera ad – which was also completely avoidable, because the camera unit on the phone is unsurpassed as yet outside of 808. so why are the two in tango trying to one up each other in scuttling their own devices ? strange…

  • Carmien

    My 920 has just shipped from Rogers in Canada after a 1 week wait for backorder.

    I don’t think that a company that is in such a financial position deliberately chooses to constrain revenue for the sake of marketing (and given Nokia’s strategic and operating style there’s no evidence to support this hypothesis). Practically speaking that’s a luxury that Nokia could ill afford, and is a by-product at most.
    They’ve built a solid product by all accounts that is in high demand. And it’s responsible business to make units according to unit sales projections. Two relevant questions come to mind: 1. Given their current third-tier status in the smartphone sector would any finance department (let alone Nokia’s) have supported perceived unrealistic demand around budgets and forecasts? 2. Given the existing production volumes of smartphones, how could Nokia responsibly consider a significant investment in upgrading/expansion of their production facilities? Remember, Apple outsources fully and leaves that investment to their manufacturer. Nokia has a different set of challenges, and with this significant success management will already have begun to implement the next phase of their smartphone strategy to expand capacity and deepen their R&D for the next models.

    The media focus around the 920 launch is the poster-child of one of the most serious flaws in media – the demand conspiracy along media coverage around the weight of the phone without serious consideration for build quality and the weight penalty that incurs is ample evidence that consistently media reports (and often speculates) without a grasp of the strategic, bigger picture that solid business has to account for.

  • Nokia is lauching the Lumia 920 globally around the world. Samsung ATIV S WP8 are delayed again, so without Samsung, maybe it is not that hard to figure out demand might be a little higher then expected on Lumia 920, since we all expected that Samsung should have their phone on the market yesterday, but they are not.

    And do not forgett, Nokia also got Lumia 820 (AT&T), 822 (Verizon) and 810 (T-Mobile) so when anyone only talks about Lumia 920 and makes conclusions, just put it in the trashcan where it belongs.

  • Vin

    I understand this sit is of Android… Expected comment :)…Go Nokia Go Nokia

  • bill gates

    I bought the 920 on weds..just returned today. The first one the shop had was DoA but the guy gave me another meant for another customer.The phone is top notch quality albeit on the heavier side. Camera placement in the center is not ideal and the phone could slip out of your hands..but its built like a tank. Screen is excellent and call quality is clear . Despite the weight it feels really good…better than the iphone 5 which i also have and night and day against any samsung phone (i had note 2 as well). Now the bad news.
    Windows 8 mobile sucks!!! It took me an hour to setup my windows live or is it hotmail account. When I first setup it thought I was a child and gave me the round around telling me to check with family controls etc. Also I needed to put my credit card details etc just to access the app store. This process was also confusing since it redirected to the awful internet explorer mobile on the phone where the fonts were so small I couldnt see damn thing. Resizing the web page was cumbersome at best. I tried a few times…and i was so frustrated i felt like throwing the phone against the wall. In the end I did a hard reset and after more mucking around and searching on forums I got it working. But it was like pulling teeth.
    Once I got my account cant change it unless you do a hard reset. So you are basically locked to that account. So if you have one older MS live account and a newer one , you wont be able to switch. This is the most retarded thing out. On android and iOs you can have many accounts as you want. I have a US, UK account which I like to use.
    Anyway the first thing I did was go to the app store to download essentials such as Whatsapp , skype etc since nowadays we dont really talk anymore on the phone but message.Skype was ok and it has a special interface coz MS owns it. Whatsapp was a disaster, First time it took forever to load my contacts then say i had no contacts. 2nd time i got it to work but no video uploads. the interface is not as easy as on ios or droid. This is by no means MS fault but they should have checked to see if it works on newer phones. But I guess theres the rub. MS win 8 mobile has such a low user base, developers treat updates with the lowest priority. The app store has hotch potch skeleton app selection. You wont find spotify there but Nokia Music fills the gap albeit a poor substitute. I use my phone as music player first and foremost so music lovers will be disappointed. The MS sync tool with itunes is very bad. Playlists and songs werent copied and album art missing.
    The microsoft email client is not as good as ios . You can change fonts and html messaged dont look as clean. I dont take many pics so didnt really try out the camera. But even when i turned flash off the flash was still on for some reason. The lens placement in the center of the phone meant that you would take shots of your fingers instead. Since the phone is heavy it was hard to just hold the bottom half to take pics. They should put the lens on the top left/right.
    Surfing was an ok wouldnt auto resize so most of the time you would get really small fonts.
    Movies were good as display is excellent. anyway getting bored of writing this.
    Bottom line…it wasnt a keeper.
    PS i think Nokia/MS is desperate so they restricted supply to make it look as if the phone is hot and to get the buzz going. I really wanted to like it but couldnt get past the crap win 8 mobile. If the phone had droid or ios then it would be.. Also I think MS is padding the user reviews to make people buy it…

    • jalopy

      The fact that you called it windows mobile is hilarious. It has been windows phone since 7. windows mobile was the POS 6.5 and before.
      If you had that much trouble setting it up then maybe you should stick to a flip phone. Windows phone is one of, if not the easiest, OS to use. I have seen tech illiterate people figure it out right away.