Nokia’s new Lumia 620 sets an example for midrange Android smartphones

by: ŠtefanDecember 5, 2012

We’re not ashamed of the fact that we love Android, just look at the name of our website. That being said, everyone here does keep track of what’s going on with other platforms. Nokia announced a new Windows Phone 8 device today called the Lumia 620. For $249 they’ll sell you a device with a 3.8 inch 800 x 480 pixel display, dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, 512 MB of RAM, and a 5 megapixel camera. Not only that, but the phone is really pretty, and it even features exchangeable back covers. Put another way, the Nokia Lumia 620 is to the Lumia 920 what the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini is to the Galaxy S III. So why then is Samsung asking $399 for the GS3 Mini on Amazon?

Every handset maker should look at what Nokia announced today and learn a few things. One, midrange phones don’t have to be ugly. Say what you will about the Galaxy S III or the HTC One X, we think Nokia is one of the few companies out there who is actually trying to push the envelope in terms of smartphone design. Two, you can make a decent phone for less than $300. Had Samsung priced the Galaxy S III Mini a bit more fairly, there would have been a lot less hate.

Why are we so hung up about the midrange market? Because that’s where we expect to see the most growth over the coming years. China is the world’s largest smartphone market, not Europe, and definitely not North America. Almost 80% of the phones sold there in Q3 of this year cost less than $260. That’s the price point that everyone should (and will) be focusing on in the future. Anyone can make a high end $700 phone and put the best components in it, but it’s the company that can mass produce a high quality affordable smartphone that will reap the spoils.

  • Jerks

    Sony Xperia U, phone with the same specs is around for $200

    • STRiKER

      hv u checked the battery for Lumia 620? Xperia U is 1300mah and IMHO Lumia will chew Xperia U if it gets any better…any day !!!

      • APai

        xperia U/ experia sola have been around for more than 6 months. where was 620 ? dreaming ? obviously its nokia reacting to the market they have been wiped from


          Looks like the battery size is the same…

          • APai

            yeah – i did a bit of digging and found the same, but I was a bit annoyed when the op said “Lumia will chew Xperia U if it gets any better…any day !!!” that is fanboy territory. I have used nokia devices for a long time, and they make great phones. even the 620 is beautifully designed. too bad they are doing wp8 only and have chosen the path of their doom. the prospect of nokia getting digested by microsoft shortly is very real now.

          • Wotca

            “that is fanboy territory” followed by “too bad they are doing wp8 only and have chosen the path of their doom.” Pot, meet kettle.

          • APai

            how is that ? I have been buying nokia smartphones for a decade now, so it’s not like I am an iFan or something. besides, he went over the top in describing nokia’s 620 as some kind of a mid-range monster (which it is not). over the years nokia has been doing exactly that – give just enough hardware and believed symbian is frugal and we can do good with less hardware specs.

            every manufacturer is doing multi-OS and hedging their bets on survival if they have not been doing good.

            nokia is doing an all or nothing at a time when they are precariously placed. care to explain ?

          • Wotca

            Nokia has gone all in with the underdog which is a high stakes gamble, I agree. Your point however is lost when you make statements such as the one I quoted (wp8 being the path of doom). It hurts your credibility especially after accusing someone else of being a fanboy. I’m interested in Android and WP8 phone offerings and I dare say it’s a bit premature to be predicting the demise of WP8. Nokia’s future hangs in the balance but they may yet pull a win out of this. Only time will tell.

          • APai

            i base my opinion on how elop’s own strategies have exploded spectacularly on nokia. according to elop, nokia should have been selling 4 times the devices, instead they are losing market rapidly everywhere. THAT alone is sufficient to say that I have been at least 50% right. it’s not like nokia is doing according to expectation (far from successful strategy)

      • Jerks
  • ryq24

    well said. that is the reason chinese brand mobile phones are doing very well in third world countries is because most people want a touchscreen phone but can’t afford a galaxy s3 or one x or worse an iphone. but cheap chinese phones have fill the void by selling their phone at cheaper price with almost same feautres.

  • Exactly my thoughts Stefan! +1 for that!

  • Why blame samsung for not being able to get the prices down from the actual rate you could also blame it on the SAMSUNG-OTHERS patent war which you are very well aware off and the amount of royalty it is having to pay for the Android devices they sell so they have to manage all of that on the phones. They even need to consider the fat payoff that went to apple from them where does that money come from???
    That also has to come from devices hence you have to pay royalty to get samsung phones!!
    Just consider this
    LG Nexus 4 has a price tag of $349
    And you could say that samsung galaxy s3 almost same config retails for about $549-$700 from where does this difference come it is a part of all this. Hence you have to look at all factors rather than complaining that the devices are pricey

  • arc shine

    looks like htc 8s direct competitor, but this one is more cheaper.

    if only wp8 had call blocker…
    until then I’ll stick with android a little longer. :)