The Nokia Lumia 1020 – when will Android smartphones come close?

by: Adam KoueiderJuly 12, 2013
Lumia 1020

Image credit: Nokia

The Nokia Lumia 1020 can be categorically defined as having the best camera on any smartphone. There, I said it. The Galaxy S4 Zoom, the HTC One, even the upcoming Sony Honami can’t touch the Lumia 1020 and there is a very good reason for this.

41 MP is just a number. That doesn't tell you what it is to look at.

A lot of people will point to the 41-megapixel number and tell you that is the reason the Lumia 1020 will have the best camera, but it’s more than that. As one Nokia engineer put it, “41-megapixels is just a number. That doesn’t tell you what it’s like to look at.” Indeed, what makes the Lumia 1020’s camera brilliant is more than just the words “41-megapixel” and “PureView Zeiss” etched on the back, it’s a collective piece of brilliant engineering.

How the Nokia Lumia 1020’s camera works

Now some of you would’ve looked at the 41-megapixel camera and collectively screamed “OH NOES, MY PRECIOUS STORAGE SPACE!” Calm down people, Nokia has thought about this and uses something called oversampling.

In a nutshell, what the Lumia 1020 does is take a 5MP picture with seven pixels crammed into a single pixel so that it contains all of the detail of a full-resolution image. Nokia calls this over-sampling of the pixels a “Super-Pixel”, and that means that the Lumia 1020 can condense the image into a much smaller file size.

The Lumia 1020 offers full manual settings. Image credit: Nokia

The Lumia 1020 offers full manual settings. Image credit: Nokia

While the Lumia 1020 doesn’t have an Optical Zoom, it does have the best digital zooming on a smartphone, this is also thanks to the oversampling technique explained above. Although a little bit of data is lost, it’s still a lot better than any other smartphone camera and if you’d like to, you can also choose to save a full-resolution image for further editing later on.

Nokia has also redesigned its Optical Image Stabilization to work with the six-element Zeiss lens, using ball bearings, small motors and a gyroscope inside the lens, to move the lens and counteract movement. Add in the Xenon flash, f/2.2 aperture, full manual controls, and a massive 1/1.5” sensor and you get the point that this is a seriously capable camera.

How does the Lumia 1020 compare with the Android competition

 Nokia Lumia 1020Samsung Galaxy S4 ZoomHTC OneSamsung Galaxy S4
Megapixel count:41MP16MP4MP (UltraPixels)13MP
Sensor size:1/1.5"1/2.33"1/3"
Image stabilization:OpticalOpticalOpticalDigital
Flash:Xenon + LEDXenon + LEDLEDLED

Pulling out the specs sheet provides an obvious result. The Lumia 1020 destroys the competition in almost every category. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom does have 10x Optical Zoom, but the Lumia 1020 has its oversampling technology to back it up. Comparing the Lumia 1020 to other high-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One simply isn’t fair.

The Lumia 1020 has a massive sensor, at 1/1.5”, it’s a little smaller than the one found in the old Nokia Pureview 808, but it’s double the size of the sensor in the HTC One. Suffice to say that low-light performance will be amazing.

While the Galaxy S4 Zoom looks and feels like a camera with phone capabilities chucked on the back, the Lumia 1020 looks more like a smartphone. Case in point, the Galaxy S4 Zoom is 15.4mm thick (without expanding the lens) and weighs 208 grams, while the Lumia 1020 is only 10.4 mm at its thickest point (the hump for the camera lens) and weighs 158 grams.

Galaxy S4 Zoom

The Galaxy S4 Zoom looks and feels like a camera first, phone second. Image Credit: Samsung

It’s not as if the Lumia 1020 is a horrible smartphone either. It has a dual-core Snapdragon S4 clocked at 1.5Ghz, 2GB of RAM, 32GB internal storage, a 4.5-inch AMOLED display at a resolution of 1280 x 768 and a respectable 2000 mAh battery. Perfectly respectable specifications for a Windows Phone 8 device.

When will Android smartphones catch up?

It’s hard to give a definitive time frame since no Android manufacturer has put enough emphasis to make a camera-based smartphone other than Samsung (and Samsung’s attempt was lazy, at best).

Every OEM except for HTC seems to be running around trying to slap the biggest megapixel number on the back of their smartphones, and without making the sensor bigger, they aren’t improving picture quality. It will be interesting to see the second generation UltraPixels from HTC, and whether HTC will be able to increase the megapixel count to at least 8-megapixels.

htc one google play edition aa back profile

Samsung could also take its refresh of the Galaxy S4 Zoom next year a little more seriously in the face of new competition. Sony has the upcoming Sony Honami, with a 20 MP camera, but unless Sony brings some technology behind its higher number, it won’t prove to make a difference. Nikon has also hinted at bringing a smartphone out, in the face of added competition from smartphones.

Wrap up

The Lumia 1020 justifies Windows Phone 8 as an operating system.

Nokia and Windows Phone needed the Lumia 1020 for one major reason. It gives consumers a reason to buy a Windows Phone 8 device. There isn’t a lot going for Windows Phone. Android has the customizability and the choice, iOS has simplicity and apps, but Windows Phone doesn’t have that one major reason as to why you should buy it.

iOS is just as smooth, and Android can mimic the Tiles set up with a launcher or ROM. Now however, the Lumia 1020 justifies Windows Phone as an operating system and gives people a reason to buy it. Windows Phone is now the proud owner landlord of the best camera phone on the market.

What do you think of the Lumia 1020?

  • Cl3v3rName

    nokia made a really good phone imo, it’s just the app store & the customization that’s killing wp8 as operating system for me

    amazing camera/phone ;)

    • Somebody

      If it has file manager i’ll buy it for sure, now i’ll wait for Honami. ;)

    • Natalie

      I think only the app store is the place where WP is lacking . Very little or less customization is offered in iOS than in android , then why bother this as a point . And with less customizations , you will have a lag-free and clean interface . Sometimes I just admire the interface of WP8 of my phone.

      for more :

      • APai

        “lag-free and clean interface”
        well, there’s nexus for you, and there’s touch wiz or sony’s UI or something else. android has all the choice. which is a much better than wp giving No choice.

      • Kawshik Ahmed

        Little customization in android !?! you can change almost anything in android. The icon,launcher,file manager,os kernel even the whole OS can be changed

  • whywhywhy

    Pretty decent phone but the camera is never a massive selling point of a phone for me.

  • bozs13

    I love my Android phone. But man, this phone is extremely tempting. I keep looking at the amazing camera and the accompanying app but then I think of WP OS and think I’d miss all my google ecosystem just a bit too much. This hardware with Android OS would be a dream come true.

    • Adam Koueider

      I’m thinking two rubber bands to hold the Lumia 1020 to my Nexus 4 and some sort of app/contraption to autosync pressing the shutter button on my Nexus 4 with the Lumia 1020. Plus autosync to Google Drive/Google+ and she’ll be right. /s ;)

      • Joshua



    • APai

      absolutely, the camera is amazing, but windows is crap

  • Mariano

    Yes but the upcoming sony mobile will mgiht have 4k res in videos. thats even better

    • crickcrick

      uh no, in my experience the firsts in any avenue are just not that good, and whats the point really? 4k TV’s are selling at the price of cars in my country

  • joser116

    Hopefully Nokia’s Windows Phone strategy fails and it starts making Android phones.

    • Adam Koueider

      *said in church preacher voice*
      “CAN I GET AN AMEN!?!?!?!”

      • Joshua


    • GeorgeDao123

      If Elop is kicked in the as*.

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    this hardware + android = dreamphone. I like their vibrant colors, their bit too bulky phones and how they care for form+function. I just don’t want to stick to windows phone =/

  • Ka Ho Tam

    still can’t save raw images? =(

    • John Rogers

      yes it can it saves 34mp and 38mp pictures if u change the setting, which increases the size to 10-13 megabytes.

      • Ka Ho Tam

        what i care about is the dynamic range (~14bit vs 8 bit) and the edit-ability you get when post processing raw images.

    • tatu

      It can. But viewable only when you connect to PC / Mac.

    • Ka Ho Tam

      sounds great! looking forward to seeing some raw samples

  • ntd

    This is the first tempting windows phone. I won’t buy it, but I wish there was something more comparable on Android.

    As someone with young kids, the camera is KEY! (The best camera is the one on you.) I hope either Sony, Nikon, Samsung, or someone else has something comparable on the market soon.

    One reason the Galaxy 3 sold so well to parents was the camera.

    For one subset of the market, the camera is critical.

    • Kassim

      “the camera is KEY! (The best camera is the one on you)”

      No truer words have ever been spoken – you can own the most fantastic DSLR or CSC camera but as long as it’s at home or in the car or your auntie borrowed it, the cameraphone is king. ‘Nuff said.

    • You will have a long wait for that comparable device.

      • APai

        ditto for windows phone users, long wait to make their cameras into phones :p

  • SeraZR™

    meh still windows >_<

  • GeorgeDao123

    It was better if it ran Android instead. We have to admit that it has the best camera, but it does not come with the best mobile operating system.

    • ImmaRockYou

      Have you ever owned a win 8 device?

      • Rooney-

        Why should ? When Android is better !

        • ImmaRockYou

          Exactly you fan boy! Tried them all and can say that windows 8 provides the best phone experience! Glad that you can keep your hacked device

          • Rick

            I’ve tried them all as well and I can say that windows 8 provides the WORST experience of them all ! Limited functionality compared to Android…Limited apps compared to both Android & iOS!…and being stuck with Microsoft services (rather than having the option to choose what YOU want as a default !). Best phone experience ?..yeah right ! ..Oh wait..they got Flippin’ Tiles !!! ..FLIPPIN’ TILES !!!!!

          • Stuck with MS services its because Google is too arrogant to make apps for WP eventhough it has better share than IOS in many countries including India.

          • APai

            huh ? last quarter, android sold like 90% android in India

          • yeah and wp had 6% which is bigger than iOS

          • APai

            agreed. 520 is a good value for money offering – has been for the last 6 months. not so sure anymore.

          • APai

            “Google is too arrogant to make apps for WP eventhough it has better share than IOS in many countries including India.”

            it’s nice to see that happen to microsoft. for years at end, they’ve been trolling and ganging against linux. delightful to see that happen to microsoft squirm

          • daizai

            I’ve owned a windows 8 tablet. My dad is using a windows 8 desktop. THe lack of apps is a deal breaker. Good hardware can’t make up for it. Windows OS is great tho. it’s smooth and all. But no worry. android (and iOS ? ) will catch up soon.

          • ImmaRockYou

            Yeah by COPYING WINDOWS! Look at the new ios for example. The apps are now flat and not 3 drmensional. Where does that come from? O and where does having a list of all the open apps come from? Hmm. Sounds a lot like a windows device but you guys never had one

          • Bjajjull

            I’ve tried Windows Phone 8. It’s nothing special. Feels lika a boring Android without apps and no customization. I think WP8 is overhyped. I’m not saying it’s bad, but it’s absolutely nothing special about it.

            Btw, where does the living tiles come from?
            (Psst, widgets)

          • Darth Paton

            Did you just say WP8 is overhyped? Now I’ve heard everything lol. Even though you are an irrational Android Fanboy, you have to admit, WP8 is better than iOS, at least from an OS standpoint

          • Bjajjull

            Of course it’s better than iOS. And I believe it’s overhyped, that’s my opinion.

            I have tried iOS, WP and Android. Not as a daily driver though, mostly because I can’t use it.
            No customization = nothing for me

          • Darth Paton

            How is it overhyped though? Most people in the comment sections hate it, tech bloggers right against it, and most reviewers seem to hate it.

          • ImmaRockYou

            Fanboys will continue to dispel even there own reason. By the way, what would you like to be customized Bajajjull?

          • APai

            ever used an android device ? the customization possibilities are endless. literally. widgets like zooper, you should check that out. windows phone is literally BOXED

          • ImmaRockYou

            Yeah and a lot of the options are stupid and pointless. Just cause you paint crap gold doesn’t mean it’s worth anything. And that is all android is. It will always take a lot of power to run and will crash requiring a full system reboot. They cannot control the devices and what they have like windows does because it is free

          • APai

            I think the same of windows phone too – it’s just crap. no wonder no one wants it!

          • ImmaRockYou

            Yep no wonder no one in china or Europe buys a windows phone. O wait they do, a lot. If no one wants it then why would the two awesome other operating systems want to be more like the windows. And why do most businesses convert their style to the metro one? Plain and simple, its better for the eyes and brain

          • APai

            a lot is not 90%, like in India/ China. or like USA where android and IOS have pretty much creamed windows phone. ony place they are selling a large percentage must be finland, thanks to the nokia presence.

          • ImmaRockYou

            You are right. Its not like in the two month launch for windows in china in April or so that they have a larger market share than apple that’s been there for years. They also don’t have any connection to an electrocution. And when you look elsewhere windows 8 is growing meaning others are shrinking. People are learning about it and better phones are being made by Nokia as Samsung doesn’t focus on win 8 that much, that people will make the transition. Especially with the new updates coming

          • APai

            3% to 3.4% that is amazing growth for you ? elop said they’d go from symbian’s 25% to windows phone – transition back to 28%. they lost 25% in 2 years’ time. and you get excited when they grow by .4% ?

            “Especially with the new updates coming”
            they said mango would change everything, they said tango, then they said 8, now they’re saying 8.1 will change everything. yeah right.

          • ImmaRockYou

            Uhh no they got 7 percent of the Chinese market share in 60 days while ios has 6 or so in a few years. That’s called innovation and that’s when you get excited

          • APai

            okay. let’s see how far it goes from there – both are closed systems anyway. I’m pretty sure, neither of them can dethrone android or another open system in the near future

          • ImmaRockYou

            Sounds good. By the way are you paid by google it something? I see you in the comments a lot, primarily just bashing anything in site

          • APai

            you sound a lot more like a microsoft shill, than me. I’m in an android fan site. unlike you trolling around and shilling for microsoft :P

          • ImmaRockYou/Abba

            I get nothing actually. I wanted to see the new Lumia 1020 and saw all these stupid comments of how it would be better if it ran android and then maybe you would buy it because half these people follow a name and the other half follow them. As for Abba I really don’t know what you’re talking about although he does seem to understand the hardware side. Give him props there. And Microsoft can take a loss for a few years like they did for the Xbox and windows is. Eventually they can turn around and make money from other departments. By the way if this was an android fan site you might want to change the article title to prevent others from coming to read what they think is an honest review and not just some fanboys talking about how another phone is better if they got rid of something they never tried. Abba I’ll be using you’re name in this so I hope its ok.

          • APai

            same here. I see a lot of microsoft shills coming to trash android for apparently no reason. people wanting android on a nice looking phone is a compliment to nokia. not so much to microsoft. sadly, it looks like microsoft will persist , but instead take nokia down with its doomed windows phone strategy. it does say its android authority, so it will have android content

          • ImmaRockYou

            It actually saved it from Symbian. They wanted to either go with windows or try their own OS. I don’t think they will ever go with android. Way to many problems to deal with that will make it slow.

          • ImmaRockYou

            That doomed windows strategy started this entire thing. Ever hear of the hp Compaq. .
            s the device Steve jobs took ideas from to make the iPod and iPhone. Windows had all of that before it was out. Problem is they never pushed it because they deal with businesses not consumers and hp had their CEO that wanted them to go away from making printers. No windows no android or ios. So they can easily change things because they already have

          • APai

            losing your house, customers and bulk of developers isnt called “saved”

          • ImmaRockYou

            Symbian wouldn’t even beat blackberry! And you think that the Nokia developer force is bigger than Microsoft’s? You must be mistaken

          • APai

            you are putting words into my mouth. I clearly meant none of that.

          • ImmaRockYOu

            “losing your house, customers and bulk of developers” Those are words you put in your own mouth, I just reiterated them. By the way you should really look at DVLUP. It’s for Nokia developers and many of them came because of windows 8, not symbian.

            Nokia can make one hell of a phone as the entire world can see. One of the best if not the best phone manufacturer. They were made to last even before smartphones were around. The os never was amazing so they went with a company that makes it for every computer company in the world. Microsoft never cared about phones in the past, they were seeing what they could do. Now it’s different for them. They strive for a unified computer/tablet/phone experience that neither apple nor google can ever provide.

          • APai

            ” The os never was amazing”
            so they went with one that’s razed them.

            “Nokia can make one hell of a phone as the entire world can see”
            and yet, no one wants it because of the os it’s running

          • ImmaRockYou

            For kids you can stick with apple. I need something to run fast and have multiple options which only windows provides. I need a good maps program as well as plenty of cloud storage.I need something that won’t freeze and have the world’s largest developer network. I need an os company, not an advertising one. That’s windows. If you would like to change it then buy one and Microsoft will listen but not for the people who make no sense. I’m not a kid, I’m an adult that needs to work. And ios and android can’t provide that at he moment. Windows wins every time,

          • APai

            good for you, and those select few windows + nokia fans.

          • ionut

            windows itself is a copy of apple OS. view this and see it for urself:

          • ImmaRockYou

            Apple has been copying people for years. Its the reason why Microsoft needed to bail them out! O you never knew that did you. Here’s apple copying windows. . And android copying apple. . So who has been copying who

          • APai

            watch embrace the remix video. dude, everyone’s copying everyone else. notifications by apple ? windows tiles are nothing but widgets reshaped.

          • Rooney-

            In what way? Those kiddo colourful bricks(tiles)? What do you have in windows? First of all why shoud one switch from luxury to limited??

          • ImmaRockYou

            What is limited? You don’t have a thousand choices for a flashlight app or fart maker? Really? And yeah those colorful bricks provide a much better experience. Also what luxurious device takes crappy pictures and freezes all the time?

          • SSnake

            But no google services support. No google maps, no G+, no gmail, no hangouts. It’s useless…

          • APai

            “Glad that you can keep your hacked device”
            pot calling kettle black

          • ImmaRockYou

            Really? You can completely erase the windows os and put whatever you want with was? You can download apps not from the windows store?

  • Truth

    Oh man I can’t wait to see how my lunch looks in a picture taken with this bad boy, 41MP isn’t even enough though, I need twice that so everyone can really see the detail of my chicken breast.

    Buy a camera.

  • bob

    I would be down for this phone but i can’t stand the lack of apps windows has… It’s upsetting because I think they make promising phones…

    • JohnnyH

      Really? You have a million apps on your phone? That’s roughly the difference in app count? Or do you just have a few hundred at best. Quality not quantity!

      • Wolverine

        windows phone is still a POS, sorry.

        • JohnnyH

          Damn bro! Care to explain or you just all talk. Not sorry

  • Bone

    I’m looking to buy a phone in Q3, and camera matters to me. How come I’m 100% sure not to even consider the Lumia 1020?

    – Insane price tag for mid-range specs, this is 2013, and FHD, SD600/800, 2-3GBs of RAM and Adreno 320/330 are the flagship specs
    – No MicroSD Slot
    – 2000mAh battery, gotta be kidding me., you want all-day data connectivity AND all-day photography on a non-removable battery as such?
    – Windows Phone, okay I’d let that one go if that was the devices’s only flaw

    Take into the account that the 1020 sports a worse camera system than the larger sensor 808 (MUCH more noise and loss of details in perfect condition at full-res. Lossess zoom only makes sense if the crop offers flawless images, but a 2,5MP cutout compared to the 4x zoom of the Galaxy Zoom @16MP is just not good enough, neither is that old dual-core and the Adreno 225 GPU.

    The Exmor RS is so capable that if we take the above mentioned troubled zoom capabilities out of the equation, you’re sure to have a better device if you choose the S4 Octa or the large-sensor Honami featuring the next-gen RS (Sony can still mess that up). $300 on 2yr for the 1020 is a joke.

    • MasterMuffin

      The price isn’t a joke. Just think about iPhone’s specs, the iDevice costs more with even worse specs. The price is completely justified. And the camera is better compared to 808

    • Abba

      Win 8 operating system doesn’t need a huge battery or CPU. Obviously you missed all the noise of that!

      • Ammar Malik

        You mean the same way Windows Phone didn’t require dual core CPUs up until last year?

        • Abba

          If you knew how a CPU operated you would understand that cores rarely come into play. Reason for the dual core in this windows is for multitasking. Reason for androids large CPUs are too maintain a broken os. Besides its still not as big as the one the guy wants

          • Ammar Malik

            Wow you really are clueless. Number of cores don’t really come into play for multi-tasking. It’s RAM.

          • Abba

            Actually they do because the programs will send two different threads to operate meaning that the CPU will be required to perform both at the same time. To prevent slow behavior another core can be added to receive one of the requests. If you only have o e app it depends on how it was written. If the program needs to wait an hour for a title to show up before anything else can be done then it will take forever. 1 GB ram is plenty for a phone to operate quickly. Next time I would research what dual core even means and how it comes into play before talking nonsense

          • Ammar Malik

            You’re one of those same people who said Windows Phone doesn’t need dual cores we’re perfectly fine with 1 core on our Lumia 900.

          • Abba

            It doesn’t require it although it can help with speed. All in all it depends how the is is written and out of all three the windows8 will require the least amount of hardware power. The Lumia 900 was a great phone and would rather have that then the iPhone 4 or galaxy 2/3. Respected to the time era

          • Abba

            OS not is

          • APai

            “It doesn’t require it although it can help with speed”
            that’s a a self defeating statement.

          • Abba

            Yeah two cores can help but if I’m running a 64 bit one core and you’re running a dual core with 16 registrys each. Which one do you think is faster? More cores only help if the program was built that way which most are not but windows have pushed to make them easier to make unlike ios and android. And blackberry if you even consider them

          • APai

            I think you have outdated information, multi threaded and multi core works just fine on android:

          • Abba

            No I never heard of what Intel has ever said but nice try. I can tell you that if you take most apps from android, they will not be programed the right way to optimize the CPU. They can be but it is difficult which is why windows has been trying the ease the use in visual studio (a place to program in case you don’t know what it is)

          • APai

            hilariuos, as if ALL developers are bots from MS that they create perfect apps.

            abba/ immarock you. do u work as a tag team ? trolling around in android sites ?

          • ImmaRockYou

            I don’t think he ever said they were perfect. I believe he said that Microsoft has been trying to push the ability to make those programs without knowing too much in depth about it. You can still stay with your lagdroid

          • APai

            good luck with microshaft

  • “with additional external storage via MicroSD card slot.”
    There is no memory card expansion on NL1020

    • Adam Koueider

      Sorry about that, fixed! Apologies.

      • Damn!

        …a 41MP camera with no MicroSD card slot??

        • 64gb variant also available

        • MasterMuffin

          Did you read the article?

  • monzol

    HTC can make both Android and Windows phones. Why cannot Nokia do the same?

    • ImmaRockYou

      Nokia isn’t stupid to go with some garbage operating system. They prefer perfection rather than pleasing the people that can’t accept change!

      • Wolverine

        But they did go with a garbage operating system. it’s called Windows Phone and it’s the biggest POS to grace the mobile tech world.

        • ImmaRockYou

          So android coming out with an exact copy of apple’s isn’t. Windows is inventive which is why they took years researching the beat way to make things presentable not days hiring a guy from apple to make the is for them

  • Darutto

    I had an Android phone back in the day when apps were lacking with respect to iOS. However it was a very good experience overall (granted it was 2.1 software).

    A couple of years ago I changed to a lumia phone and not only the user experience was also excellent if not better, but I found myself not missing too many apps. With the quality of nokia devices it will be very hard to look back. Specially since the apps argument is starting to be less and less a problem as time goes by.

    • TimeToSayGoodbye


  • MasterMuffin

    I’ve been thinking if Ishould buy this. I’ve been thinking about how awesome it would be and how no Android manufacturer will come even close in the next year (or even in 2015). I’ve been thinking about how I should support Nokia because it still makes great hardware and is Finnish like me. I’ve been thinking about how WP has already 165000 apps. But I’ve come to the conclusion that I just can’t leave Android. I have to flash stuff, I have to have moarh apps, I have to have GOOGLE APPS! It’s just a shame how this phone would be a must if it just had different Os (and in that case a S600 at least). I hope this sells well

  • Grimmjow

    Goddamn i’ve always loved Nokia. This is one of the few OEMs that has some sense not only in terms of hardware but in terms of software. If Apple had come out with this ridiculously good PureView technology, the fans would be dancing on the streets by now.

  • Grman Rodriguez

    The 1020 has f/2.2 not 2.3

  • LMavilla

    It seems that Nokia is best selling cameras…

  • Anthony

    Amazing Nokia

  • navid khataei

    i read in the comments that some people argue that windows phone almost have same applications as android!! because i dont have an windows phone, but lumia 1020 is a perfect phone in my opinion, i just looked at my galaxy s2 and searched the apps that im mostly using on my phone in windows phone store.
    most of them are not there, or doesn’t have official app (im not counting the games and local taxi, bank, or cinema apps which is not available for windows phone either):

    official google plus
    official yahoo msngr
    official chrome
    official google drive
    official dropbox
    official youtube

    so the gap is too much to let the Android go and switch to windows phone. if this phone was running Android i would buy it for sure.

    • Dropbox is comming and so is flipboard. All others are google services which has good or better alternatives in WP. Anydo also has alternatives in WP.
      And who uses G+ and yahoo messenger.WP also have whole suit of MS and Nokia apps which is exclusive and unmatched in other platform.

  • odengv

    Good camera indeed. But how about battery life. Nokia has a flagship unit with dual core only and 2000 mAh battery. I bet it wont last for a day. Elop is such a fool to think that this camera phone will surpass or maybe get even to the likes of HTC One, Iphone5, Sony Xperia and Galaxy S4. Make it android and it will be a sure game changer (Nokia+Android+41mp camera+Quadcore+3300mAh). Thats what im talkin about

    • why just because its running WP and not Android not make it as good as HTC One and Iphone.WP doesnt need Quad core to work smoothly.Its working more smoothly on dual core than Android in Quad cores.

      • JohhnyH

        All these people have no clue what the CPU actually does. Maybe one day they can come to your realization as well as millions of others. O by the way my Lumia 928 can last two days at times. It pretty much is similar to the 1020. Within time people will grow old of the boring desktop icons invented 50 years ago

  • blabla

    imagine this beauty running android :<

  • ctrl

    So let me get this straight:

    If I want a camera, I should get a Windows Phone 8 device. However, if I want a smartphone, I should get an Android device.

    Does that sound about right?

    • Adam Koueider

      It’s pretty close to sounding right ;). But if you want a camera that can quickly share, you can always pick up the Samsung Galaxy NEX which would be way better than any smartphone.

    • That was the same thing with the N8 and 808 PureView. In the end, quite a lot of people bought the above as a secondary device, and I wonder if a few people will do that with the 1020 too?

      Don’t get me wrong, Windows Phone is a nice OS and has a nice UI – but I am not sure it will get people making a full switch, however tempting the camera is (and, you don’t need to get the 1020 for a great camera experience – you can pick up a low cost 920 or a 925 that also offers amazing camera performance).

  • Micro Shaquer

    This article seems to be awkward (mock…cough) on the part of Android fans as this brag the pride of W8 fans getting into the territory of Android as a whole.

    But so true that I myself is eyeing on this that’s why recently I become interested to try out W8 mobile devices if not because of the Pureview tech from Nokia and its monster 41MP sensor.

    Wishful thinking is that IF and only If NOKIA has to make handsets with the same tech in Lumia 1020 with Android Jellybean and that would be a happy together of all android users out there.

  • chanman

    If I wasn’t on a contract for a device I just bought last year, I would definitely buy this. Hopefully Nokia and WP survive long enough for me to get the refresh of the 1020 next year.

  • APai

    Nokia made a more compact lumia camera with phone functionalities, (the camera is much more compact than the samsung galaxy camera phone – which is kind of ridiculous.) . they do have windows on it, which not many seem to want. slap android on it, and I bet samsung will have a tough time

  • Sukhjit Singh

    I recently switched to Windows 8 (lumia 520) after 2 and a half,year of using android. Yes i was rooted and did almost everything possible with it.

    i gotta say this debate between WP and android has to stop. Both have a different market.

    windows phones have significantly less customization but they are enough for the platform. I really hope that Microsoft comes to agreement with people who demand more,customization. Some things like no file manager and no disable,auto rotate have serious irritating effects. But,overall id say windows experience is a decent experience compared to any other. Its smooth and,awesome..

    id not say that they came up with wrong platform. But they could customize the os a little more friendly.

  • Luka Mlinar

    We are talking about hardware not OS functionality so the question is stupid. How about you ask: When will WP come close to Android?

  • Viktor

    Ha, after using Nokia 920 and now 1020 with a camera grip phones for a while I’m looking into trading my Lumia 1020 for an Android phone. But seems like I’m having problems finding people willing to trade… Sad. Don’t want to stick with WP anymore. Waited for so long for MS to release apps as promised – and MS App Store is just got stuck … less then 10 new apps per week, and most of them are useless. Smh. Google – Help! I need an Android phone, Take my Lumia away!