Nokia’s Here maps come to Android, but only to Samsung devices for now

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 29, 2014

nokia here maps galaxy android

How the times have changed – following the sale of its mobile unit to Microsoft, Nokia is now free to do whatever it pleases with its other assets, including the powerful Here maps service.

Today Nokia announced that users of Samsung Galaxy devices will soon be able to download the free Here app for Android. The app will become available to other Android devices by the end of the year.

The launch of Here on Galaxy devices is an extension of Nokia’s agreement with Samsung to offer the service on Tizen devices. Nokia is also making the service available to Amazon and Jolla, the Finnish startup developing the Sailfish operating system.

nokia hereHere is one of the few real competitors to Google Maps, and in some ways, it’s better than Google’s offering. Here’s biggest advantage is that it features true offline maps, meaning that you don’t need to cache certain regions beforehand like you have to do with Maps. You simply download an entire country or region, for free. This makes Here especially useful when travelling in regions where there’s no mobile signal, not to mention more affordable.

Here is a feature rich app that offers most of the bells and whistles you get from Maps. While Google’s service has the advantage of widely available Street View and a more comprehensive global maps coverage, Here is no slouch either – there are maps for 200 countries, with navigation instructions available in 100 countries, and traffic info in 40 countries.

The Here maps app plays nice with Samsung’s newly launched Gear S smartwatch – you can send a location to the Gear S and use the watch for navigation without needing the smartphone.

Here for Galaxy devices will hit the Play Store when Gear S becomes available in stores, which should happen, we guess, in the following weeks.

  • Abd

    The only thing I miss in nokia (symbian) is the navigation system

  • The-Sailor-Man

    “Nokia’s Here maps come to Android, but only to Samsung devices for now”
    It will come on Google Play too, but heavily paid. Only Galaxy owners will enjoy it free.

    • _X_

      That is what customer service gives you ;) happy S5 owner. Can’t wait to disable Google maps!

  • Mohamad Nazri Mohd. Noh

    Nokia provides the best navigation app and services.. That’s Nokia’s advantage after acquiring Navteq..

  • Marty

    It would be sweet if they also brought Here Drive to Android. HD is a better navigation app than Google Maps.

    • ThunderCrackR

      This IS the Here Drive+. It has navigation for all the countries it is available!

      • Marty

        The article didn’t say Here Drive was included. There is a difference between Here Maps and Here Drive. Here Maps doesn’t have navigation in it.

        • ThunderCrackR

          But this one HAS! Read the whole article again. It says navigation in around 100 countries!

          • Marty

            Navigation instructions are one thing and turn-by-turn, voice guided navigation is another. So this will have to be a see-it-first thing before I believe it. My Windows 8 tablet has Here Maps with no Here Drive functionality at all.

          • ThunderCrackR

            OMG! LOOK at the first shot! Does it look to you like a simple list of instructions?

          • Marty

            Apologies. That does indeed look like Here Drive.

          • ThunderCrackR

            No worry! Also check the other comment I just posted. It is a quote from HERE blog about this Samsung availability.

          • Marty

            This is gonna be great for my GS3. I’ve hated Google Maps since version 7. And I suspect Here Maps will be configured to work on other Android devices through a mod.

          • ThunderCrackR

            Yes, it would! I do not hate the Google maps, they seem more polished to me but I like the offline capability of HERE maps, so a welcomed addition!

          • IDontKnowMyName

            so do i :) really happy about this

          • ThunderCrackR

            Edit: this is in the source link on the HERE site: ”With HERE, you can get maps for almost 200 countries, with turn-by-turn walk or drive guidance in almost 100 of those, tarffic information in more than 40 and transit maps and directions in more than 750 urban areas across more than 40 countries.” Clear now?

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  • Damian Paredes

    Yeah, Nokia MAps are the best!!!Comming from a symbian phone I was pretty dissapointed with Gmaps since I didnt need to be online to use it and Gmaps doesn’t even has the street of my house.

  • vivzZ

    Yeh. That would be a great start. Here maps is the most sought after app by me.

  • crutchcorn

    I actually don’t know. How good is Nokia Here? I like Google Maps…

    • The-Sailor-Man


      • crutchcorn


    • Marty

      Here Maps is better than Google Maps for ease of use. In GM, there are a bunch of screen taps just to finally begin navigating. In HM, there are no more than 3 – and usually only 2.

      GM used to be the best for ease of use. You could swipe to the right to see your “Save Places” and tap one. Immediately without any further tapping it would begin navigation. But Google screwed that all up in version 7 and it takes a bunch of taps to begin navigating.

      • crutchcorn

        Ahh. So another reason. I still like the idea of offline more than anything

  • Happy

    Why do I have the feeling that Gmaps will offer offline navigation by year end :-) At last someone challenged them so they have to move.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Yes. Very possible.
      Thanks to Samsung. So stop hating.

      • Happy

        Me – hating Samsung??? How did you conclude that? I am using a Samsung phone and have been using Samsung phones for several years. Having said that, I am open towards other Android brands as well, so it could be that for the next phone I try something else. This is what I do with cars – try different brand each time I buy a new car, although the one I bought this year is for the first time a repetition of a brand.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    So far, the apple propaganda and the tech media were very good with Nokia Maps, because must fight with Google Maps. Right?
    But now, when Samsung have Nokia Maps , could you imagine what Nokia Maps bashing you will witness on the tech media soon???
    Bet on, that it will be bashing as crazy. Every day. Fasten your belts.

  • Joshua Tricarico

    will it work on my note 3???

  • Marty

    Here Maps is available for all Androids as a sideload.

  • Guest

    I can already save maps offline on Google Maps, how is the Nokia functionality any better? Would be interested to see.

  • Alistair Mackay

    I can already save maps offline on Google Maps when i select a pinned area (would upload a pic to prove this but its not letting me!), how is the Nokia functionality any better? Would be interested to see.

  • Mohamed Mansour

    For sure and without a doubt the best turn by turn navigation system out there even if compared to garmin and tomtom Nokia maps with its ultra easy point of interest saving in a favourite list and sharp directions and super data Base makes it top of list for me especially when you can use it offline!! It’s no wonder I am keeping one Nokia handset without a sim card just for navigation purposes while my Note 4 and IPhone do the rest of the business