Job listings hint Nokia HERE Maps could eventually makes its way to Google Play

by: Andrew GrushMay 5, 2014


Nokia’s HERE Maps is often considered one of the best mapping solutions in the mobile world, and recently it even made its way to Android, at least for those that happened to pick up a Nokia X series device. So will we ever seen Nokia HERE outside of Windows Phone and the Nokia’s Android fork? Now that Microsoft has purchased Nokia’s handset division, we’d say the answer is probably yes.

With this in mind, a set of new job listings have surfaced on LinkedIn that suggest Nokia is already pursuing this as an option. The listings describe the potential employees’ duties as designing and building “advanced location-based services applications for the Android and iOS platforms”. This doesn’t tell us when we’ll see Nokia’s Android and iOS apps, but it makes it pretty apparent that Nokia has plans in store for us.

With HERE already ported to Android, we wouldn’t be too surprised if an official Google Play version surfaced before an iOS counterpart, but that’s really just speculation on our part. On the other hand, an iOS version did exist once upon a time, though it’s severely outdated by now.

With Nokia no longer in the hardware game directly, it seems only natural that they wish to establish themselves as a cross-platform software developer. Can Nokia find as much success with its apps as Blackberry has seen with its own Android/iOS version of Blackberry Messenger? Only time will tell for sure.

  • HERE Maps are great and its abilty to download entire cities or countries to have offline mapping and directions are terrific. I hope they release Maps and Drive to Google Play. It will add value to Android users and push Google to up its game on it Maps service as well.

    • Guest123

      I would use it on Android! Offline maps is the only way to go.

    • mobilemann

      more mapping options are NEVER a bad thing!

  • takpro

    Job listing for proof readers at Android Authority. ;)

  • Benny X

    no app required, really. simply go to the website and use the built-in Android browser to send a bookmark to the home screen. There ya go, easy peasy. You’ll even get a nice icon with it.

    • Kone Zi

      But what if you are in a place where there is weak or no cellular signal? For navigation in a broad sense, off-line map is a must.

  • Otto Andersson

    Good. Google needs competition. Ever since their interface overhaul a year or two back, I’m still bitter because maps used to be so much more useful.