Nokia CEO: Apple Created Android & Android Devices Are All the Same

by: Chit AgustinJune 11, 2011

Once again, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has employed the honorable act of trash talking in an attempt to dismiss the success of Android. Most recently, at the Open Mobile Summit held in London today, Nokia’s CEO tackled a lot of discussions. He said that Nokia is getting better and better and plan to become the tech-darling of the carriers. He then took a cheap shot on Android stating that our beloved operating system only exists because iPhone exists.

Apple created Android, or at least it created the conditions necessary to create Android. People decided they could not play in the Apple way, and they had to do something else. Then Google stepped in there and created Android… and others jumped on the Android train.” – Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

Oh really? I beg to differ. Hey Mr. CEO, you should know why Android is much better than iOS on smartphones.

Also, there was something he said that really caught us off guard. With all his might, he claimed that almost all Android devices have the same looks and perform just alike. He even said, “If it’s too hard to differentiate on a platform, commoditization steps in. But then differentiation starts to creep back in through fragmentation.” What he wants to point out is that if OEMs wishes to stand out, they need to fragment Android.

Based on everything he said, do you really believe Nokia can surpass Android or Apple? Well, I would have to say no. Got something to say?

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  • FreakingFalcon

    Remember, the dude’s now in ice cold water with his oil-rig up in smoke. That’s what he imagined, and that’s precisely what he got. Desperate times call for desperate measures… and that’s precisely what he is showing, his desperation. Nokia doesn’t get press coverage anymore, well, like it used to… hardly anybody cares, and such statements have the shock-value that press craves for.

    Oh and BTW, Microsoft didn’t create WM7 for handset makers to come and join it’s bandwagon, and with all WM7 phones looking/feeling the same.

  • I’m wondering why the same logic does not apply to WM7 even more? Doesn’t Microsoft have a more stringent template for OEM’s that guarantees minimum performance? Is fragmentation really going to just Android enough to leave an opening for Phone7? I’d like to see as part of Android(really any multi-OEM platform)build systems is a way of tagging fragment prone libraries during the development process such that later it would easier for Apps guys to more easier to port.

  • I guess he doesn’t know the history of Android and the fact that the co-founders of Google were looking to develop a mobile internet enabled device long before the iPhone was even thought about. . . there’s a good history of it on the web. Besides, Elop is just chopping up Nokia and devaluing it to the point MS can buy the part they want on the cheap ;)

  • bryan

    I beleave android was created to oppose corporate control of how ppl want to use their phones we call that free source. in my opinion wp7 is horrible an I certainly don’t think it will ever replace android Nokia has good technology an some good ideas but they never really took off so in this guys infinite wisdom he tries to convince the public that android is no good in one way or another an that Nokia can make wp7 useful I doubt it

  • I think Nokia and Microsoft teaming up simply shows the strength of android and iOS. Making wild proclamations and then deriding another platform that is currently growing at a rate that is pretty remarkable comes off as petty. But as a pragmatist I know competition breeds innovation, so maybe they can pull something off and move the industry forward.

    Chris Sellon – CoolProducts

  • nokia is dies slowly

  • Barry Fruitman

    Most CEOs wait until they was a decent product on the market before they trash the competition. But for Nokia that could be never so why wait?

  • Curoi

    The second picture of Elop in the article said it all!!! The guy is high on something as he looks dazed! He needs to cut back on the alcohol or something, and sober up and get his arse to work before Nokia’s share dips to 1%!

  • dknightxs

    Befor iphone, i was a sony ericson fan, used all the topend phones sony made… even now i still have the old k800i…though i never use it.. its still here, Samsung phones were dieing..we all know that.. Nokia was the market leader… Than Apple came in and took the smart phone market… we cant take that away from apple that it stired the smartphone market and Samsung answered the call… now we have IOS vs ANDROID… windows/sambian is far far away from that lvl. Of the latest smart phones i happen to have Iphone 4s, Samsung Galaxy SII and Sony xperia S. I must say IOS is more stable than android but doesnt offers that much customization unless u jailbreak it…even that it just cant compete with android…
    for me

    IOS= Quality
    Android= Variety

    Nokia needs to improve their phone specs… fine dont use multiple cores but alteast give us a Good display.