Nokia Android tablet a possibility, but Windows still priority for Stephen Elop

by: Chris SmithFebruary 4, 2013


A Nokia Android device is the wet dream of many former Nokia handset owners that have bought a device powered by Google’s operating system. But Nokia decided to choose Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform as its dominant smart OS for its smartphones instead of going the Android route. Will the same thing happen with tablets?

Talking to the media in Sydney, Australia, Stephen Elop offered a few details about Nokia’s plans going forward when it comes to producing its own tablets. The former leader of the mobile business is very interested in the tablet landscape as well, and we could see a Nokia tablet hit stores in the not too distant future. Will it run a Windows version?

That seems to be the most probable course for the company, but Android is not completely ruled out. While Elop would not offer too many details about Nokia’s upcoming tablet plans, he did say that the company is considering all possibilities when it comes to tablet OS:

“We haven’t announced tablets at this point, but it is something we are clearly looking at very closely. We are studying very closely the market right now as Microsoft has introduced the Surface tablet, so we are trying to learn from that and understand what the right way to participate would be and at what point in time.”

“We would consider any option [Android or Windows] … It is important to note that the opportunity for companionship is something that any user is looking for. So, when you think about the Lumia 920, running on Windows phone, having a Windows tablet or PC or Xbox is something that will give us the opportunity to have a pretty integrated experience. Our first focus on what we look at is clearly in the Microsoft side,” Mr Elop said.

“But we have made no decision or announced nothing.”

Microsoft’s own Windows 8 tablets aren’t too hot right now, and it would certainly interesting to see which way Nokia will go. Choosing Windows makes a lot of sense, but what if Nokia wants to produce affordable tablets – something it’s planning to do with its smartphones as well, as per Elop’s statements – will we then see a Nokia Android tablet in stores?

Elop also made some comments regarding Nokia’s Windows Phone choice instead of Android. Apparently Nokia did not want to enter an overcrowded mobile ecosystem two years ago:

“If we look back two years to when we made the decisions, then Samsung was big, HTC was pretty big and Motorola was pretty big. Of course what has happened in the two years is that Samsung has captured the lion’s share of it and the others have been squeezed down to much smaller market share. We were worried about exactly that pattern forming.”

Would you buy a Nokia Android tablet? What about a Windows-powered one?

  • Abhisshack D

    who cares about Snob Nokia

  • Mrtwelveinch

    When they finally admit windows is a flop and start using android most people will consider buying them I don’t know a single person with a windows phone, I like Nokia hardware but windows sucks

    • MasterMuffin

      I know a lot of people who have wp, just sayin’

  • Mrtwelveinch

    I like Nokia hardware but windows sucks I don’t know a single person with a windows phone and even my works bought some for us but changed them within a week because they were so rubbish, until Nokia starts making phones with the os’s that people want it will suffer.

    • Oh, but I know people who like Windows Phone. Though I personally prefer Android, only Android and nothing else :)

  • cheetose4

    Nokia grow some balls and take on Samsung head on on Android turf. By not doing so your admitting that your hardware is not as good as Samsung’s hardware.

  • (anon)

    It’s simple, Elop is pretty much the virus of Nokia. What’s done is done but i always hold hope that Nokia will one day come to it’s senses with the potential version 5 and onwards will bring to it over Windows Phone, i’ve tried hard to like Windows Phone but it just doesn’t gel and the icons get boring without customisation. Here’s hoping that this year has some surprises and that Nokia will sack Elop and replace him with someone who caters to what 90% of what customers want to see, a Nokia 920 like device running Key Lime Pie with Nokia’s own OS Overlay or stock.

  • Would I consider buying a Nokia Android tablet, yes. A Windows powered one, no.

  • “Even though we consider and android tablet Windows is the the priority”

    “Android and windows are equally valuable plattforms and our work should reflect that”

    “Even though windows step back in favour of android it’s still a great plattform we will continue to work with”

    “We’ve decided to drop Windows in favour of MeeGo again and work primarily with android”

    My little dream/prediction.

  • tBs_Battousai

    Nokia won’t produce anything Android while Elop is in charge, I suspect that once Nokia get rid of him he’ll go back to Microsoft and head their own phone hardware department as he will have all of Nokia’s know-how when it comes to get phone hardware…