Before selling to Microsoft, Nokia had Lumia Android phones in the works

September 13, 2013

    nokia lumia 928 aa phone speaker

    If you were part of the “we want a Nokia Android phone” crowd, this article may upset you.

    As it turns out, not only was an Nokia Android device discussed, it was a reality. The New York Times is reporting “a team within Nokia had Android up and running on Lumia handsets” before the company was sold to Microsoft.

    While we’re not surprised Nokia would have been discussing an Android device internally, it could have meant their Windows Phone favoritism was ending. The deal Nokia had in place for Windows Phone devices was in place until the end of 2014, and the Finnish smartphone company would have been free to do as they pleased thereafter. As the biggest fish in a very small pond, it makes sense to pursue other means of revenue, like one that doesn’t charge a licensing fee.

    We’re not sure just how deep the Android device rabbit hole went for Nokia, but the fact they spent time and effort toying with the open source OS means quite a bit. It could have been a precursor to the buyout, too. If Microsoft was under any impression they’d lose their biggest — and almost only — ally for Windows Phones, they may have pulled the trigger and locked up hardware for the foreseeable future.

    The bottom line is, a Nokia Android handset was real. Really real. Commence cursing…



    • Mo

      What a shame. Let´s hope that Newkia can do something about it.

    • daftchemist

      We’re just gonna have to deal with Newkia now. Hope that they come up with something good.

      • MasterMuffin

        They don’t have the camera technology or design or anything, they’re just riding with Nokia’s reputation :(

        • Luka Mlinar

          It’s people in Nokia who make good designs. They just need to jump ship and all is good. As far as cameras go i’m good with the 13MP Sony model that everyone seams to be using these days.

          • MasterMuffin

            The design is patented, so just like Jolla they can’t make similar looking product. You got a point though, they made good design once so why not twice! :)

            • Luka Mlinar

              And it’s not just the design. It’s the premium HTC like feel of the phone :)

            • MasterMuffin

              And the build quality that breaks cement walls!

    • joser116

      Fuck you Microsoft! >:o

      • RATBURL

        Go shove a green robot up your ass!

      • minipanda

        this pathetic move from Microsoft somehow makes me avoid WP8 more than before..

      • Adrian Remus

        If Nokia went with andoid = now you would just have replaced Microsoft with Google. Or Motorola with Nokia.

        “F*uck Google” for killing Nokia? Of course not, because it’s your beloved God – Google.

        • joser116

          What you are saying is not a well put analogy. Plus, what you are saying is theoretical. We only hate Microsoft because now that they bought Nokia, Nokia will not make any Android phones. Period.

          • Adrian Remus

            Nokia was always unique. Starting with design and ending with OS and software/services. What would Nokia maps be on Android? Nothing. What would any other software exclusively available on their devices mean on Android? Ripped on XDA to other devices. This way Nokia would be just another Android device maker, nothing new, nothing special.
            Their design and quality would never be enough for people to buy it – look at Samsung, not the best design and not the best quality but they dominate Android.

            • joser116

              What you have just said is besides the point. P.S.- I disagree with what you have said anyways.

    • Amadeus Klein

      *&^@$*& (*!@$()*$^ (*@$(@*$ *@($(@*^ _)@_+(& )(#&)( @)($&)(_ @(#&)@($&!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Balraj

      Damn…I still have hope on newkia or what ever the new company is going to be called

      • lorenzo woodley

        Ghey are not chsnging the name but soon acording ro the agreementnthey wont be able to sell competing honed for teo yeats or soo thrn they msy have s compleyly.fiffereny devivrs selection outside of all thr old brands

        • Mike Palmer

          Balraj is talking about Newkia which is supposed to be a new company made up of old Nokia employees that’s making a Android phone with Nokia hardware………. If I’m not mistaken.

          • lorenzo woodley

            That would mean another spawn company in thatsense nokia will still be nokia in 2016 when there allowed to renter the phone manufacturing martket under their own brand

            • Mike Palmer


    • lorenzo woodley

      This is layte news I saw evidence if an android lumia before steven elop had the top secret device which was the lumia prototype running on wp instead of meego

    • Ryan Castle

      Microsoft, maybe instead of locking a very capable smartphone maker into your operating system, you should actually convince other manufacturers into your operating system by MAKING IT BETTER.

    • Alex Lam

      *flips table*

      • GN-0015

        Wow dude, calm down.

    • Alex Lam

      OK Google, search flips table.jpg

    • xoj_21

      microsoft needs to die really, they keep screwing up things like gaming and nokia.

      they almost killed jrpgs, their DRM , and now killed nokia android dream

      • M3D1T8R

        Said it before and I’ll say it again,

        Microsoft destroys everything they touch.

        • Brian Perry

          …and still they manage to survive. They are like the living dead. I think their day is coming through. Ballmer leaving seems like a good indication that things are falling apart.

          • Alex Lam

            It’s because people still live under a rock.

    • Michael


      • minipanda

        ┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ)
        *putting the table back nicely*

    • SContrerasMer

      Maybe that team is the one which founded “Newkia”

    • Pumpkin King


    • Jan Rachiann Palma

      i was really hoping that a Nokia smartphone would run an Android OS. It could had save their company a lot i think. Now that Microsoft owns Nokia Mobile, i guess we willnot see an Android OS running in a Nokia device forever. :(

    • OMGgary

      Well, I reckon this is all going to totally backfire on Microsoft. Without the familiarity of Nokia name I predict Microsoft Lumia sales are going to really dive. 4 out of 5 WP sales are Nokia Lumia. By middle of 2015 I wouldn’t be surprised to see WP with less than 1% market share.

    • vosg


    • Daniel Benny Simanjuntak

      Shot themselves in the foot…. Wait, both feet actually! We all see how that worked out for them…

      • Adrian Remus

        “Nokia’s Windows Phone handsets outsell iPhones in Middle East”

    • Xen Lee

      I like to see a Android Nokia Lumia. Former Nokia CEO will make a Android #Newkia phone soon. Lets see what will we get

    • Q.

      I doubt it would have made a huge difference to Nokia’s sales if they released an Android phone next year, they should have really went with Android in 2010.

      • Adrian Remus

        And then what?
        “Nokia, a Google company”

        • Q.

          No, Nokia – the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

    • Srinivasan Kumar

      Nokia was not just a phone in India. It was a cult. It was iconic. It’s depressing to see a huge company biting the dust and succumbing to another companies pressure. Had Lumia been launched with android, it would have surely given other Android mobiles a run for their money. Microsoft eat shit from now on…

    • Valtheus

      And why should i care now? You guessed right… i don’t! There’s already a bunch of amazing devices out there!

    • Anggelos

      For all those beating up their mouths on Microsoft, it is not there fault. They were approached by Nokia because of Nokia’s fear to go up against other phone manufacture giants such as Samsung, HTC and Sony. They said they wanted a market they could dominate with regards to hardware. If you look at it now, that is exactly what is happening. The other manufacturers make windows phones but they are not pushed like their android counter parts. They did it and Microsoft took the deal.

    • nokiasux
    • marco00011

      God dann!

      • marco00011